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This post, I made it nice.

I’ve mentioned it here before, but over time, I’ve really shifted to building a capsule wardrobe. You know, a wardrobe that relies on the basics, and allows one to mix and match with ease from day to night. Trendy pieces you’ll give away next year? No place for you in this closet, my friends! The great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it drastically reduces the time and energy one spends getting dressed everyday (a conscious decision on my part, to save creative energy for other endeavors). The bad part is that when pieces begin showing signs of wear, or no longer fit, or (despite your avoidance of trends) are starting to feel passé, you get stuck. Remove one or two pieces from the wardrobe foundation, and the whole house comes crashing down. You’re standing in front of your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear. And you kind of don’t.

So was my experience after an ongoing, massive closet clean out over the last several months. I was ruthless. We’re talking a multi-season clean out here. Things I still sorta liked but never wore — gone. Low rise jeans that will probably come back into style in another 5 years, but I couldn’t stand keeping around anymore — outta here! I had plenty of pieces that fit and were still in style but just weren’t my style anymore. A hot pink silk top? Silk yes, bright hot pink — hi, have we met? I started on this clean out last autumn, and took items to a local thrift shop a few times to sell when it made sense for the upcoming season. Everything else was carted off to Goodwill over the course of two weekends in March.

Anyway, all this cleaning was good for my sanity and the soul, but I’ve been left with a bit of a conundrum. I have about three tops that I wear on repeat now. They’re all black, and I am a touch bored. And ok, ok, I can admit it — every now and again, I want to wear something that feels fun and just a little trendy (like this top I bought). I’ve also been left trying to figure out what trends are actually here to stay (cropped flares and straight leg jeans? Bodysuits? Big, voluminous tops? Are we doing this, guys?), so that I can purchase pieces that feel relevant, but will remain versatile for the longest amount of time.

So that’s where I am: how to build a capsule collection that still feels “on trend,” but isn’t trendy? I have a pretty good base already. A fair amount of denim, though I’m looking to fill some holes there — literally (more on this in a sec). I could use A LOT of new tops, but I’m sticking to the strategy of investing in higher quality pieces and focusing on things that have killer tailoring and always make me feel great (no small feat with a larger chest on a petite frame). I’m also in the market for more footwear. Somehow over the last 4 years, I’ve ended up without a single pair of pumps that I love, and very few sandals that aren’t flats. It’s time for some upgrades there, too.

The cleanout has given me a lot of clarity as to what I’d like to buy. So, I decided to map this all out in a shopping list, as I’ve been bookmarking pieces I like, waiting for sales (Shopbop has a big one launching today, FYI! 20-25% off your order with code EVENT17), and actually going into stores, which I did this past Saturday. Do you know how dire things have to be for me to walk into an actual retail store? Bad. Real bad. Here’s what I’m focusing my efforts around. I hope you find some pretty things you like too!

Biggest Needs:

More Tops I Bookmarked:

on trend.

Ugh, fine, I’m breaking down and buying a few fun tops. Nothing crazy (I really can’t pull this kind of shit off), but of-the-moment. Here’s where my head is:


More Shoes I Bookmarked:

A few other things on my “order or go try on” list:

I’ve been digging shirt dresses! I really like this one.   ·    I need a dress to wear to a wedding, but I want to be able to keep it in my closet for a while.  Love this pretty silhouette from Yumi Kim.  ·    Fun summer sandals. You know I love these.  ·    A cropped jacket for evening! I like the look of tweed or bouclé, like this or this (any other suggestions?)


What’s your approach to your wardrobe? Any essentials you’re looking to buy this spring/summer?

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Closet images via The Coveteur (here and here)


  1. 4.11.17
    Lo said:

    I’ve been experimenting with a capsule wardrobe for a few years now, and I really love it. I’ve slowly grown an arsenal of great basics, so I always have something to pull together in a pinch. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned lately is that my wardrobe still has to breathe a little. As much as I invest in things that I hope will last forever, it’s not ever a set-in-stone, locked-in closet. Pieces still rotate in and out (and sometimes all I need is a break from something for a season), and I still can try out trends–it’s just a slower, more considered process. I love your picks, and it’s super helpful (and fun, for me) to look at your gaps and plan your shopping like this.

    I’m also at a point where I’m getting a bit tired of distressed denim, and if Erika Jayne endorses L’Agence, I MUST check it out. Is this post title a Dorinda ref, by any chance? :)

    • 4.11.17
      Victoria said:


      Yes to growing the basics arsenal, but realizing that you have to give the wardrobe room to breathe just a little. As much as I love some of the pieces I’ve invested in and worn for years now, I agree that locking myself in to those items forever makes things a lot less fun and in a way, ironically makes the wardrobe less functional (because I end up standing in front of my closet, wishing I had something else to wear).

      Yes to trying trends, but having them not be SO trendy that you’ll wear it just a few times and give it away the next year. I’ve begun observing trends for a few seasons, seeing how they evolve, and then striking when the iron’s hot! I feel like embellished tops are a great example. Off the shoulder tops have been big for a few years now, but I’ve held off buying until I found pieces that worked with my wardrobe, looked and felt good on ME, and are more subtle nods to the trend!

      Yes to L’Agence. They’re expensive jeans, but legit amazing. Erika was telling the girls in Kyle’s shop something along the lines of “These jeans are amazing. They make your waist look tiny and your butt look awesome.” She’s not wrong. Some of the reviews say they feel like jeggings and I couldn’t disagree more. They’re a thick denim and very structured, they just have amazing stretch and recovery.

      Yes to Dorinda. Her new tagline for this season of RHONY made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it.

      And yes, I just outted myself as a Bravo super fan.

      • 4.12.17
        sev2108 said:

        How is the sizing on the L’Agence jeans? Compared with AG or Paige or JBrand or…?

        • 4.12.17
          Victoria said:

          For me, same size. I wear the same size in J Brand as I do in L’Agence. I also have bought AG and Paige before in my normal size, and while they fit ok, I would find they weren’t quite as forgiving in the waist. But I chalk this up to the fabric blend/lack of stretch, less a sizing/fit thing. Long story short: I’d say order your normal size in L’Agence!

      • 4.13.17
        Lo said:

        All the RHONY taglines this year are so good! Sonja’s is perfect.

  2. 4.12.17
    sev2108 said:

    Have you thought about trying Everlane’s new pumps? They look pretty comfortable and come in some fun colors. I haven’t tried them yet…

    • 4.12.17
      Victoria said:

      I was lucky enough to score a pair of the new Day Mules at an event they had here in SF this past weekend! The pumps looked SUPER cute in person too, but I wasn’t sure if the elasticized back was really my thing (and I kinda like a little more toe cleavage in a pump ;) ). The red color is amazing in person though. I think their entire new shoe collection for spring/summer is great!

  3. 4.13.17
    Meghan said:

    A good closet / wardrobe refresh is always such a good idea. I need to find the time to revise my wardrobe.

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  4. 4.15.17
    Jagmeet said:

    Love your blog + content — definitley you have influenced me into building a capsule closet myself!

    Have you heard of the store Aritzia? Its Canadian but does now have stores in the USA and does ship. Great, high quality but still somewhat affordable pieces that will last! I think they really have sophisticated style — lots of neutrals and nice fabric, but also do find ways to incorporate current trends.

    Good luck! xo

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