Well, So, Yeah

Well...so, yeah—this blog is making a *big* move.

Well, this blog is making a big move. Say hello to Well So Yeah.

So, yes, after thinking about it for the better part of a year+, I finally created a Substack site. If you hop over, you might see a few favorite essays and poems from the last couple years already housed there. My plan is to write exclusively on Well So Yeah from now on. If you subscribe, all new posts will be sent right to your Inbox.

Yeah, I know. All the girlies are moving to Substack these days. (Is that a side eye I sense through the screen?) My reasons are probably similar to a lot of OG bloggers. Primarily, frankly: I’m tired. It is a shit ton of work to produce and manage blog content, but these days, promoting that content feels next to impossible. If readers aren’t regularly coming to your site (which, hi, mine aren’t, because of my extended pregna-demic hiatus) it means you chase them down elsewhere. Often that place is Instagram, a place I am loath to create content for.

Instead, Substack meets a lot of the needs I have at this particular personal and professional juncture. Easy content distribution, higher likelihood of discoverability, ability to earn income for my writing (not a right now thing, but maybe someday?). Plus, limited design options, which for someone like me is a good thing because it means I can stop fussing and instead focus on the words.

Here’s what to know about my plan for Well So Yeah:

  • The site will publish one to two personal essays per month. Hooray!
  • In between, I’ll share monthly columns similar to ones I’ve posted here for years — short roundups of favorite finds, plus things I enjoyed reading on the Internet.
  • One thing I really miss about my blog (and blogworld in general) is the sense of community in a comments section. In that spirit, I plan to publish monthly threads with question prompts, hot takes, or other discussion items. But this won’t work unless readers stop by to chime in. So with that—you should subscribe!
  • The overall goal is one newsletter/post per week. I don’t want to inundate you! (Though if you subscribe and create a general Substack account, you can change which types of newsletters you receive.)

But what about the blog here?

  • You might’ve noticed I already did some housekeeping—over the summer I quietly archived much of the old content. No one needed to read shopping roundups from 2012, you know? Posts that have legs or that I really like are still live and available.
  • I’ve also kept the vast majority of my recipe archives available!
  • tl;dr: while I don’t plan to publish here, some content will remain available indefinitely. The broader site will stay live too.


So that’s it! Go subscribe! I’m currently working on an essay about the Internet, the on-demand economy, and what I perceive as the rise of selfishness across our culture…and it’ll go live next week. See you there!


  1. 11.8.23
    Sofia said:

    Hooray! Have loved your content for years and years and was so sad when you took a hiatus. Thrilled you’re back in a new way and looking forward to your new substack.

    • 11.8.23
      Victoria said:

      Thanks Sofia! Having support from readers like you over the years has meant the world. See you over at Substack!

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