6 easy tips for more effective to do lists

At any given time, I’m managing between 9 and 12 client accounts, two volunteer/pro-bono clients, <em>press, my own blog, plus all the general admin stuff that goes along with running a small business. Add on personal tasks and appointments, and it’s no surprise I live and die by my daily to do lists.

I’ve written about ToDoist before and it’s still my digital task manager of choice. I’ve tried other methods—good ol’ pen and paper, Asana, Airtable—but for my particular needs (namely how many different clients I keep track of, and where corresponding project management stuff lives), ToDoist has been my favorite.

BUT. Even if you find a system that works for you, how you tackle your to do list becomes just as important as where you’re writing it. Over the last few months, I’ve been experimenting with a couple different ways I could get more effective with my to do lists, primarily because I hit a period where I was punting tasks on the daily. After giving it some thought and trying out a few simple approaches, I thought I’d share my fave tips for more effective to do lists! Here they are: View more


Joe had turned ESPN on in the background, just as a reporter began a long voiceover about an upcoming NFL recruit.

“This is it, this is his time,” the reporter said, almost salivating, “He’s 22 years old. He’s in his prime, and this is his moment.”

I was listening in the kitchen, while I prepped dinner. “When were we in our prime?” I shouted over to him in the living room. “Or, are we still working on getting there?”

A beat, then he shout-mumbled back, flummoxed, “I’unno.”

It got me thinking more about that phrase—being in your prime or in the prime of your life. View more

My favorite buys this year (so far!)

Things I bought in Q1 and really, really loved.

Earlier this year, when I was mapping out different blog post ideas for the weeks and months ahead, I jotted down an idea to share my favorite personal purchases with you guys each quarter. Hard to believe, but Q1 of 2019 has already come and gone, so last week I finally sat down to do an audit of my fave buys. The items below are basically my entire credit card statement in a nutshell: a little bit of clothing, a random mix of household things (this homebody luuurves finding ways to make apartment life even better), and always a glut of new beauty goodies I’m testing out.

Here are a few things I bought in Q1 and really, really love: View more

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