Meet Bookshop

Have you heard of Bookshop? It’s a new-ish online bookseller which supports independent bookstores all across the U.S.! I came across Bookshop when a Facebook friend shared this article a couple weeks ago, and was very excited to discover it—it’s truly a fab idea.

The concept is really simple: just like you would on Amazon or any other online bookseller, you head to Bookshop and search for the title you’re after. They also have great recommended categories on their front page, if you feel like scrolling and browsing to see what inspires you. (Not the same as getting lost in a real bookstore, but in times like these, still a salve!)

10% of all sales are added to an earnings pool that Bookshop evenly divides and distributes amongst all the independent bookstores that are part of their platform, every six months. To date, they’ve raised nearly $1M! Any independent bookseller can sign up to join.

Alternatively, you can look for your fave book shop in your area, and shop directly through that shop’s “storefront.” If you buy from your local shop’s storefront, they earn 30% of the cover price of your purchases! This is such an awesome resource for small booksellers, many of which can’t afford to build a comprehensive e-commerce website, let alone deal with distribution and shipping.

Bookshop is working with a large national distributor to ensure the inventory of books is great, and orders get to you quickly. A total boon in the age of Amazon orders taking longer (and a great option for those who wish to wean themselves off of Amazon anyway).

If you want to learn more about Bookshop and share it with your friends, check out their story and FAQ here. You can also shop all books here (don’t miss the browse link in the top right to drill down by genre).

Happy reading!

PS — If you have a blog, they’ve got an affiliate program! None of my links above are affiliate links as I haven’t opted to sign up for the program…but just thought I’d let you know. :)