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I mentioned briefly last week that March always kicks off a personal doldrums for me. I hoped this year might be different, but bleh, in the last couple of days, it’s set in full force. And it’s not just a lack of wind in my sails; a kind of sadness hits me each March, too. There’s no rhyme or reason why—of all the things in life that might possibly make me sad, none has anything to do with March—but here it is nonetheless.

Am I alone in my March blues? Just me? Is this all simply weather related? I’m curious, too—do you have a month of the year you dread?

So, while I float along in a windless March, my #mood this month is visually focused on the jarring, kinda lonely feeling March brings about. Just, you know, made pretty. But! If the last few years are any indication, give me six weeks and the March doldrums will be long gone.



And, if you can’t skip a month, might as well flow right through it. This month, I want to focus on going easy on myself, and when things don’t seem to go (or feel) right, dive right under the wave and pop up on the other side.

Flow through and stay kind to yourself. April—then May!—will be here before we know it.

Swim fast,
towards wrecks already lost;
dive down beneath
and look!—
here, the chaos sown—
push past to the surface,
next the horizon;
where the new spring waits.

Image Credits:

Golden Gate Bridge (via @ericluis)   ·   Green room with stairs (via @designmilk)  ·   Storm surfer (via @sebzanella)   ·   Amber eye (by Corinth Suarez)   ·   Shipwreck (by Andreas Dress)    ·   Black and white crashing wave (via @victorrcostta)   ·   Swimming coi (by Corinth Suarez)   ·   Beliefs and create quote (via @designsponge)

Graphic by Victoria McGinley

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  1. 3.5.19

    February is the month for me. Despite being a short month it drags and drags – and the weather in San Francisco hasn’t been helping. Hang in there!

    • 3.5.19
      Victoria said:

      On the plus side, at least we’re out of drought conditions for the year. But I feel you…I’m ready for some sunshine here in SF!