Advice on reigniting creativity

As always, it's the journey, not the end.

This week, an advice column from The Cut on reigniting your creative spark if you’re feeling like it evaporated into thin air. Referenced repeatedly since the fall, I’ve been saving to share with you!

From the column:

“…I do think that when people measure out their creativity, when they take stock of all the things they aren’t doing, they think of the end product. They think of a finished book or a completed painting. They think of the things they could have finished by now if they’d been working on them all along. They tend not to think of their relationship to their art.

What do you want art to give you? Do you want art to be your full-time job? Do you want people to appreciate your art? Do you want to feel the catharsis of expressing yourself with your art? Don’t think about the book you haven’t written or the drawing you haven’t sketched out. Think about what role you want art to play in your daily life. It will help determine what kind of artist you are.”

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