The Failure Résumé

I read this piece in the Times the other day about keeping a failure résumé, and liked the idea so much, I wanted to pen my own. The basic idea is you write down all of your more notable (and humiliating) failures, then—gulp!—share them with other people. As the article says, “because you learn much more from failure than success…honestly analyzing one’s failures can lead to the type of introspection that helps us grow—as well as show that the path to success isn’t a straight line.”

Hear, hear! While I’ve reflected on my own (numerous!) failures over the years, I’ve never written them all down in one place, let alone shared them together. So today, I’m presenting you with my failure résumé. In no particular order, here are some “failures” over the course of my life: View more

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My best advice about marriage

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I don’t know why my response popped into my brain at that exact moment, but I’ve since shared my answer with many of my girlfriends—whether they’re about to embark on their own marriages, are already married, or are in long term relationships. It’s the relationship advice I remind myself of most often, no matter where I stand in my own marriage.

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I’m Loving…

8 little things I'm obsessing over.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Popping in today with a little roundup of 8 things I’m loving, from new spring accessories, to tech that’s making my life better, to bowls I’d been coveting for years without realizing it.

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