Retreat: Barnhouse Drama

drama, drama, drama

dining room - jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

accessories -jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

barn entry - jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

living room - jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

“What, do you live in a barn?” my mama used to jokingly say to me as a kid when I had either a) left my room looking like a tornado hit it or b) left the back door to our house open, as I often did when I would run in from the backyard in search of a snack. Mom, if the barn looked like this one, then yes, I would proudly want to live in it.

I stumbled across this gorgeous shed/barn home, based in New South Wales, Australia, and enjoyed every click through the slideshow. The space feels all drama, drama, drama with the high contrast of dark colors and white — and yet, it still felt fresh and light and different than so many of the other modern, light filled spaces I’ve seen recently. I really liked how owner Jilly Hampshire managed to mix antiques with modern pieces, resulting in a space that feels thoughtful but also collected; livable, but with just enough glamour. It’s not too often that I share interior tours here, but this one, I couldn’t pass up. You can check out the full tour over at Australia’s Vogue Living, right here.

Could you live in a dramatic barn space like this? I should mention: there is a pool.

Images via Vogue Living Australia


  1. 6.2.15

    First off, “Barnhouse Drama” should be a series on Fox. I would watch the hell out of that.
    Secondly, “What were you born in a barn?” is every Texas parents’ go-to line. Well done V-mom.
    Third: YES. I would live in that barn/shed in a heartbeat. You’re right too; it does seem dramatic compared to so many of the white, bright places that are featured lately. This place looks so rich and sexy. Good share!

  2. 6.2.15
    Alexandra said:

    Absolutely I would live here – and yes! I am dying for a pool these days :)

    Warm Regards,

  3. 6.2.15
    Erica said:

    I’d live anywhere with that many windows! And “were you born in a barn?” Made its way to the Midwest too, mostly when we left something a mess. :)

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