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After Tuesday’s post, we’re keeping it short and sweet here today! Below, click to listen to my latest mix of tunes, gathered up in November, December and early January. Shoutout to @ryanpernofski (one of my favorite Insta accounts!), who always manages to share songs I really love via his posts. A few I found via his account are in this month’s playlist. Happy Thursday, everyone!


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Ask V: The Beauty Bible

“Ok, V, I need your advice on a moisturizer. What have you been into lately? I bought some Le Mer when there was a sale and I do actually love it, but the price doesn’t justify a rebuy right now.”

Ask V, and boy shall you receive. Last summer, my friend Meredith sent me this text. We chatted about different moisturizers over iMessage for a bit, and I told her in passing I should make a Google Doc like this to send to all my friends who asked me for similar recs. But then I thought, Maybe this is a perfect Ask V question! And then I realized: I should list out all of my favorite products, from the ones I’ve talked about on the blog, to my never-fail-me standbys, to recent faves, all in one post, so I have a single place to send friends, family, readers, or all of the above, in perpetuity!  And here we are. The most massive beauty post of all time, which will remain a living post I’ll update regularly. While I’m definitely going to keep testing and trying new beauty goodies that get their own posts in the future, I’ll also add the items here, so there’s one master post with all my recs.

You might notice I mined my beauty archives for this baby! A lot of my favorites from those old posts are here, along with plenty of products I’ve never talked about. You might also notice some items I’ve written about in the past weren’t included, either because I haven’t repurchased in a while and can’t remember what the product was like, or because even though I liked it at the time, I’ve found something I like even better, which I’ve recommended instead. Where it makes sense, I’ve discussed some brands generally, since they’re widely available and I’m hoping you’ll find it helpful!

Another note: while not all the products in my bathroom are natural, long time blog readers know I try to make it a focus where I can, so the products below include TONS of items that live in the non-toxic spectrum.

So like I said before, this post really is MASSIVE. You can’t name something a “beauty bible” and have it not be, I suppose! But to make it easier, I’ve included some little jump menus for each section (use it below!), as well as jump menus within long sections, like Skincare, to get you to the products you’re interested in. Have fun, and share any questions you have in the comments!


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My Beauty Favorites:

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Oh hey!

Before I kick off this new series, talk a little housekeeping, and share what’s on deck for me this month, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who left feedback on my last post. In blogland, it can sometimes feel like you’re up on a stage, droning into a mic in front of a darkened, empty room. Or, perhaps worse, a bunch of randos smoking at the bar in the back, looking at you apathetically (in this version of blogland, I’m a lounge singer and it’s the opening scene of Sister Act). In any case, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you’re still around, and still interested. Thank you for the encouragement—it makes me extra excited to keep going here!


And boy will I ever! Over New Year’s weekend, I sat down and did something I haven’t done in YEARS. I mapped out an editorial calendar for the blog. My current plan is to post on Tuesday ever other week; on the weeks in between I’ll post on Tuesday AND Thursday. I know, I know, you’ve heard all about my well-intentioned blogging plans before, but I’ve already planned content through the end of February. And I’m stoked on it! So generally speaking, come here on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you’ll probably see something new.

The other thing I did is launch a newsletter sign up! If you haven’t seen it already from poking around, you can now sign up for my newsletter by going to “More” in the scrolling navigation up above, and clicking “Newsletter” in the dropdown. You can also sign up by clicking “Newsletter” in the top navigation, or going here and clicking Subscribe at the top.

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