More photos from real life, circa spring 2019.

Remember last autumn when I shared a series of unpublished photos I’d taken? I ended up really loving that post. It’s fun to offload iPhone pics and give you guys a glimpse into the things I see and snap as the weeks and months go by—kind of like my old Life Lately posts, but even more personal. I hope you enjoy the peek into real life, too! Here are a bunch of snaps from my phone and camera which up until now, had never made it to the blog or Insta:

I posted a little bit about my biological sister’s visit to SF on Instagram, but here are a few more photos I never got around to posting there. Turns out, we make the same absolutely ridiculous faces when prompted (and giggly). Do you think we look alike? I have been missing her a lot since she left in mid-February. It was an amazing visit, but hard to say goodbye.

Muir Beach Overlook is one of my fave places. If you are visiting SF and have a way to get to this spot, I highly recommend putting it on your agenda. Even better if you can catch a sunset! (PS—check out my SF recs at the very end of this post!)

This is from a walk around Mission Creek Park in the evening. I’m always inspired by the colors of a West Coast sunset! When we lived in New York, I would dream about these pink and gold tones.

From winter time walks at Fort Funston, Lucy’s favorite “beach” to visit. If you are a local with a dog, I highly recommend you spend an afternoon there!


An old photo from Big Sur I rediscovered in my phone the other day. I don’t know how I missed posting this one! It was a good reminder to plan another trip back—this is one of my favorite places on earth.



Another sunset from Muir Beach Overlook. I couldn’t believe this “purple” sunset in late December. I’d never seen anything like it!


Finally, a few more shots from the last couple of months—walking up Lombard Street and waiting for the bougainvillea to bloom; a beautiful river view in Muir Woods with my sister; and one of my fave hidden gems, the Pelican Inn in Marin. It’s a British pub set in the middle of the California coastal countryside, complete with a great beer selection, wood burning fireplaces, and plenty of British classics (like bangers and mash!).

Some (good!) housekeeping things related to this post. One, I recently updated my San Francisco recommendations guide which includes lots of recs like the little ones I’ve included above. If you are planning a trip to the Bay Area, check it out! I also update my Napa guide a few times per year, so bookmark that one too. Second, if you subscribe to my Digest newsletter, you already saw a few photos from this post earlier this week…because newsletters subscribers tend to get the skinny on this stuff first. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter here (And PSST! If you loved the old VMS Digest links posts, those are now going out in the Digest newsletters, so don’t miss out!)


Image Credits:

Images by Victoria McGinley


  1. 3.14.19
    SLR said:

    What kind of tree/plant is in that beautiful interior shot? I want!

    • 3.14.19
      Victoria said:

      It is actually a faux olive tree! We had a (real) birds of paradise plant in this same corner for years, and then it caught a bad case of scale which killed it. I spent so much time and effort growing that thing and was so sad when we had to chuck it that we decided to go faux this time around. I never thought I’d see the day, but here we are. :)

  2. 3.14.19
    Elisabeth said:

    Hi there! I love your nature photos! Do you sell them? If not, are you aware of similar type photographers that sell their photos online? I am on the hunt for some art for our new house and would love some recommendations if you can!

    • 3.14.19
      Victoria said:

      Hi Elisabeth!

      That is a huge compliment to me, so thank you! I don’t sell them at this time—I’ve thought about it, so maybe at some point in the future! Here are a few photographers I really love, along with some other resources:

      Dan Tom is probably my favorite landscape/travel photographer to follow on Instagram. He sells a small selection of his work here: https://dantom.darkroom.tech/

      Ryan Pernofski specifically shoots ocean art—like, literally, from the middle of the ocean (don’t miss his videos on IG!). He sells prints as well, at a ton of different sizes.

      …There are SO many nature and travel photographers I love on IG, but I just did a quick audit and unfortunately, very few sell their work.

      20×200 is a site for limited edition artwork that often gets forgotten about. I have ordered through them in the past and had a good experience!

      Minted is also a great resource for photography prints, though of course, if you want something that is more limited edition, that can be tougher there. Etsy is another great option to support artists trying to get their work out there! If you have a particular type of locale in mind, I would also try searching Etsy with those keywords (ex: Big Sur photography).

      I hope that is somewhat helpful and you find something you love for your new home!

  3. 3.14.19
    Courtney said:

    Victoria! Love those pics of you and your sis! Hope that first one made it into a frame somewhere! Adorbs!

    I have a suuuuuuuper random question for you. Where is your tv stand from! Been looking for something exactly like it!

    • 3.18.19
      Victoria said:

      Hi Courtney! Thanks so much! :)

      The TV stand is from a company called Arteriors home. Unfortunately, I did a quick search and I don’t believe they make it anymore! If you like the style, companies like Wayfair sell other products from them.

  4. 3.19.19
    Sonya said:

    I love these photos. West coast sunsets and coastline are the prettiest.

    • 3.19.19
      Victoria said:

      Thank, Sonya! :) A runner’s paradise, right?

      • 3.19.19
        Sonya said:

        Yes! One day I’m going to run the Big Sur Marathon or 20 miler. But omg, do you actually remember that about me (that I’m a runner) because if so, then I’ve finally “met” someone whose memory is as good as mine and I’m excited about that. :)

        • 3.19.19
          Victoria said:

          Yes, I do! You mentioned running along the coast (and just that it’s your hobby, generally) a few different times. :)

  5. 3.20.19
    Beatrice said:

    These photos are so so beautiful! I have visited San Francisco twice now and absolutely fell in love with it as soon as I arrived there the first time, so this is making me really miss the city and California in general! (I live in Wisconsin so it’s a bit far away, haha). I just started following your blog and I love it! :)

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