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I'm Loving

There have been so many fun thngs on my radar lately that I’ve been wanting to share with you. To start, have you guys heard about the new series on Lifetime, UnReal? I have to say I was a little dubious when I first heard about it, but reviews have been so good, I set my DVR and checked it out. It was surprisingly dark and fun! Both Joe and I agreed — a series we will for sure follow this summer.

Second, I recently bought another pair of these huaraches, after the ones given to me in the summer of 2013 were finally looking a little worn. These are without doubt my favorite shoes to wear in warmer temps — once you break them in, they are unbelievably comfortable! You can buy them directly from the Ix site, and Shopbop sells a few colors too.

Third, fellow blog buddy Louisa recently launched a print shop of her beautiful photographs, on the heels of a fast-growing Instagram account. The California girl in me loves this one and this one; I think they’re awesome in black and white, but the color versions are lovely too. Any favorites?

I went on a book buying spree this week and downloaded a bunch of new reads; first up is this book, which everyone is talking/writing about. I used to live a couple blocks from the church/AA meeting all the reviews are mentioning (it really is near a Ralph Lauren and a Prada; they also left out the Tom Ford and Pucci stores nearby too). Any other good books I should add to my summer reading list?

Finally, M. Gemi. I’ve been meaning to share this company for a while — mostly how sad I am that I missed these loafers, which are exactly what I’ve been looking for (I LOVE the blue and orange colors). You should check these guys out, especially if you were in the camp of J.Crew’s shoes not being what they once were. Everything is made in Italy, in limited editions. Prices can be on the higher side, but I’ve heard good things about the quality and love their commitment to working with family owned factories who make everything by hand (you can see a video of the Felize loafers being made by scrolling down a little here).

Any fun finds on your radar lately?


MAY-JAH POST UPDATE! I took a chance and decided to waitlist myself for the orange Felize loafers on the M. Gemi site. Literally an hour and a half later, I got an email saying that a pair was available. Score! So as an FYI, if you see some shoes you love that are waitlisted on the M. Gemi site, it’s worth it to sign up for the waitlist. I wonder if/suspect since everything is handmade, the company may not have the distribution in place to make certain sizes readily available, but if they get a request for a certain pair in a certain color/size and there are a few in stock, they’ll notify you via the waitlist. Either way, I can’t wait to get my loafers!


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  1. 6.4.15
    sam said:

    longtime reader, love your blog. but come on. not only is ‘primates of park avenue’ total garbage (even the nytimes review to which you link pans it … and accuses some of it – including the clickbait ‘wife bonus’ – of being complete fiction) … but picking out the AA meetings as your added two cents? at least these people are trying to get help – who cares if the church is next to ralph lauren.

    • 6.4.15

      Hey Sam, thanks for your comment. My apologies if you were offended. My mention of the AA meetings was not a commentary on anyone choosing to seek help, and I certainly didn’t intend for it to come across that way. As many of the reviews have pointed out, the meetings take place in a particular church, and based on the retailers these writers mentioned as being nearby (which I took as a juxtaposition of the glitz and glam and wealth against the darker, less discussed part of the culture), I realized it was in my old ‘hood. I only meant to make a connection of my interest in the book to the neighborhood I lived in for two years. Again, I’m sorry if it came across otherwise.

      As to whether the book is garbage, fictionalized, or not — I was interested in reading to find out for myself!

      • 6.4.15
        sam said:

        Thanks for the thoughtful response! Look forward to hearing your take!

  2. 6.4.15

    oh! i haven’t heard about UnReal yet – looks like a fun, summer show, which i’m in the market for. definitely going to check it out! thanks for sharing!

  3. 6.4.15
    Jessie said:

    Thanks for the book ideas! I’ve been on bedrest and needed some new ideas for reading material. I am going to pin these:)

  4. 6.4.15

    I just got Primates of Park Avenue too! Other summer brain candy reads – I Take You, The Knockoff, China Rich Girlfriend (and its prequel Crazy Rich Asians). On the young adult front – Red Queen and A Thousand Pieces of You. Thrillers – Palace of Treason (the sequel to Red Sparrow), Radiant Angel, and All The Old Knives. Can you tell Rho started sleeping through the night? I love being reunited with ALL the books!

  5. 6.5.15
    jillian said:

    off to check out those shoes… thanks for the tip :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  6. 6.5.15
    Michaela said:

    Such a fan of the graphics on your blog! Serious inspiration! Primates of Park Ave sounds like a good read! I just moved to NYC from Ireland so I think I would enjoy it!

    Michaela x


  7. 6.8.15
    Christina said:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the M.Gemi sandals when they arrive. I followed your recommendation on the Gentle Souls gladiators a while back and they might just be the most comfortable sandals ever!

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