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Book report time, with a random side note I’m wondering if you can relate to. Somewhere in the last 3 to 4 months, I gave up reading digital books. Kondo method be damned, I’ve fully converted back to the classic method of reading — you know, with like an actual, physical book. Paperback or hardback, we don’t discriminate around here, but reading now requires a light source and audible page turning. Has this happened to you yet? I noticed that I had so many books downloaded to the Kindle app on my iPad, but had no desire to read any of them. I realized it had nothing to do with the books themselves, and everything to do with not wanting to stare at another screen to relax, especially at nights or on the weekends after a busy week at work. Somehow when holding a physical book, it feels like I’m able to disconnect more and really get into the story. I’ve noticed friends reading more physical books instead of their Kindles lately too. What about you?

Here’s a few titles I’ve recently read, and ones that are on my nightstand or in my Amazon wish list:

recently read:

More books I read that you probably already know about:

Big Little Lies · Modern Romance · The Hating Game

next up / on order:

Books on my Kindle app that I wish I had physical copies of:

On Tyranny (I downloaded this recently after hearing the author speak on Real Time with Bill Maher, and it seems like a quick read and very interesting) · Commonwealth (started it and it was so good, but UGH I don’t want to read on a screen!) · The Goldfinch (yeah, yeah, I know) · A Man Called Ove

What about you? What are you reading or getting ready to read?

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  1. 4.25.17
    Briana said:

    I love Lisa See’s books so I’m excited about this new one. Also, pleasantly surprised by the Kevin G memoir! I’m excited to read it.

    Briana |

  2. 4.25.17
    India said:

    I’m a pretty big reader (hence the name, ha) but right now I’m actually rereading the Harry Potter series. I needed something lighthearted and fun after some heavier books I’ve read! I highly suggest The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. It’s super popular in the Young Adult sphere, making #1 NYT Bestseller list like 6 weeks in a row. It’s raw and relatable. I really want to check out the books you’ve mentioned above!!

  3. 4.25.17

    I just finished reading the sample of The Futures and I also felt I was about a decade late reading it. Not sure if I will purchase it… I am for sure reading Sheryl’s book and will check out some of your other recommendations, too!

  4. 4.25.17
    Heather said:

    I’m currently reading The Hare With Amber Eyes (memoir about a ceramicist’s family and their life in Europe) and next up is Lilac Girls–my grandmother gave me both, which I love!

  5. 4.25.17
    Erin said:

    Thanks for the recs! I added so many of these to my goodreads list. I read Goldfinch but didn’t love – I felt myself struggling to get through it and even skipping over some parts. I’m currently reading “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult but have to force myself to read it. There isn’t anything that really draws me to it at night. Maybe it’s the screen thing? Commonwealth is next on my list and I’m looking forward to it – but am now considering buying the hardcopy instead of the electronic.

  6. 4.26.17
    Jess said:

    I strongly recommend We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. It was one of my favorite historical fiction novels. It’s based on a true story about a family who are separated during WWII. It far surpassed Lilac Girls, at least for me. And my favorite historical fiction series is the Century trilogy by Ken Follett. The novels are very long, and it took me months to finish all three, but they were so worth it. I will definitely reread them someday.

  7. 4.26.17
    Niki said:

    YES! I am right there with you on the actual physical book vs the e-book. I have books downloaded that are really great reads, but I stop reading them and then completely forget they exist. In the meantime I have actual books sitting on a shelf waiting to be read so I end up grabbing those instead to wind down. I think for me, the only time I would read a book on my iPad is when I travel, which I’ve done before and loved.

  8. 4.27.17
    Erica said:

    I think you’re onto something here Victoria. I download a ton of books, but I rarely ever read them. I just can’t bring myself. I’m going to try an old school, actual book and see if that makes a difference!

  9. 5.3.17
    Kellie said:

    I’m currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale – I’ve never actually read it and thanks to all the ads for the new series I figured it was a good time!

    I held out until we moved further into the suburbs & suddenly going to the library was a drive. Then we had a second kid & there is no such thing as a quick errands with small children, so I’ve been using the Kindle app on my iPad. I’m a big reader & don’t want to buy all my books so it’s just easier for me.

    I will only get the physical book though for books that I read or need for my high school classroom. I’ve got a bunch in here & there’s no replacement for being able to mark certain pages, write notes in the margins, etc. Ereaders just aren’t the same!

  10. 5.8.17
    Joy said:

    I 100% prefer to read a physical book over any sort of digital book. I’ve always wanted a bookshelf in my home full of books that I’ve read. I love going to a bookstore and searching through and finding a book I would have never found if I hadn’t walked in.

  11. 6.3.17
    MEG said:

    I wish I had a physical copy of The Goldfinch too. And A Little Life.

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