Playlist 02

Hey, just in time for your weekend, my latest playlist is up on Spotify! Call me crazy, but it seems like you guys liked the bigger playlist that I added to throughout Q1? This next one already has 2 hours of music on it, so we have a good head start :) It’s a motley mix of genres without tons of organization (I’ve been saving things in that Master Mix and just pulled a bunch of stuff over, and also mined old playlists for things I’ve never shared), so my recommendation is to put this sucker on shuffle and go. I hope you like it!


* * *

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Tomorrow I’m swinging by Everlane to check out the launch of their new day heels, mules and flats (I’ve been obsessing over the mules they’re launching next week, so I can’t wait to see in person). I’ll let you know how they are! More importantly, my mama is coming into town tomorrow afternoon and will be in SF for the next week! I’m excited to get some quality time in. I’d say it’ll be fun to play tourist, but the truth is, she’s spent so much time in SF over the last 20 years that I’m mostly going to show her the stuff Joe and I do on the regular! Visits to the beach, our favorite restaurants, our typical neighborhood walks, that type of good stuff.

I’m keeping this short and sweet today; I’m working on a post with lots of little short stories from random and funny things that have been happening behind the scenes lately, and also a roundup of what I’m buying to replenish my wardrobe on the heels of a massive closet clean out in March. Pop back by next week for those, and in the meantime, I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Image by Victoria McGinley