Instagram on the blog, kinda.

At the Museum of Modern Art, in early June. My friend Meg came to town, and we spent the day wandering and catching up. I really love how this photograph turned out, because it kind of became three-dimensional without me even realizing it as I photographed!


I have so many photos living in my phone, ready to be shared with the world, often with captions I’ve spent time thinking about, penning, editing—yet in my phone they have remained. I dunno what it is, but it feels hard to share images on Instagram these days.

Although…maybe I do know what it is. I’ve written my thoughts on this about 5 different ways, and in a nutshell, for me it boils down to three things: View more


You guys. I cannot believe it is October 1. No, but seriously—WTF. What happened to this year? Albeit, my 2018 has been rather eventful, and when both your mind and physical body have been running around nonstop, time tends to fly, but…still. Last week I was in an Uber and heard a radio DJ say, “Today is September 25, so only three months until Christmas!” and I groaned—loudly—and I think my driver thought I was annoyed with him. There goes my rating.

Warp speed living aside, this time of year always brings about that urge to snuggle up at home and nest. To scale back on social plans—at least a little bit—and turn inward. I’ve been in a slight creative rut as of late (more on that later this week, I think), but with the calendar turning to a new month, I figured an easy way to try and snap out of it was to put together another moodboard, similar to what I did in August. I hope you’re feeling this month’s #mood!

You’re like, really pretty

(and kinda pricey but I love you anyway)

I can practically hear my mom’s words now: You sure have expensive taste. What can I say, mom? I like pretty things! All these finds are certainly no exception. I can tell you from experience I have splurged invested in two Harris Wharf London coats over the previous as many years, and I think they’re wonderful. Hence why this season, I researched adding a few more to my coat collection. This was before I imagined Joe’s face when he saw the exact same coat I already own, just in green. Then again, if I had a dollar for every time someone has complimented on those coats, I could pay for this one, so…

You guys probably know my style is pretty simple—I stick to neutrals, things that can be easily mixed and matched, definitely into the whole “capsule” wardrobe thang. However, sometimes as I browse online, I come across styles that are not me, but so, so pretty and beautifully crafted. These booties and this blazer definitely fall in that category. Where would I ever wear a sash-tie satin blazer in fire engine red? Probably only my house, but I like to think that even looking at how the model is rocking this jacket imbues a certain confidence.

Was this post random and pretty much eye candy only, all the items total budget busters? Yes, but sometimes you find things online that you think are so beautifully done, you just have to share anyway…

Wishing you a great week ahead!