You’re like, really pretty

(and kinda pricey but I love you anyway)

I can practically hear my mom’s words now: You sure have expensive taste. What can I say, mom? I like pretty things! All these finds are certainly no exception. I can tell you from experience I have splurged invested in two Harris Wharf London coats over the previous as many years, and I think they’re wonderful. Hence why this season, I researched adding a few more to my coat collection. This was before I imagined Joe’s face when he saw the exact same coat I already own, just in green. Then again, if I had a dollar for every time someone has complimented on those coats, I could pay for this one, so…

You guys probably know my style is pretty simple—I stick to neutrals, things that can be easily mixed and matched, definitely into the whole “capsule” wardrobe thang. However, sometimes as I browse online, I come across styles that are not me, but so, so pretty and beautifully crafted. These booties and this blazer definitely fall in that category. Where would I ever wear a sash-tie satin blazer in fire engine red? Probably only my house, but I like to think that even looking at how the model is rocking this jacket imbues a certain confidence.

Was this post random and pretty much eye candy only, all the items total budget busters? Yes, but sometimes you find things online that you think are so beautifully done, you just have to share anyway…

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Life Lately

A few little updates from around these parts

Over Labor Day weekend, we headed four hours south to the town of Avila Beach. Even after living in California for more than 16 years, I had never spent any time near San Luis Obispo, despite having driven through on several occasions. We met some friends from college down in Avila (along with their 9 month old little one!), where we all rented a house a block from the beach. It was a beautiful weekend in which I ate way too much and had more than my fair share of rosé!

Avila Beach has three different piers, two of which are open to the public. On our first night, the evening light was some of the most beautiful I can remember seeing in California. We were already paying out at dinner, but I made the group speed things along so we could hurry out to the pier and watch the sun go down over the water. I snapped this picture from the pier; I LOVE going out onto piers and shooting waves as they roll in (the first picture in this post and the third one in this one were taken with a similar approach down in Pacifica). I posted a few more shots like this over on Instagram if you want to check them out!

Here are a few more things that have been happening around here (with links to all at the very bottom of the post):

That’s all from here! Hope your (short!) week has been great…