VMS Digest Vol. VI

What I’ve been reading, loving, and working on lately:

A MEDIOCRE LIFE? // This essay Natalie shared on Facebook was very powerful. I can definitely relate to the tension between trying to propel myself forward and simply feeling fine where I am. In the age of “dream big,” “hustle,” and “girl boss,” this one’s worth a read.

BIG LITTLE EVERYTHING // The Big Little Lies love continues Internet wide, with lots of fun articles to go along with the show! Are you watching yet? First up, a writer asks the very legit question of how a 6 year old has such good taste in music. Second, actual therapists react to Celeste’s therapist on the show (positively!). And, spoiler alert: most of those beautiful houses aren’t even in Northern California! Here, a quick look at the real estate used on the show (those are some hefty price tags!).

ABANDONING ANTHRO // I shared this article on Facebook a couple weeks ago and lot of you seem to agree — in the clothing department, Anthro’s lost its way a bit. This piece on what’s been happening with the brand was great, but even more interesting was the discussion on the Washington Post’s Facebook feed about it. I hope Anthropologie is reading!

THE BATTLE STARTS NOW // I loved this analytical piece on The Voice. It so accurately described why I get sucked in every season, and why I abandon ship by the time the battle rounds are over. You too? Such an interesting perspective, thinking about the show in the context of the American dream. Also, this book that the article references sounds fun!

More digest, below!

ROPE ONE IN // If you’re feeling crafty, I really liked this simple DIY rope basket project. Time to break out the hot glue gun!

FALSE LASHES 101 // This tutorial for how to apply false lashes was fantastic! It’s rare that I’ll wear false lashes (mostly for special occasions or big nights out) but inevitably, it always takes me forever and I end up redoing my eye makeup a couple times to get it right. Here’s hoping these tips help next time.

READ THIS // Hallie’s reflections on two years as a group fitness instructor and the best advice she’s given along the way is a must read. There’s 1000% going to be something in there that resonates with you.

ON SEXUALITY // I thought this piece on how sexuality became a part of culture was super interesting. It’s crazy that the term “heterosexuality” (as we think of it, at least) is only about a century old!

TIME FOR A TRIP HOME // This discount designer store in Austin (with others in Tennessee, New Orleans, and Mississippi) is going to be a MUST visit the next time I’m in town to see family. How has no one told me about this already?!

LET’S TALK ABOUT MICROBLADING // Ok, has anyone tried this? As someone who loves a thick brow but was not blessed with them, I’m totally fascinated by the microblading trend. Share your stories (horror or glowing!) if you’ve invested in it.

SNL IS GOING LIVE // No, but like, for everyone! Starting in April, the show will air live across the entire nation, because #spoilers. Seriously.

THIS WEEK’S DECOR EYE CANDY // I’ve been working on a couple small projects around our apartment to continue the (never ending) quest to make the place “done.” This beautiful home tour in Rue magazine got me inspired all over again. Pretty, no?

HOW THE DICTIONARY GETS MADE // It’s actually really cool.


I’m into that.

Little things I’m loving

+ I’m kinda into the lace up tee thing that’s happening (I just got this one in white and am liking ones like this for cooler spring nights). NOT into: the fact that I had about three of these tops circa 2002 and I gave them all away circa 2007.

+ Candlefish, #88. I visited this shop while in Charleston (oh yeah: I was in Charleston a couple weeks ago), and I’m telling you, if ever you need a unique candle to gift someone, #88 is pretty perfect. It has a really fresh, vibrant green scent that’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. You can’t go wrong. (I also scooped up #26, which is romantic and lush and completely my jam).

+ Rose and Ivy just launched their latest issue! Alison’s work, as ever, is absolutely stunning. Can you believe that up until recently, she was producing this quality of content while still working full time? So talented.

+ I randomly picked up this rosewater spray at Whole Foods the other day and I love it. You might miss it since the bottle looks nondescript, but it’s a great price, has INSANELY wonderful rose fragrance, and surprisingly effective moisturizing properties. Also, no dyes, preservatives or other crap — just water, rose, and glycerin (to moisturize). Reviews everywhere for it are great, and people use it in a ton of different ways. It works as a toner, pre-makeup primer, makeup setting spray, even as a way to wet a brush you’re using for eye makeup. I’ve sprayed it on arms and décolletage and it felt great. Someone on Amazon wrote that they started using it in place of Mac’s Fix+ spray, and having bought a bottle of that years ago, I realized that is in fact a perfect dupe.

+ Summer slides WITH embroidery. Yes, please!

+ Al Gore making a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. YES, PLEASE.

+ As of this past Tuesday, it’s been two years back in San Francisco. I randomly landed on this post this past week (while looking for my post about moving tips), and reading it, I teared up a little. Because it’s all still so true, and I’m so, so glad to live in California! We’re taking ourselves out to one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian joints tonight, and spending the day in wine country tomorrow to celebrate.


Some New Work

+ We recently launched new sites for Meg and Hitha!

+ We’ve been busy making lots of updates to past projects! Confetti Kitchen just got a fresh new look on their home page and recipe index.

+ It’s been a fun few months putting together artwork for Sweet & Spark. Also, if you know anyone who’s getting married, send them here!


Wishing you a happy weekend!


Photo by Victoria McGinley


  1. 3.31.17

    Girl that article Natalie shared is EVERYTHING! It’s about 80% of the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately. A break from the hustle has been quite lovely. I decided to read Big Little Lies before watching it. I’m currently reading it – and am wondering how the show could be better??!! It’s so good! Wishing you a happy weekend, too! :)

    • 3.31.17
      Victoria said:

      BLL: The scenery. It’s really, really pretty. They also introduce some other story lines that aren’t in the book (tho I’m personally on the fence about that). I’m so glad you liked that article — wasn’t it great?

  2. 3.31.17
    Alexia said:

    My mum saw the Inconvenient Sequel at Sundance this year and wasn’t super impressed. Might just be her, but she said it felt more like the Al Gore Show than a documentary. Just two cents on it though!
    Great roundup.:)

    • 3.31.17
      Victoria said:

      Oh boo! How disappointing. Will probably still see it. I hope if anything it keeps climate change on people’s minds!

  3. 3.31.17
    Dani E said:

    Extra Eye Lash 101 tip: I used to have to wear fake eyelashes all the time for dance performances. My fav trick was to take a Bobby pin and straighten it out. I then dipped the tip of one end into the blob of glue and dragged it along the eyelash to ensure a thin even coat of glue. It kept the glue only along the edge where you wanted it before I stuck it on my eye!

    • 3.31.17
      Victoria said:

      LIFE CHANGING! I’ve been using a Q-tip this whole time which is not, shall we say, especially accurate.

  4. 3.31.17
    Sonya said:

    Sonmamy good links here! I read Big Little Lies, loved it, need to watch the show.

    I read about microblading a few months ago and I am SO intrigued. My hair is the darkest blonde shade possible and I have the thinnest, most sparse light blonde eyebrows and lashes possible. Booo. I really want a solution that isn’t filling them in with Sephora’s thickening wand errryyyday.

    Congrats on two years back in CA! I can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog since before you left California, wow! Enjoy the celebration this weekend. I love the Bay Area and have been trying to move out to California for years but just have not had any bites on the job front.


  5. 4.14.17
    Ristina said:

    Yay, VMS digest! I love this series. Seriously you have the best digest out of all bloggers I follow. Keep them coming, Victoria! :)

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