The Month Ahead // November

Yikes. November. How did that happen?

month ahead - november

Well, here we are — down to the final two. While I’m right there with everyone else in marveling at where 2014 has disappeared to, I can’t deny it — I’m so excited it’s November. I absolutely love this month. When I think of November, I think of retreating inward — but not in a bad way. Cozy nights at home in sweaters, snuggled under a blanket, eating lots of good food, preparing for the holiday season ahead…for me, November is all traditions, warmth, and familiarity. I’m ready for it.

This month, we have a couple day trips to Connecticut planned. A few dinners and get togethers have been scheduled up there, and just happened to all fall this month (though secretly, I kind of love it, as during my first and only visit to CT I found it to be really picturesque and a very welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of NYC). Like last month, I’ll be continuing on with weekly French lessons (yep, I started up again after a little break this summer!). Late this month, we’ll of course be celebrating Thanksgiving with our usual traditions (we’ve already ordered our annual holiday wine from Napa), and I’ve scheduled delivery of our Christmas tree for the 28th (trust me, in NY, having your tree delivered prevents a huge headache). November is also our anniversary month! Yesterday Joe and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary; today is our 12th dating anniversary. Forget 2014…where did those 12 years ago?

Random aside: if I had a little more time this month, I’d consider participating in this crazy endeavor. I heard about National Novel Writing Months years ago in SF, but kind of forget about it until I saw it mentioned on a website recently. Would you ever try to complete a novel in a month? It’s kind of amazing seeing all the ones that have been published!

Ok, aside over. What do you have going on this month? Are you as excited for the upcoming holidays as I am?



Every month I take a picture in Central Park at approximately the same location. Follow along to see how the seasons change, and life along with it!


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  1. 11.4.14

    Where are you getting your tree delivered from? I always get a mini one (sort of a cross between full size and tabletop). For the last few years I’ve bought mine on 1st Avenue, and truthfully they’re always INSANELY expensive and they don’t even have the good pine smell usually. My mom suggested buying one online this year so I’d love to know if you have a good source!

  2. 11.4.14
    Amanda said:

    I absolutely love the idea of taking a photo at the same location every month. How cool!!! I’m looking forward to cozying in this month too.

    Amanda @ <a href=";

  3. 11.4.14
    Andrea said:

    Oh I had no idea that world kindness day was coming up! This just made my day. :)
    I’m also totally ready for the holidays. Can’t wait to get my tree! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  4. 11.4.14
    Rachelle said:

    For the holidays, I have some vacation days planned so I’m excited for that. I also have my best friend’s baby shower early December up in DC being of Florida girl I’m looking forward to do some real winter weather. I can see how having your tree delivered is a good idea, specially in NYC.


  5. 11.4.14

    So a dream of mine has always been to write a novel. Or short story. Something! I think the month we move is probably not the best of ideas but maybe next year I’ll participate. It seems like a really fun idea!

    November we’re moving into our new home (this weekend actually) so this month will be all about settling in. I’m really excited for the holidays but overwhelmed at what all needs to be done with the move!

  6. 11.4.14
    Joyce Pak said:

    I’m going to a trip back to the homeland (Korea) and Japan (for the first time) late in November. It’s also birthday month for me, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Looking at your list makes me inspired to be more creative and start more projects this month!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  7. 11.4.14

    One of my best friends is getting married this weekend and then I’m excited to spring (fall?) into full on holiday mode! I’m sure it will feel like it’s flying by, so I’m looking forward to soaking in every minute of time with family and friends :)

  8. 11.4.14
    Lisa said:

    Writing a novel in a month sounds sooo intense! The deadline might actually make me more productive, but I feel like November is a really busy month to attempt it!
    In Dramatic Fashion

  9. 11.4.14

    i couldn’t be more excited about the holiday season! and i love the idea of taking a photo of the same place every month <3

  10. 11.4.14

    NaNoWriMo is so intriguing to me too! Someday… Until then, have you seen NaBloPoMo – national blog posting month?

  11. 11.4.14

    Enjoy CT! I’ll be there this weekend spending time with my family. I love CT in the fall and early winter. It’s so gorgeous and definitely more relaxing than NYC.

  12. 11.4.14

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Wishing you many more years of excellent health, adventure, and rest :) Happy Tuesday!

  13. 11.4.14

    I love November too! I know I’ll be sick of sweaters and boots come January but right now I can’t get enough!

  14. 11.4.14

    Happy anniversary! I am also so excited for the holidays and cozy nights at home! I’m such a homebody so I love that this time of year gives me an excuse to stay home and read/watch movies/snuggle!


  15. 11.4.14
    Ella said:

    Ahhh I love starting the month off with these posts. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I’m headed to Michigan to visit family over Thanksgiving. National PB lover month?! Oh ho!

  16. 11.4.14
    Jenn said:

    Happy Anniversary! November is usually a quiet month for us…it’s the calm before the December storm when family arrives and the Holiday chaos ensues. It honestly takes me one, full month to charge my batteries to prepare for the MIL’s arrival in December! She’s non-stop energy, which I love! But it’s also exhausting. Enjoy CT! I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on the ol’ bucket list.

  17. 11.5.14
    Sarah said:

    Ah! You’re right – where has the year gone??! Is it weird that now that we have one picture of the tree left, I’m actually really excited for Dec 1st? I have OCD and hate when things aren’t complete… I’m going to blame it on that.

    – Sarah :)

    • 11.5.14

      I’m more at a loss for what to do when the new year rolls around!! ;)

  18. 11.5.14
    Becca said:

    I absolutely love the progression of your picture in Central Park! Such a good idea, and it was so nice going back through all of them and seeing the changing seasons.

  19. 11.6.14
    Agoprime said:

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