The Failure Résumé

"Analyzing one’s failures can lead to the type of introspection that helps us grow—as well as show that the path to success isn’t a straight line."

My best advice about marriage

A couple years ago, at a girlfriend’s bachelorette party, she made a point to come around to the married attendees and asked for our best advice about marriage. Here's what I told her.

The Years

Musings on aging, and exploring the question: does age mean something different based on where you were born, and the culture you grew up with?

Why you should narrate your own life

In speaking about my work, the teacher asked why the *narrator* (not me!) had chosen a specific word to describe something, and presto! All sorts of insights would open up, providing rich, meaty detail. It's applicable to our everyday lives, too.

Three Short Things

Three short essays about nothing and everything, penned in summer 2018.