The Psychic

A poem for my late father, written during his favorite season and one in which I was searching.

The Psychic

one year the psychic told me
my father had never left.
we’d flown together
all this time,
and i’d ridden on his wings,
his whispers weaving through my hair,
then into my heart,
my thoughts.

a bird came to me soon after,
little hums outside my window,
heart beating too fast still,
his voice telling me always:
do not be afraid
to move forward.

a bird flew into my house
on father’s day,
and i heard it laugh,
as i screamed,
and we flew together again;
it perched on the very things
i wanted to show him most in this life
—he always told the best jokes.

the next year the psychic told me
to ask for help when i needed it.
to let dad and the universe
show me.

And I did, once—
he smiled and said,
Run, run
like the wind!

I want to ask again,
to hear what magic the birds
might sing
as the blossoms take hold
in this,
our season of rain
then sun
then growth.

Like the birds, you always loved spring best.

Image Credits + Author Not:

Originally published in 2019, this post included personal life updates that will feel outdated by the time you read this. I have reformatted to include the contents of the original poem included in the artwork only.

Images: San Francisco (via @eslee)  ·  Blue Dots (found here)  ·  Summer outfit (found here)  ·  Beige line drawing (via @ofatomsandlines)  ·  Dot top (found here)  ·  Painted Stripes (via @rebeccaatwooddesigns)  ·  Superbloom (via @cagrownofficial, photo by @everchanginghorizon)  ·  Tulips (via @notetosarah)  ·  Vintage J.Crew (via @simplicitycity)  ·  Grand Canyon (@jedidiahjenkins) ·  Yosemite sunset (via @snarkblurb)  ·  Towel outline (found here) ·  ‘The Psychic’ by Victoria McGinley


  1. 4.2.19
    jenn said:

    You have a GREAT attitude about this Victoria! Fingers crossed for a great place soon!! xo jenn

    • 4.4.19
      Victoria said:

      Lease is in place, now just to make the move! :)

  2. 4.2.19
    Lauren said:

    Last year, I moved out of the apartment I lived in for 7 years when the landlord decided to sell the house. Initially I was bummed about the whole thing but I ended up in a pet friendly building and adopted a dog! Good things come from moving :)

    Is “The Psychic” a story you wrote? Will you be sharing more?

    • 4.4.19
      Victoria said:

      Lauren, believe it or not, your story about getting kicked out too but it working out for the better really did help us this week. I relayed it to my husband and he agreed—we can’t always see the good things that can happen before we take the leap and open up to the new!

      Yes, The Psychic is a poem I penned when putting the graphics for the post together! Probably won’t be sharing more in detailed storytelling capacity, at least here on the blog! But everything I wrote is true :)

  3. 4.2.19
    Tara said:

    Oh boy! It truly will all work out, but I know the in-between is so stressful. Sending good wishes your way!

    • 4.4.19
      Victoria said:

      Thanks, Tara! We are hanging in :)

  4. 4.2.19
    Erica said:

    The Psychic is beautiful, Victoria! I struggle with change. It generally takes time for me to adjust. It seems you have a wonderful attitude about this period of your life!

    • 4.4.19
      Victoria said:

      Thank you! Yes, trying to embrace and welcome the next chapter. It’s a-comin’!

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