An Off the Shoulder Top to Try

(that is, if you hate off the shoulder tops)

I think I’ve mentioned my disdain for off the shoulder tops before. Not because they’re not SO cute and SO flattering — in fact, I think they’re both. I’ve tried on a ridiculous number of off the shoulder tops that I thought looked great and would happily have worn ad infinitum if not for one thing: THESE TOPS ARE SO DAMN ANNOYING TO WEAR. Is it just me? Ugh. I think any off the shoulder top that’s staying put via elastic is the worst thing ever. Is there some magic formula for wearing these such that they won’t pop up over your shoulders every time you move around? Please share. Because after multiple tops and multiple returns, I just can’t figure it out. And I had all but given up on ever finding an off the shoulder top that didn’t drive me crazy.

But hark! What’s this? An off the shoulder top that’s finally solved all my problems? It’s true. I have no photos of me in this particular top because hello, I suck at outfit posts and hi, it’s amazing I got two posts up this week. But I’m telling you, the above top is magic. Here’s why:

+ It doesn’t rely on elastic to stay up. Hallelujah! The neck is cut extra wide, so it naturally falls to the edge of the shoulders and stays there. A small piece of elastic along a back panel allows for some stretch as you move about, too.

+ It has bell sleeves. Two trends in one? Sold!

+ It comes in petite sizes. So here’s the story with this blouse. I tried it on in an Anthro back in mid-January. The store only had it in two shades: the bright pink color and white. Gorgeous a color as it is, I’d probably never wear the pink, so white it was. I tried it on in a regular (i.e. non-petite) size and was swimming in it. The sleeves were way too long, the hem just a hair lower than it should be. It sucked because I noticed it’s wonderful, non-rage-inducing off the shoulder qualities right away. I didn’t buy it, but kept thinking about it and even bargaining with myself — could I have it altered?  That’s when I saw on the Anthro website that it was available in petites! I called another store, had it put on hold, went in to try it on in blue and the rest is history. If you’re 5’2″ or shorter, the petite size is the way to go.

+ You will get complimented on this blouse every time you wear it. No, seriously. Rack up those compliments and smile and feel awesome.

+ It’s an on-trend blouse for those of us who aren’t super into trends. I like that it covers an of-the-moment look, but without crazy ruffles, intricate details, etc. In other words, it’s not over-designed. The tailoring is great (that back panel keeps things looking less tent-like). It just looks really nice with jeans of any shade, and is wearable from now through the late summer.

I don’t really know what else to say about this blouse except I’m obsessed with it, wish it would get manufactured in about three more colors, and have spent an embarrassing amount of time wondering if friends who have seen me in it will notice that I’m wearing it again the next 3 times we get together. I will say that I tried on the white in petite also, and I still felt like we were teetering too close to peasant blouse territory…and not in a good way. Like a Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love kind of way.

Check it out here and go try it on in store. Psst: it’s under $80.

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  1. 2.23.17
    Annie said:

    I bought this shirt at Anthro, and I absolutely LOVE IT. When I came across it, they only had it in the hot pink, and while I almost never wear any bright colors, I bought it with no hesitation. It’s the best!

  2. 2.23.17

    YES! This post speaks to me. I’m not typically an off the shoulder top person, but this one I can get behind. Love it! xo Julie

  3. 3.1.17
    Michelle said:

    Hi Victoria,

    Is your RSS feed no longer working? The last post showing up in my blog reader is from February 8. Thanks!

    • 3.1.17
      Victoria said:

      Hi Michelle! Feed should still be working (it’s working for me in my own Feedly!). Perhaps try removing and adding again? Also — I haven’t been posting as much ;) Thanks for checking in!

  4. 3.4.17
    Justine said:

    looove a good off-the shoulder top :)

  5. 3.19.17

    LOVING this color!!! I’m new to the bell sleeve trend, but it’s growing on me!

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