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Playlists are back!

It’s been a hot minute since I shared a new playlist with you! Previously, I published a new playlist every month, and while I really enjoyed curating short playlists that reflected a good mix and flow, to be honest this is definitely NOT the way I source or even listen to music naturally. Wanna know my secret? I have a giant playlist called “Master Mix.” It’s literally almost 24 hours long, and holds the vast majority of music I’ve found or enjoyed listening to over the last year and change. I’ll save any new songs I’m digging or getting to know there, and historically would use this as a library to build playlists for you. Master Mix is the mix I tend to put on for everyday, while I’m working or driving or making dinner or whatever. With so much music on it, it’s kind of become this awesome, well, master mix of tunes I really enjoy. When I get sick of a song or feel it doesn’t deserve a place on the mix anymore (i.e., I find myself skipping it every time it comes on), I move it to another playlist where I can save older songs.

Anyhoo, Master Mix is probably a little intense to share publicly for now. BUT! I realized creating these larger mixes would not only be less pressure for me, they’d probably be easier for you guys to follow along with too. You know, easier to throw on and listen to at work or during a commute or wherever. I’ve created a new playlist simply called P1 (for Playlist 1) that you can follow here. It has a good sized number of songs on it already — they’re not in any order in terms of song flow, just thrown in when I find things I like and that I think you will too. Lately, I’ve been playing this more frequently than Master Mix! So here’s the plan with it: I’m going to keep adding shiz to it until I think it’s time to start a brand new one. Could be a month from now, could be three. I’m just gonna let the playlist tell me when it’s ready for retirement. You can follow along with the playlist and see new songs as I add them (and use the ‘sort by date’ filter if you want to see what’s newest). Funnily enough, you can tell this playlist started out as a curation for January — I’d been saving that “Weak” song for you guys as a perfect tune to kick off the new year (because it’s inadvertently an anti-resolutions song if ever I’ve heard one), but this baby has sorta grown from there. I hope you enjoy listening!

Listen to Playlist 1 here


In other news, people frequently ask me what beach we’re always going to, slash is this where we normally take Lucy? I figured it was time to share. The above shot was taken at Fort Funston. It’s the beach we regularly hit up on the weekends, primarily because it’s very dog friendly. If you are a local, or even visiting SF, it’s a pretty awesome spot. Ironically, we rarely ever hike all the way down to the actual beach there, and instead prefer to hike around in the cliffs above. The park is home to the last remaining natural sand dunes on the San Francisco peninsula, and I find the cliffside views of the ocean to be extraordinarily beautiful (it’s definitely my weekly moment of zen!). On a clear day, you can see as far south as Pacifica, and all the way up north to the Marin Headlands. From high vantage points, the park also offers views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate. Go off the beaten path there if you can — there are so many little hidden spots to explore and it’ll feel like every view is better than the last.


  1. 2.22.17
    Kelsey M. said:

    It’s so fun to see how different people organize their music! I love discovering new music and tend to make new playlists often. At the beginning of each year a create a play list (“One”) and add any songs that I’m digging at the moment. After a certain amount of time (like you said it could be 1 month or 2 months, just depends) I get tired of the playlist and create a new one, “Two.” I continue on like that for the rest of the year. I normally create anywhere between 8 and 11 playlists each year. Once I get to the end of the year I create a master playlist for that year (“2015,” “2016,” and “2017”) and add all the songs I had listened to that year. It’s fun to look back at the music I was listening to in 2014 or 2015! Such nostalgia.
    I also like to create mood playlists. Since my monthly/yearly playlists are VERY all over the place, I like to create more cohesive mood playlists. I have one called “Rainy,” another called “Sleepytime,” and another called “Perfect Pop.”
    As you can tell I am very serious about my playlist curation, haha!

    • 2.22.17
      Victoria said:

      This is genius, thanks for sharing! And I might have to try your method with these blog playlists. I also create a TON of situational or mood based playlists. There’s the obvious “lounge” playlist for easy evening listening, but I’m also the weirdo that has a “Parties/Seasonal” folder on Spotify that contains things like “French Dinner Party,” not to be confused with “General Party” nor “Cinco de Mayo Dinner.” Haha! Music organization is everrrrything.

  2. 2.22.17
    Rachael said:

    I love your playlists so much! :) I’ve been waiting for the latest. Thanks for sharing!

    • 2.22.17
      Victoria said:

      Yay! I hope you enjoy :)

  3. 2.23.17

    Too funny, I have a master playlist too that’s all of my favorite songs for the past six or so years. I also run with an iPod mini so I don’t run through my iPhone battery.

    Love these playlists!

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