Real Life

Is it really you?

She takes the deepest breath. Her shoulders heave skywards, then release with the weight of all the life that has happened between then and now. And she says: Hello, after a very unintentional, very long hiatus.


Oh, hello. Some of you might know me as Victoria McGinley. Remember me? I used to blog here regularly—for many years, in fact. I shared my favorite style finds, music…


Joe had turned ESPN on in the background, just as a reporter began a long voiceover about an upcoming NFL recruit. “This is it, this is his time,” the reporter…

Diving Deep

When I take a step back and think about it, the last year of my life has been completely insane. It blows my mind that in April 2018, I was…


San Franciscan, by way of New York, L.A., Austin, and Geoje. Mom to Violet. Korean adoptee. A creative at heart, with a background in marketing, and the culinary arts. Lover of photographs, the ocean, ceramics, and textile design. Bravoholic. Believer in lifelong learning. Fascinated by the details — that's where the stories are.

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