HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR 7 YEARS: No, seriously, this girl did it! I have to say, her methods are pretty ingenious and it sounds like it all kind of worked out for her. Proof positive that sometimes, if you take a leap and do what feels right when the stars seemingly align, you will land on your feet.

WHEN INSTAGRAM TURNS SCARY: I read this article about someone who’s identity was stolen via her Instagram pictures (the life the impersonator made up with them is CRAY. CRAY.), and was both creeped out and fascinated. Who would do such a thing? This story is pretty incredible.

…OR JUST RIDICULOUS: And then the world imploded because Google actually invented an app that tells you the number of calories in an Instagram food photo. Though its release is not impending, some days, I just want it to be 1999 again.

THE GRAND LOFT: Did you see this interior design project Alex has been working on for over a year? It’s pretty incredible! #helloinspiration

EVERYTHING’S BETTER WITH BLUEBERRIES: Including this gorgeous blueberry and lemon cake! There have been an abundance of beautiful blueberries every time I’ve gone to the market recently; if you’ve been in the same, wonderful predicament, this is the answer to all your problems (or prayers!).

AND HEALTHY ICE CREAM!: Also, chocolate ice cream. Every summer, I tell myself I’m going to make one of these recipes that is dairy free and can be done sans ice cream machine. I think this is the summer it’s actually going to happen.

WHAT’S YOUR EQ?: Think you are empathetic and emotionally available? This interesting piece discusses all the behaviors of high emotional intelligence, or EQ. Self-analyze away!

ALL THINGS BLACK AND WHITE: A pretty roundup that caught my eye this week. Clearly these two colors have been on my mind lately…

THE END OF AN ERA: Dooce was one of the first blogs I ever read, way back in 2007/2008ish. I enjoyed reading this interview with blogger Heather Armstrong, as she transitions away from her site. Interesting to see where some of the OG bloggers are headed now.

SPEAKING OF INSPIRATION: If you need a little end-of-week life pick me up, check out this encouraging article that’s been making the rounds.

Hello, hello and happy Friday! I’ve been pretttttty excited for this weekend for a while. Why? Because it’s the first Sunday of the month — which means the Alameda Antiques Faire is happening! I haven’t been out to this flea market since moving back home, and I’m so excited to go browse in the sunshine (fingers crossed on that part), eat some food truck grub, and hopefully come home with a few treasures.

Any fun plans this weekend? Hope you had a great week and have a fab few days ahead.


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  1. 6.5.15

    Cheers to a great weekend! Tomorrow I’m co-hosting a ladies brunch (#celebrunch – for women celebrating other women) – so I’m excited to get cooking! :)

  2. 6.5.15

    I know a gal who had her photos stolen and several social media accounts were created using a different name and her images. A friend of hers came across it and let her know what was happening. This story is SO creepy.

    On a different note, I’m looking forward to celebrating First Friday here in Kansas City tonight at my sister’s new salon. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. 6.6.15
    charlotte said:

    That last article’how to ruin your life’ is incredible, thanks for sharing!

  4. 6.6.15
    Alyssa said:

    A few times now my sister has had someone make a fake account using her photos. So weird! The internet is a strange, strange place.