The Month Ahead // August

the month ahead - august

August always feels a little bittersweet for me. It’s my birth month (which can be a good thing, but simultaneously loaded with pressure — know what I mean?), and it also marks the end of summer. After all, the first weekend of the next month marks Labor Day, and from there, you know you’re just a hop to Halloween, a skip to Thanksgiving, and a jump to the holiday season. I actually adore the fall season and winter after it (who can resist all the cozy comforts of the holidays?) but still, summer always seems to fly by so fast. Have you been feeling that way too? Like I said, bittersweet.

One of the “sweet” parts in the bittersweet is that I actually think of August as a time of renewal and reinvention. I know that the new year — or maybe spring — is supposed to mark that time, but for me, it’s always felt more natural in August. How can it not? When I was a kid, going back to school always held so much promise for me. I was fascinated to see everyone again, see how people had changed over the summer (or not), what experiences they’d had, how relationships would be different. And there was nothing like buying new school supplies and clothes to feel renewed and reinvented. Here in New York, fall has an energy all its own, as people return from holidays rested and relaxed from the summer, then jam in as much as they can until winter arrives and hibernation mode begins. School kids or not, everyone here has that same sense of renewal — and perhaps, with a fabulous new fall coat, reinvention as well.

I suppose I’ve had all this on my mind a lot since there are some changes afoot around here — both personally and professionally. The personal stuff I’m not able to delve into as much since it deals with family things (for now, some boundaries are in place, but hopefully at some point soon I can share more. No baby on board, lest you get any ideas.). Professionally? Not to worry, you can totally be in on the secret. Tomorrow and Friday, I’ll be sharing some reflections and big news for not only my design studio, but also for the blog. I hope you’ll check back in and come along on the journey with me!

In the meantime, I’d love to know — what’s on deck for you this month? Any last minute getaways before fall? Doing anything to relax yourself before fall hits?

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  1. 8.6.14

    I’m not sure if it’s the fact that everyone (friends, fellow bloggers, family) is getting older together and that’s why we feel like time is flying, but I swear I’ve heard it more than ever over the last few months. August and September are proving to be just as busy for me and from the look at my calendar, it isn’t going to slow down come fall. I can’t wait to hear about your exciting updates

  2. 8.6.14

    Can’t wait to see what you reveal!

  3. 8.6.14
    Lauren said:

    I love these month ahead recaps and it’s my birthday month too! Happy August Victoria!

  4. 8.6.14

    I am always excited for August. Fall and the Holidays are by far my favorite time of year but i do agree that summer seems to always fly by. Happy Birthday month!

  5. 8.6.14
    Scarlet said:

    I totally understand. I am more like that in November or so when it finally gets cold because that’s when I feel most energized. As for August- I hope to get to the beach!!!

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