A Tale of Two Shoes

A review of Everlane's Editor Slingback and the V Slingback

Ok, it’s finally time. After wearing two pairs of slingback flats from Everlane virtually all summer long, I’m here to wax poetic about them. My love for this brand and its wares is well documented on the pages of this site (don’t even get me started on the t-shirt order I just placed), and over the last year, I’ve tried several pairs of shoes from them and I’m just as obsessed. Let’s do it.


Everlane Editor Slingback Review

First, the Everlane Editor slingbacks. Full disclosure, I had a pair of these sent to me gratis back in April. I ordered my usual size, and blast! They were too big. So that’s my first piece of advice with all Everlane slingbacks: I have had to size down half a size, always. Normally, I wear a size 7 (37 in European, with brands like M. Gemi), but with these, a 6.5 was a better fit. Otherwise, the back elastic part of the shoe would slide right off when I walked.

I took the Editor slingbacks to Korea and they were my “fancy” shoe on days where we had to be in business casual attire. Even through long walks in the heat and humidity, up and down countless subway staircases and across cobblestoned alleyways, they were great! The suede is still in fantastic shape despite regular wear since April (and said international adventures), the backs aren’t stretched out at all, and I honestly love that this shoe goes with everything. Plus, the point toe is perfectly proportioned. One thing I’ve recently noticed is a trend towards very, very pointy-toed shoes, like these. I love the look of shoes like this in theory, but in practice, they always make me feel like I’m wearing elf shoes (trust me on this; that exact pair is getting returned this weekend). The Editor slingback’s point toe is not to stubby, not too pointy, and juuuust right. They’re super flattering on your feet!

Cons? I think because I had to size down a half size, the toe box is ever so slightly narrow on me. For the most part, it doesn’t squeeze my feet or hurt at all, but I will say if you are going to be doing extensive walking in these, by the end of the day they might rub your toes just a bit. The only time this was an issue was in—you guessed it—Korea, when one day I clocked almost 4 miles in these babies. So, if urban hiking isn’t going to be your thing, then don’t worry about it.

Shoutout to Lucy, who’s the best blogging assistant ever. She really helped me work my foot angles here.


Everlane V Slingback Review

These have without a doubt been my shoe of the summer. I wasn’t really sure how the “almond point toe” would look, but these are SO flattering on my feet. The shape is so modern and unique. It’s feminine, but not dainty; it elongates the leg without looking ridiculous—it’s all just perfect. The minute I saw these shoes on Instagram during spring previews, I knew I wanted a pair. Especially the woven leather variety, which have such a wonderful texture! These flats also come in several suede colors, and I’m thinking about ordering a pair for autumn (note that the suede version are also $50 less than the woven).

Comfort wise, these shoes are awesome. I’ve worn them shopping, running errands, on casual walks with Lucy, and they’re great — no chaffing, blisters, nothing. The ONLY con is that even with ordering a 6.5, the back of the right shoe has stretched a bit, so I have to adjust that strap more frequently now to keep these from falling off when I walk. I think it’s kind of funny that this is only an issue on the right foot (if this doesn’t settle the debate of which foot is bigger, nothing will). Reading reviews on the site, I saw only a few people mention a similar stretching plight, but far fewer than I assumed would run into this problem. So maybe it depends on your feet. Or on how much you wear them. Because I have worn these almost every day since receiving!

Even with the stretch issue, I’d buy another pair. That’s how much I like them.

*  *  *

Cautionary tales: one thing to know about Everlane is that if you need to return something, you can do so for free for store credit, otherwise you do have to pay a $6 shipping and restocking fee. If you live in San Francisco or New York, you’re in luck! You can return stuff for free to either retail store (score!). Oh, one other Everlane pro-tip unrelated to these shoes: if you want to avoid the crowds at the SF store, make an appointment to shop before opening. I did this one Saturday morning and it was a freaking dream. NO ONE there, everything stocked, no line for a dressing room, a neat and tidy store…it was awesome!

In other news, two days ago I ordered these in black. I’m very excited about this.


This concludes today’s edition of Victoria Won’t Shut Up About Everlane. Have a wonderful day.

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Full disclosure: Everlane sent me the Editor slingbacks (the black ones) as a gift back in April, but I was under no obligation to write about them or promote them here or Instagram or wherever. Which is a good thing, because it’s now August, and I still hadn’t written about them. For the woven V slingbacks, I purchased these on my own, much to my wallet’s chagrin.


  1. 8.1.18
    shannon said:

    does the back stretch out? I used to love slingbacks, but with wear, i’d find the back stretched out and i’d often lose a shoe while running across a street. (also why I’m not a huge fan of mules).

    I have the regular editor heel and i love it. Love to hear what you think about their new ones!

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