The best red-orange lipstick

Sometimes the simple things give your day the pop it needs, you know?

I found it, I found it! The absolute perfect, when-you-need-some-pop, super fresh, super modern, red-orange lipstick.

Do you know how long I searched? I was looking something that was matte, wasn’t too drying, easy to apply, and ideally pigmented with minerals (not man-made dyes). So in other words, a “natural” brand.

On a whim last fall, I picked up a tube of Crop Natural’s Intense Matte Lipstick in the color Dare Devil. It’s the perfect bold pop against dewy skin and a minimal eye makeup look. I also love that the coverage is extremely buildable, which you can see in my swatch. Lightly dab it across your lips for a sheer wash of bright color. Or, go nuts and swipe on several coats for a more intense look.

I like to layer a little bit of lip balm underneath (which I’ll admit, nullifies some of the matte-ness, but keeps my lips hydrated longer).

The pigment in this is incredible, and the color is perfection. Trust!

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