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A few little updates from around these parts

Over Labor Day weekend, we headed four hours south to the town of Avila Beach. Even after living in California for more than 16 years, I had never spent any time near San Luis Obispo, despite having driven through on several occasions. We met some friends from college down in Avila (along with their 9 month old little one!), where we all rented a house a block from the beach. It was a beautiful weekend in which I ate way too much and had more than my fair share of rosé!

Avila Beach has three different piers, two of which are open to the public. On our first night, the evening light was some of the most beautiful I can remember seeing in California. We were already paying out at dinner, but I made the group speed things along so we could hurry out to the pier and watch the sun go down over the water. I snapped this picture from the pier; I LOVE going out onto piers and shooting waves as they roll in (the first picture in this post and the third one in this one were taken with a similar approach down in Pacifica). I posted a few more shots like this over on Instagram if you want to check them out!

Here are a few more things that have been happening around here (with links to all at the very bottom of the post):

That’s all from here! Hope your (short!) week has been great…


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  1. 9.6.18
    Cory said:

    Do not read To All the Boys…
    It is very, very juvenile. The only reason I finished it was because of Grace Atwood’s podcast, so I am 1000% blaming her. :)

    • 9.10.18
      Victoria said:

      Maybe I’ll save it for a day I need a TOTAL zone out book! Or maybe I’ll just re-watch the movie again :)

  2. 9.6.18
    Alexia said:

    I thought To All The Boys I’ve Loved before was a sweet book! But it’s definitely young adult and thus intended for that audience. I wouldn’t say it’s not worth reading though. Kids books deserve more credit as a field of literature.

    PS: I loved your M Gemi felize post—I’ve got my fingers crossed they’ll release more colors in the leather. Love the orange pair you have and wish there was a re release

    • 9.10.18
      Victoria said:

      They tend to release colors seasonally, switching between leather and suede, I’ve noticed! Keep an eye out…hopefully fall colors are coming soon!

  3. 9.7.18
    Sarah said:

    Thank you for writing longer posts! I’ve found myself sticking with only a few blogs over the past many years, and the one thing they all have in common is the mix of longer musings (personal or general) with culture, fashion, etc. thrown in. It is nice in such a visual, fast-paced world to read something that makes me slow down and think.

    • 9.10.18
      Victoria said:

      Thanks, Sarah!! I like writing the mix too, so I’ll keep at it!

  4. 9.8.18
    Rachel said:

    OMG I discovered that candle in a Club Monaco like a year ago and forgot the name and haven’t been able to figure out which one it was since then – thank you!!

    • 9.10.18
      Victoria said:

      YES! Glad you can rediscover it and enjoy!!! :)

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