Spring Style Obsessions

A few things I've been shopping, a few things I've been eyeing.

I really can’t believe tomorrow is March. Wasn’t I just celebrating New Year’s? Some perspective: after this coming month, a quarter of the year will be GONE!

And I must admit—March usually signifies my annual spring doldrums. I don’t know what it is—the cosmos, sheer luck, seesawing weather—but March and April are usually ho-hum months for me. Energy low, feeling out of sorts, just all around meh. I’m hoping that with some new things happening at work, and a little bit of travel coming up, things won’t feel so stale this year! And if nothing else, adding a little more color to my closet certainly perks things up a bit.

You read that right: COLOR! It’s no secret that most of my wardrobe is based in neutrals. Black, tan, navy, white, grey—the gang’s all here. But for some reason a couple weeks ago, I felt an itch to add a bit more color in. Not a lot (let’s not get too crazy here), but the odd top in a fun, though forever-wearable color that could help me mix things up a bit.

I ended up ordering a TON of stuff from Anthropologie (more on that in a minute), but along the way, found a bunch of other items that definitely qualify as (colorful) spring style obsessions. Here’s what I’m loving: View more

Playlist 13

Hello and happy last week of February 2019.

I know. Blink and it’ll be summer.

I’m making it quick today with a new playlist, because we’re getting ready to launch a new theme over at <em>press and the early part of this week has been full of last minute prep! You can use the links below to listen to this month’s roundup of songs, as well as follow along on bigger playlists great for work or discovering new artists.

I hope everyone has had a great February! Onward we go into spring…

listen to:

The Failure Résumé

I read this piece in the Times the other day about keeping a failure résumé, and liked the idea so much, I wanted to pen my own. The basic idea is you write down all of your more notable (and humiliating) failures, then—gulp!—share them with other people. As the article says, “because you learn much more from failure than success…honestly analyzing one’s failures can lead to the type of introspection that helps us grow—as well as show that the path to success isn’t a straight line.”

Hear, hear! While I’ve reflected on my own (numerous!) failures over the years, I’ve never written them all down in one place, let alone shared them together. So today, I’m presenting you with my failure résumé. In no particular order, here are some “failures” over the course of my life: View more

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