The Month Ahead // September

Hey, better late than never.


Yes, I realize this month’s park picture is a little belated — what can I say, those 4-day work weeks always throw me off! Lucky for us, we’re barely a week into September, so there’s still a lot to look forward to this month. Because I really can’t help myself, I took a peek at the extended forecast and was pretty stoked to see some low 70s and mid 60 degree days ahead…cue me spending all of yesterday afternoon putting away summer sandals and bringing boots out of storage (the seasonal wardrobe swap out is a semi-annual ritual I’ve discovered I love here on the east coast!).

This month, I’ve got a couple fun dinners already on the books, and later this month, Joe, Lucy and I are taking a long overdue road trip down to D.C. to stay with some college friends. It’s been ages since we did a road trip (see: saying goodbye to the car when we moved to NYC), and I’m excited to hit the road and also visit a city I haven’t seen since I was in high school. Good times, good times.

What do you have going on this month? I personally love September and am doing my best to embrace this month with everything I’ve got! Clear eyes, full hearts, etc etc etc. Hope your September is already off to a fabulous start.



Every month I take a picture in Central Park at approximately the same location. Follow along to see how the seasons change, and life along with it! 


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  1. 9.8.14

    September is one of my favorite months, by far. I’m looking forward to a trip to Chicago, a bridal shower, birthday celebrations and Kansas City Fashion Week!

  2. 9.8.14
    Maritza said:

    Great idea on documenting the changing of seasons in Central Park. Great blog!

  3. 9.8.14

    I love September, Autumn in general! I quit my job in the last Friday of August to freelance write full-time so I’m so excited to see what September has to bring :^)

  4. 9.8.14

    Love the idea of watching the seasons change in the park! It has been so, so hot here in SoCal… since like February! Like you, I’m watching the weekly forecast hoping for a change – no end in sight this week. We just returned from a road trip with our frenchie. They make great travel companions and we tend to meet so many more locals (who approach us to meet him) while on vacation as a result. Safe and happy travels!

  5. 9.8.14

    this month we will be busy with weddings and going to my alma mater for a football game and tailgating. but of course, most importantly, we will be enjoying the fabulous september weather!

  6. 9.8.14
    Allie said:

    Perfect Friday Night Lights quote thrown in there. :) I love September as well!

  7. 9.8.14
    Lily said:

    I can’t believe it’s already September! good things are acomin’!

    x Lily

  8. 9.9.14
    Maria said:

    National Cheeseburger Day definitely sounds like something I’ll be unable to resist! My goals this month are keeping up with Couch to 5K (especially since it’s supposed to actually cool down in Lebanon by the point!) and my little Duolingo training sessions. By the way, seriously awesome idea with regards to the Central Park calendar. Hope all of your September adventures go well :)

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