A playlist for quarantine

What a time. We’ve been officially sheltering in place here in SF since March 17th, but things had already gotten quiet the week prior. It’s been an interesting (read: chaotic, anxiety-producing, scary, boring, gratitude-filled) few weeks, for sure. How are you holding up? Doing ok? What’s it like where you live?

To soothe the nerves, to drown out the sound of Joe’s conference calls, and to generally maintain my sanity, music has never been more important this past month. I started a little playlist named “Quarantine Calm” with instrumental and soft bass tracks I really like, that always set a calm, relaxed vibe. If you need some good, low key background music these days, check it out here.

I’ll keep adding to it as we go. Hit shuffle on this one!

PS — as many of you noticed, a new site went up in mid-March. Yay! I’d worked on it, slowly, for the better part of a year. All plans for celebratory welcome blog posts were kind of put on the backburner once global pandemic happened, but I do plan on writing a full, long blog post soon about what’s been going on since the start of 2020. Boy, has it been an eventful one. Life never ceases to surprise, amiright?

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  1. 3.31.20
    heather said:

    Yay! I’ve missed your posts. ❤️

  2. 4.1.20
    Karlijn said:

    Yes, you’re back! And love the new site. I will check your playlist later.
    Glad to see your back, I know, I said it already. But well ;) X

  3. 4.5.20
    Maggie said:

    I’m looking forward to checking out your playlist tomorrow when I’m back in the (home) office, my work requires a measurable amount of focus, so calm instrumental music is right up my alley! I’ve been working from home for 2 weeks now, it’s been wild. There’s definite perks (no commute, no annoying co-workers, music, candles, no dress code) but the work itself has been rough, we have to use a VPN (I don’t know much about this) and it takes approx 10 minutes from the time I boot up the computer until I’m ready to work and everything is very slow and some things don’t function the same, so it’s a pain. On a personal level, I was supposed to get married at SF City Hall on April 20 and I’m experiencing waves of emotion about the cancellation/postponement/whatever of the wedding. I was OK (not feeling deep sorrow) for the past couple of weeks, up until Thursday when I reached out to my vendors to say that we have decided to table our initial plans to postpone until August or Sept b/c things are just too uncertain. It’s so hard to go from having a countdown of less than 30 days to literally no plans, so I’ve been in a funk the past few days.