Ask V: The FAQs on running a small biz

I’m so excited to share this post, as it’s been on my to do list for a while! Today, I’m answering my most frequently asked questions about launching and running a small business. And, since I often receive questions focused on the design side of my business, I’m including all those too. Most of these have been taken from emails and DMs I’ve gotten over the years, while others stem from conversations I’ve had with fellow designers and entrepreneurs.

Fair warning: It’s another massive Ask V post (I just can’t seem to quit after the Beauty Bible!), so use the little jump menu below to hop to various sections. My hope is that since some of the questions are a lot more general—and could apply to anyone, no matter the industry they’re interested in—this post will be helpful for anyone who’s ever thought about launching their own thing. Have other questions? Feel free to leave them for me in the comments. Ok, let’s dive in!

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On my radar

spring has sprung, and with it a whole host of fun things to have on your radar as temps rise and the sun stays with us a little bit longer each day.

So I neglected to post last week. Don’t worry, I did not fall off the face of the blogging earth again. No, it was what you might call “a doozy of a week.” To be honest, Daylight Savings Time really messed with my sleep schedule the week prior (ergo, my schedule in general), so studio productivity was sleepy in tandem. At the start of last week, I felt a lot better and more rested, but with the bottleneck of work from the week before, shipping out my last custom design project for a while, and then a car break in…well, despite my best laid plans, everything remained off-kilter.

Yes, a car break in. After years of driving in big cities, our vehicle finally fell victim to a smash-and-grab. What’s worse is I am a nut about not leaving stuff in the car, or at minimum hiding it in the wheelwell of our SUV’s trunk area. Joe exists in a more trusting, “what could possibly happen” space, so when he drove him and an out-of-town friend to meet me for dinner, he was less adamant about the friend bringing or hiding his stuff. Yada yada yada; the rear passenger window is now made of cardboard and duct tape.

But as always, I’m your silver linings gal, so I guess if I have to find the good in this particular situation, it’s that I will never spend another second of my life negotiating where my husband should hide shopping bags/messenger bags/anything that looks remotely interesting when we are out and about in SF. He gets it now. Hide that shit!

The other silver lining is that I had a bunch of posts halfway prepped last week, but simply couldn’t finish them, so this week you get three posts! That’s right! You get a Monday post! And you get a Monday post! EVERYBODY GETS A MONDAY POST! And it’s a good one.

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From the post: Dresses I'm Loving


More photos from real life

Remember last autumn when I shared a series of unpublished photos I’d taken? I ended up really loving that post. It’s fun to offload iPhone pics and give you guys a glimpse into the things I see and snap as the weeks and months go by—kind of like my old Life Lately posts, but even more personal. I hope you enjoy the peek into real life, too! Here are a bunch of snaps from my phone and camera which up until now, had never made it to the blog or Insta: View more

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