Spring Style Obsessions

A few things I've been shopping, a few things I've been eyeing.

I really can’t believe tomorrow is March. Wasn’t I just celebrating New Year’s? Some perspective: after this coming month, a quarter of the year will be GONE!

And I must admit—March usually signifies my annual spring doldrums. I don’t know what it is—the cosmos, sheer luck, seesawing weather—but March and April are usually ho-hum months for me. Energy low, feeling out of sorts, just all around meh. I’m hoping that with some new things happening at work, and a little bit of travel coming up, things won’t feel so stale this year! And if nothing else, adding a little more color to my closet certainly perks things up a bit.

You read that right: COLOR! It’s no secret that most of my wardrobe is based in neutrals. Black, tan, navy, white, grey—the gang’s all here. But for some reason a couple weeks ago, I felt an itch to add a bit more color in. Not a lot (let’s not get too crazy here), but the odd top in a fun, though forever-wearable color that could help me mix things up a bit.

I ended up ordering a TON of stuff from Anthropologie (more on that in a minute), but along the way, found a bunch of other items that definitely qualify as (colorful) spring style obsessions. Here’s what I’m loving:

1./  I’ve been really digging Anthropologie’s collections over the last few seasons. A ways back, they sent a big customer survey questioning respondents about why they did or didn’t shop there, and asking for feedback about the styles they’d been carrying previously. I think they really listened, as they’ve had so much good stuff as of late! This top is no exception. It was part of the big order I recently placed, and the minute I put it on, it went right into the “keep” pile. I love the sleeve length, the drape, everything. It balances out my proportions really well! If you have a larger chest, I think you’ll like it.

2./  Do you know the retailer Amour Vert? They’re an SF based company with SUPER cute stuff, and their ethos is all about sustainable fashion. Many of their pieces are made right here in the Bay Area! I walked by the boutique in Hayes Valley the other day, and this rust colored wrap sweater was on a mannequin. I stopped in my tracks and went in to browse! You should too, but you know, online.

3./  Another Anthro find! When the weather is just slightly warmer, I really love wearing sleeveless tops. I tend to run hot, so layering is KEY; plus, I find sleeveless tops usually flatter me. This one has a really pretty drape, and a very subtle jacquard-type pattern on it. It looks awesome half-tucked into jeans (and it also comes in purple). This is now the lone red top in my entire closet. ;)

4./  I’ve been seeing little button down sundresses like this everywhere, and I love it. J.O.A. makes great, affordable dresses (I have a couple others from them from past years), and I like this yellow one a lot (currently part of that Shopbop sale, too!). I also really love this one and this one. These types of dresses aren’t the type of thing I’d wear regularly in during the work week. Instead, I buy them because they’re perfect for summer and fall in wine country, and for warm weather travel too!

5./  Ugh, I love this top! But to be honest, I do not love the price, especially since it’s not 100% silk. However, seeing this top was a reminder to keep an eye out for interesting, updated peasant tops like this. They’re easily my date night go-to, and I love how forgiving they are while still giving off that whole pulled-together-but-relaxed vibe. The color of this one is really, really pretty. It’s currently 15% off, but I might wait it out…

6./  My winter date night top! I technically bought this top right before the holidays, but it’s SO cute and has gotten so much wear (not to mention can be worn year round) that I’m sharing it anyway. Sometimes flutter cuffs like this really bug me, but on this top, you can slide the elastic cuffs up and the top still looks great. No annoying sleeves in your food while you’re trying to eat! If you live in SF, you should stop by friend Jillian’s shop on Fillmore—she’s carrying this and lots of other cute stuff right now!


Have you been doing any spring shopping? Any new shops or pieces you’re loving and want to share? Tell me about it below!

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Intro images: Anthropologie. I tried on this top and really liked it!