A little (ok, big) PSA

Great denim, insane prices

Ok, so you guys know how I’m Everlane’s no. 1 fan and all that jazz. Earlier this week, their team emailed me just to let me know that Wednesday (as in tomorrow, November 7!) their denim is all going to be on sale for $50 a pop. Seriously. Men’s and women’s denim, all $50 a pair. If you’ve been wanting to check out Everlane’s denim, tomorrow’s going to be a perfect time to do it! I purchased this pair earlier in the summer and love ’em!

A few other thoughts about their denim, all from experience: I actually didn’t love their original high rise skinnies. The whole point of the original line was that the denim didn’t have a ton of stretch (kinda like old school Levi’s), but for me, this made them uncomfortable. I was really excited when they debuted similar fits in a new fabric with “authentic stretch!” I’ve actually not tried the stretch line yet, so you can bet I’m going to scoop up a pair tomorrow (eyeing these). One thing to note about Everlane denim is “high-rise” is very high rise—around 11″. The “mid-rise” is 9.5″. I’m 5’2″, and I find a high-rise of around 10″ to be my sweet spot, so I’ll order the mid-rise from them.

Also, if you’re interested in learning about their denim manufacturing process (and why it’s among the cleanest in the world), check it out here.

(A second PSA, which may prove problematic for your wallet: the release of their brand new alpaca sweaters. Softer than cashmere, I kinda wanna buy all 6 colors and then roll around them in all winter long…)

Just so you know...

This post does use affiliate links, so if you happen to click through the links above and purchase something, I may make a small commission. However, Everlane didn’t pay me—either monetarily or with product—to tell you guys about this! I’m just truly a huge fan of the brand, which my closet (and credit card statement) can attest to. ;)

Playlist 11 (and then some!)

Happy Wednesday, friends! Here we are, already on the last day of October. Two more months and we’re outta here, 2018. (Oh, I guess I’m supposed to mention: Halloween? Sure. But brace yourself. I’m a total Halloween scrooge and it’s not really my thing…but if you love it, by all means, have at it. Earlier this week, I did eat a packet of “fun size” peanut M&Ms I pilfered from a checkout counter, and indeed…they were fun!).

I’ve been sitting on this playlist for a while, and it’s actually so long that I thought about splitting it up into two playlists. But this month, because I’m doing something special and sharing additional music beyond my usual monthly selection, I figured I’d just give you an extra long one! I spent a little time ordering this playlist because of the length, but it’s not perfect—so you can either press play and listen through, or shuffle per usual.

So the other music! Sometimes when I’m not searching for chill ambient tracks with a good beat or the latest in new, non-Top 40 pop, I just want to listen to instrumental music. Depending on the task, my productivity skyrockets, and to be honest, if I’m writing, I can’t listen to anything else. I thought I’d share my “low key” instrumental playlist with you, in case you prefer something more “classical” for your working hours! This playlist began when I discovered Jamie Beck’s excellent Provence Work Music playlist. I already had a number of other instrumental tracks in a private playlist, so I combined the two, and have been adding to it ever since. It’s got nearly 24 hours of music on it now! Promise me you’ll never work long enough to hear the whole thing at once.

The other playlist I’ve been slowly adding to is also for work, but for when I want beats that feel closer to the electronic tracks I like. There are more lyrics in these tracks, but overall, it’s a nice, bass-filled playlist I enjoy designing to. Check it out here! This one would also be good to put on when you have friends over in the evening, and need something for the background.

Both of the “work” playlists aren’t ordered at all, so turn on shuffle and go! I hope you enjoy! Here are links to all the playlists:

listen to:

Playlist 11   |    Low Key Work Music    |   Mellow Work Beats 

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You can also search “Victoria McGinley” in your Spotify app and find all my playlists there!

In other news, Joe and I are headed out of town later this evening for a little long weekend getaway to Seattle! We’re celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary (plus SIXTEEN YEARS since our very first date!). I’ve only ever been to Seattle via layover, and Joe’s never been at all, so we’re excited to check it out. True to November form, it’s forecasted to be rainy and cool the whole time, but I’m actually kind of excited—when we planned this, I told him I wanted to go somewhere cold that would make us feel cozy and a little romantique. If you’re from the area or have visited, send any recs my way in the comments below! Can’t wait to see and explore!


Image and graphic by Victoria McGinley

VMS Digest: Vol. XIV

PLEASE DON’T STOP THE MUSIC // I’ve shared before how instrumental the scoring of The Bachelor is (har har, no pun intended), and this past week, a similar piece about the studios scoring the Real Housewives franchises—now with music samples to play as you read! If you watch the shows, the samples will feel familiar, hilarious, and really telling!

INA! // I LOVED this interview with Ina Garten, published this past week! Her latest cookbook is out, hence her makin’ the rounds.

THE FIFTH RISK // You know Michael Lewis, yes? Author of Liar’s Poker, Moneyball, The BlindsideThe Big Short, and more? His latest book came out a couple weeks ago, and if you’re wondering what it’s about, here’s an excerpt. Though it deals with politics, I actually don’t think it’s political. Worth reading for sure.

KATE’S COMEBACK // Did you notice anything different about the Duchess of Cambridge’s return to the spotlight after maternity leave? She did seem even more confident, now that I think about it…

START SMALL // Korean adoptee Nicole Chung’s recently published memoir has been picking up steam and is everywhere right now! I also really enjoyed this essay she wrote about starting small with new endeavors, then working your way up.

LEARNING TO LIVE WITH MYSELF // One of my fave posts I read this past week, and one I could relate to a lot.

THE END OF THE WORLD, PART I // I realize at this point I’m just the old lady yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but I really don’t understand what the social media world has come to.

THE END OF THE WORLD, PART II // And then there’s this. Sorry to bum you out, but worth reading.

OF A FEATHER // Erica always has the best, most inventive DIYs, and these beautiful macrame wall decor feathers are no exception.

CAN BRITA FIX IT? // Eeeeesh. There’s apparently all types of microplastics in our water supply. Greeeeat. Maybe worth getting that water filtration system, huh?

DRAWING THE LINE // Loved Grace’s post about what the boundaries are when it comes to talking about your life on social media.

CAN YOU IMAGINE // If you were shopping in NY and popped into SJP and then there she was, retrieving shoes in your size?

RENT THE RUNWAY // I still have never ordered anything from RTR, but loved this behind the scenes look at the business and how it’s growing.

SO HOT, THAT… // Even my niece, currently attending university in China, is obsessed. Wait, you’ve watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before already, right?

MIC DROP // How far we’ve come, how far we have to go. A long Medium read on feminism.

A BIRTHDAY // I can’t believe it, but <em>press themes is already one year old! We’ve been doing a big birthday sale this past week, where you can get 20% off your entire purchase. Today’s the last day, so if you’re in the market for WordPress goodies, hop on over.


Happy weekend, everyone!