Fall Finds

All the things I've shopped so far this season

The fall season is undoubtedly my favorite time of year to shop. Not only are the pieces and silhouettes just more me, the clothes lend themselves well to San Francisco’s often chilly temps (and constant need for an extra layer or two).

I’d even venture to say that one could consider my approach to wardrobe replenishment as “building a capsule wardrobe.” The truth is, I hate putting a lot of energy into what I’m going to wear during the week (especially since I’m at home), so I’m always buying neutrals, and I’m always buying things that can very easily mix and match with each other, or be layered over, or dressed up or down with the right jacket or cardigan.

So with all that in mind, here’s what I’ve been shopping so far this season. What have been your go-to wardrobe items so far this fall?

Notes on what I’m loving…

It’s not a surprise that Everlane continues to take a lot of my money, but over the last year, Madewell has quickly become the other go-to place for ma duds. For one thing, their jeans are now my absolute fave—for the price point, and for the fit. You can get an amazing pair of jeans from them for less than $150, no problem…often a LOT less than that if you can snag things during a sale or with a promo code. Like these jeans—I got them on sale and paid $68 after an extra discount. They’re amazing, have just enough distressing, the wash is perfect, and I feel wonderful and confident when they’re on. What’s not to love?

Side note to say I LOVE Madewell’s “Magic Pockets” construction. Their jeans are made in a way that the pockets really smooth and flatter and just make you look great. I also find the rise on their high rise jeans hit at the perfect spot—not too high (which tends to look weird on me as a 5’2″ gal), and not too low (which always makes me wonder how we ever did low rise jeans for so long).

A few other superstar pieces: these shoes, which I am constantly getting compliments on (the color in person is a lovely pale lavender, which normally wouldn’t be my jam, but adds a great dash of femininity to all my neutrals). This silk lace cami, which I’ve been wanting for years but for some reason hadn’t bought. The silk is absolutely gorgeous and I think it’s worth the cost (I’ve worn it out on date nights under cardigans, a moto jacket, or even a blazer—looks great!). I also really love this button down cami, which looks cute tucked into jeans (and also comes in velvet). A note on that one: I got the green silk color, and the straps are adjustable, though some reviewers appeared to get a version that didn’t have this feature! I think they must’ve updated the design with the new fall colors.

Also: this cropped cashmere sweater from Everlane. I actually bought this as part of their “Choose What You Pay” program (basically, items that are on sale). The sweater is from last year’s collection, and I’d been so hesitant to try a cropped cashmere sweater. I’m so glad I did—it’s become an instant favorite, and it looks awesome with jeans like this from Madewell! I’ve been complimented a few times while wearing this outfit—people comment that it looks like I’ve slimmed down, but I think it’s just the way the sweater hits. This year, they’re doing a mockneck cropped cashmere sweater, which is super cute too. As a side note, if you haven’t tried Everlane’s cashmere yet, I find the quality (and prices!) to be very good.

Final random notes: there was an unfortunate incident in which I lost a very expensive pair of sunglasses near the Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t ask. The good news is they had been well loved (read: they were kind of scratched up) and also, while still expensive, I’d gotten them during a Black Friday sale two years ago, so it wasn’t as devastating as it could have been. All that to say, I decided not to buy designer sunglasses this time around, and have LOVED the ones I got from Quay and Le Spec (Nordstrom carries both lines, and there’s a lot to choose from!). Also, for years I’ve had a hell of a time finding a wireless bra that was comfortable, provided any support, and could fit my larger chest. Natori’s fit the bill, so if you’re on the hunt, check out this bra.

Yay for fall!


Instagram on the blog, kinda.

At the Museum of Modern Art, in early June. My friend Meg came to town, and we spent the day wandering and catching up. I really love how this photograph turned out, because it kind of became three-dimensional without me even realizing it as I photographed!


I have so many photos living in my phone, ready to be shared with the world, often with captions I’ve spent time thinking about, penning, editing—yet in my phone they have remained. I dunno what it is, but it feels hard to share images on Instagram these days.

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You guys. I cannot believe it is October 1. No, but seriously—WTF. What happened to this year? Albeit, my 2018 has been rather eventful, and when both your mind and physical body have been running around nonstop, time tends to fly, but…still. Last week I was in an Uber and heard a radio DJ say, “Today is September 25, so only three months until Christmas!” and I groaned—loudly—and I think my driver thought I was annoyed with him. There goes my rating.

Warp speed living aside, this time of year always brings about that urge to snuggle up at home and nest. To scale back on social plans—at least a little bit—and turn inward. I’ve been in a slight creative rut as of late (more on that later this week, I think), but with the calendar turning to a new month, I figured an easy way to try and snap out of it was to put together another moodboard, similar to what I did in August. I hope you’re feeling this month’s #mood!