M. Gemi Review: Felize Loafers

Talk about obsessed.

m gemi review

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned the new-to-me shoe brand M. Gemi in this post. I had been obsessing over a specific pair of loafers they had, which appeared to be out of stock. Well, update time: since telling you about the company in early June, I’ve since gotten my paws on said loafers and totally fallen for this brand. I’m hooked, and wanted to share a quick M. Gemi review, along with my experiences, for anyone else who’s been thinking about purchasing from the company!

First, how did I even get the shoes when all of the Felize loafers were waitlisted? Well, apparently, that waitlist really works. I’m not sure why I hesitated (maybe because product waitlists always feel like a nice way to say, “You can have this item if you remember to order it in 4 months.”), but I did end up pulling the trigger, creating an account, and getting on the waitlist for a pair of the “orange peel” Felize loafers. Low and behold, I got an email that a pair of the shoes were available in my size the same day I signed up. Not bad, if you ask me! It’s probably not like this for all M. Gemi shoes, but good to note that it’s definitely worth signing up for waitlisted items. Read the rest of my review after the jump! 

felize loafers - m gemi review

On every product page, M. Gemi has this fit finder tool that gives you a good sense of what size you should order, and each shoe lists fit tips if there’s something unique about them (scroll down here for an example). I’m nearly always a 7, so it was no surprise that a 37 was recommended to me. I placed the order, got a cute confirmation email, and awaited my shoes to arrive a few days later.

So, how did they fit and feel? Well, let’s first back up and talk about when I opened the box. How fun it was to see my name handwritten on the underside of the lid! I love little personalization details like this! Ok, ok, the shoes: first of all, these babies are butter soft, and they slid on like a glove. The fit was spot on: not too big, no sliding around, but not too tight or narrow either. I was really pleased with the craftsmanship, the hand stitching, and how high of a quality the leather was. Just as when I saw them online, the loafers reminded me a lot of the classic Tod’s Gommini driving mocs, but those are more than 2 times the price.

m gemi shoe review

To be fair, I obviously haven’t had these shoes for very long, but I’ve been wearing them everyday since receiving them last Thursday — including on walk-heavy adventures like walking Lucy, grocery shopping, and wandering around the mall (note: see an update on how my loafers have worn long term, at the end of this post!). I don’t wear them with socks or stockings of any kind (I am a lucky mutant in that my feet don’t really get all that sweaty or smell very often, so I can get away with doing this in all of my flats). I haven’t experienced any rubbing or blisters or discomfort — these shoes are truly so comfortable and fit great. Maybe my mind is just blown because so often, I feel like I get a new pair of shoes and there’s a requisite and uncomfortable “breaking in” period before they’re perfect. That hasn’t been the case with my loafers!

The only thing I’ve noticed that’s a little funny/potentially embarrassing is that on polished floors, the rubber pegs on the bottom of the shoes can squeak. So if you work in a quiet environment where that kind of thing could draw attention or be embarrassing, it’s something to be aware of. I kind of wonder if that will change over time as the rubber wears down a bit, and it doesn’t really bother me all that much (in noisier places, like the grocery store, I didn’t notice the sound at all, so it’s not like it’s crazy loud).

m gemi review felize loafers

The nice thing about M. Gemi is they do offer free returns within 14 days, so if the shoes don’t fit, you can easily send them back with an included shipping label. But hopefully you won’t have to! My experience has been so good this first time, and I truly love supporting a new, smaller company that in turn supports artisans and craftsmen from family owned workshops. It’s nice to see great quality and great service! The shoes are definitely not as cheap as other online-only shoe companies offering new styles weekly, but I think the quality makes it worth it.

The Felize loafers in orange leather are no longer online (update: however, M. Gemi has made the Felize a staple item, so you can check out all the currently available colors here). Just yesterday, M. Gemi released a similar look – the Pastoso! I love these classic penny loafers in a number of colors that will work from now through the fall. They also released two other flats — the Stellato and the Fortuna — which I think would be great flats for work if you’re in a business casual or formal environment. You can check out all the currently available flats here. Now that I’ve had such a good experience, I’m also eyeing all their summer sandals (I love these slides with the buckle detail!) and a pair of gorgeous booties for the colder months ahead. Something tells me I will be in trouble when autumn hits and they release even more boots and booties…

So those are my initial reactions — honestly, surprised and extremely pleased! I really recommend signing up to get their weekly emails. It’s kind of fun to see what styles they’ve come up with from week to week!

Have you ordered anything from M. Gemi yet? What from their collection are you eyeing?


Update: It’s been about 10 months since I ordered my first pair of shoes from M. Gemi, and since then, I’ve ordered two additional pairs of flats, as well as a pair of boots. Every single pair has been wonderfully comfortable, beautifully made, and total style staples. I really can’t recommend this company enough! They have grown quickly over the last year (and even launched a men’s line!), so here’s hoping the high quality and great customer service continue… Based on reader feedback in the comments below, it sounds like their customer service is bordering on legendary! (April 2016)

Update 2: Send help. I own four or five pair of Felize loafers, a pair of booties, and a pair of heels. A year and a half on, M. Gemi has continued to impress me with their customer service and the quality of their shoes. Even my original pair of orange Felize, pictured above, are doing great. Yay! (February 2017)

Update 3: Sale alert! M. Gemi always has a few sale items in their “Before They Go” section. Browse here to score their shoes at really great prices.

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  1. 6.16.15

    I just wrote a post on how intrigued I am by their site/shoes. They are so beautiful! I’m so glad to know that you love them – I’ll have to share this post on my Weekend Links post. The ones you chose are perfect!!

  2. 6.16.15
    Christina said:

    Yay! Thanks for the honest review! I have the “Filo” gladiators in my cart – I think it’s time to pull the trigger.

  3. 6.16.15
    Alexandra said:

    These are beautiful and I love the packaging!

    Warm Regards,

  4. 6.16.15

    I love the detailed review! I haven’t looked around their site but now I’m excited to see what they offer. And the personalized note/pretty box is something a totally a sucker for…that really makes a company stand out I think!

  5. 6.16.15
    Rose said:

    I love this review!! You’ve got me eyeing some of their sandals now, I like the look of the Filo and the Premio :)

  6. 6.16.15
    Courtney said:

    I am thinking I am going to have to try these for when I go back to work in the fall (as a teacher)…I’m on my feet all day and these could be the perfect shoes!


  7. 6.17.15

    I just wrote about this site, too! I love the concept and all the shoes are gorgeous. Can’t wait to order a pair!

  8. 6.23.15
    MM said:

    They are a startup by the same people who started Rue La La, so I’m not surprised by the personal touches and great experience! They have so many amazing styles!

  9. 7.27.15
    Jennifer said:

    I ordered a pair of these loafers after reading this blog review. They are beautiful classy shoes. But I found my shoes fit very snug with a narrow toe base. I’ve worn them around the house and my office but still uncomfortably snug. I’m going to return today and exchange for 1 size up. Of note, when I was shopping I had a question about one of the pumps offered on the site and used the on line chat customer assistance feature on the website and found the experience helpful and pleasant. Fingers crossed that my loafers fit once exchanged!

    • 7.27.15

      Thanks for the feedback Jennifer! I hope the new size works out for you. I’ve noticed sometimes on a shoe’s page they’ll suggest ordering up a half size depending on the shoe construction and the width of your foot. Glad to know their customer service was so good and got you on your way :)

  10. 10.20.15
    Mae said:

    After looking for a pair of well made loafers, I stumbled upon your review, and checked out this site. They’ve got a lot of good press, and great reviews here and elsewhere. I couldn’t decide between the style you ordered and another and went with the other.

    The shoe was lovely, just gorgeous, but didn’t fit and was a bit dressier than I had hoped, but clearly well made. After speaking to a customer service rep, I decided to exchange for the Felize, but am disappointed that none of the ones currently offered are available in my size. After asking the rep about the waitlist, she informed me that it’s based on returns, so if someone returns the size you want in new condition, they’ll let me know, otherwise you’re out of luck. You must have gotten lucky :)

    The rep was really nice, knowledgeable and helpful, and I currently have a credit for the Felize when they release more. I’ve never been a fan of sites that offer limited quantities of everything, especially popular styles, but I am hoping I’ll eventually get a pair and it will be the shoe I’m looking for: high quality, comfortable, and stylish, without having to spend twice the price or more. So, fingers crossed, I guess.

    • 10.20.15

      Thanks for the feedback, Mae! I’m glad the experience has been good despite the fit and availability hiccups. For what it’s worth, since jumping on the M. Gemi train in the early summer, I’ve seen two additional releases of Felize loafers, all in different colors (I think they theme them with the season), so definitely keep an eye out. I also know they’ve been trying to make more sizes in some of their most popular designs (like the Felize), so hopefully you’ll be able to snag a pair soon. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  11. 11.24.15

    I see items I want to try but am worried about quality and sizing as when buy Ferragamo need C width. 39 European can be to short( depending on toe box and style) and 39.5 may be too long. I hate to deal with returns as well. Items can appear great on line and then are not so hot in reality.
    Any of your product sold in boutiques/stores? I like to try on , touch, examine the product.
    Please advise.



    • 11.24.15

      Hi Maureen — I don’t personally work for M. Gemi, I just bought a pair from them. However, I did return a pair I bought a month or so after writing this review and the process couldn’t have been more seamless. I also own 4 pairs of shoes from them at this point and all of them are so beautifully made! You should check out M. Gemi’s online chat and customer service line with any other questions, they’re super helpful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. 12.26.15
    Karen said:

    In case anyone sees this, M. Gemi just released another line of Felize loafers that look beautiful. I have the grey ones in my bag and am still thinking. Their shoes are beautiful and I’m just not sure I’ve seen the right pair to spend about $200 on. Plus I just missed the 25% off sale right before Christmas and am kicking myself. I’m also attracted to some heels there, but am not sure if I can do the height.

  13. 1.4.16
    amy said:

    I bought a pair of the custom Felize, and they are fabulous. Worth every penny when you consider that you can go to a department store and pay just as much for shoes made in China.

    On an even brighter note, I got an email today from Mgemi about their twice yearly sale. Found a pair of ruby flats I’d had my eye on, which were on sale. Add to that a $40 off coupon I found on Facebook, and the total with free shipping was $55!

    Even if you don’t buy anything the first time around, make sure to sign up for the email list, so you are notified of any sales. Since I’ve signed up, they’ve had quite a few, with shoes $50 off or so.

    • 1.4.16
      Karen said:

      How did you get a coupon for $40 off?

      I recently got my new grey Felize, released a few weeks ago, and these are water resistant, which seem really cool. I paid full price. I can see why people are raving about how comfortable they are. I also like the enclosed pre-paid envelope to donate to Dress for Success. I happen to have 2 pairs of shoes to donate.

      So today, I too got the private sale email. The prices were really good. I ordered the Artista which is a pointy toe flat in red, they call it brick. And then a shoe I’d been eyeing, the Ponte, a pretty 3″ heel in suede with straps, was included in the sale so I grabbed it in grey. The burgundy looked really stunning but I recently got another burgundy suede pump and figure the grey will be more wearable with anything. I spent more than $55 but I’m pretty excited to see my new shoes.

      This might be my new favorite shoe brand. The shoes are really well made and the leathers are beautiful.

      • 1.4.16

        Agreed with Karen and Amy! Signing up for the emails is a must, because they DO release special sales and sometimes, new shoes early (especially ones they know will be popular). I’m so glad you guys both liked your Felize…I can’t wait until spring to see what new colors/textures they come out with for spring and summer! And all their sandals too…I didn’t pull the trigger on those last year and am definitely doing it this year! Totally my new favorite shoe brand too, Karen. I really hope they keep it up and don’t change too much with all their growth!

        • 1.4.16
          Karen said:

          Victoria, How snug were your Felize when you got them? It says they’ll stretch. Mine are snug, but seem ok, especially if they’ll stretch. I’ve had them only a week and haven’t worn them yet. I’m afraid if I go up half a size, they’ll be too long. The online chat customer service has been quite helpful, both in determining if these are right and what size to order in other styles. I’m still feeling a little nervous because I’m not familiar with the brand yet. So if I get beyond this, I think I may love them.

          • 1.5.16

            I ordered my normal size and they fit perfectly. Not too snug, not too loose — just comfortable. Maybe they’ve stretched the tiniest bit since ordering this summer? But not enough to warrant a half size up, for sure (PS, I never wear socks of any kind with them).

  14. 2.27.16
    Amber McCoy said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. I own these loafers and they are my very favorite shoe! I now own 4 different pair. I have the ballet flat, to die for, the Felize Driving Moc, a black flat with a pointed toe, best dress shoe ever, and I just received MGemi’s take on the tennis shoe (I’m absolutely living in these)! Best shoes, and what I think is just as important if not more so , outstanding customer service. These people really care!!!

    • 2.27.16
      Karen said:

      I’m up to 5 pairs now. 2 Felize, the first was grey water resistant, the second is this great shade of orange. I also have a beautiful burgundy pump with straps across the foot which I picked up at their recent annual sale, a red snake pointed toe flat and a blush suede oxford. Gotta spray the oxford for sure before wearing it. Customer service is awesome. I wore the red flat, reported that the sole is separating on one shoe, so they said that if I go to a cobbler, have it fixed and add rubber to the soles, they’ll reimburse me for that. They even recommended 2 good cobblers. Oh yeah, and then there’s the cobalt blue suede low heeled slingback that is stunning and likely to join me for a trip to Italy in the fall.

      • 2.27.16
        Karen said:

        That’s actually 6.

        • 2.28.16

          Wow, the reimbursement and recs for the cobbler is amazing. That’s seriously a level of customer service I’ve never seen!

          So glad both of you love your shoes! I cannot WAIT until the new spring/summer sandals debut…

          • 2.28.16
            Karen said:

            I know! Really terrific.

            I can’t wear their boots, which look awesome, because of allergies to dark dyes, and their boots are usually lined with black or the heels are too high.

            So I’ve bought shoes now that really seem better for spring. The cobalt blue suede slingback I got is amazing. I can’t wait for the sandals. I missed then last year. I hope they have nice ones that aren’t too high.

  15. 5.3.16
    Pashmina said:

    I don’t know how there isn’t a single bad review. Is this a sponsored post? I’ve had a horrible experience with these shoes, they are definitely not worth the money.

    I’ve gone through 2 different pairs. First pair the leather peeled like a horrible scab on the side of the shoe after merely 3 hours of wear, 2nd pair also just peeled in a similar fashion after 3 weeks of wear. And I have pics to prove it. This isn’t just a smudge or scratch that can be cleaned polished or easily repaired. It is leather peeling away from the shoe!

    Really bums me out that I’m out $200+ on a pair of shoes that didn’t even last a month.

    • 5.3.16

      Hi Pashmina! Bummer you’ve had such a poor experience. Did you get in touch with M. Gemi to see if they could offer suggestions or refund your money? For the record, no this was not a sponsored post — I paid for all the shoes I’ve purchased and was not solicited in any way to write the post.

  16. 5.4.16
    Mione said:

    Hello! Thank you for this review, it convinced me to purchase my first pair (the Doppio) today! I consulted a live chat assistant and she was so helpful in guiding me to find my fit. Fingers crossed they will be perfect!

    On another note, there are now referral links where you can give friends $40 off. Here’s mine: mgemi.com/referral?rc=0VJ8LU%2FQPSNsvcbIEMPPLXTvuXnuZl7LSTcSfvHH4A%3D%3D

    I’m not sure if it’s first purchase only (it might be), but I thought I would share in case anyone else is interested. If it works for you, it’d be great since I’d love to see more reviews on M.Gemi shoes before purchasing! Please ignore it if it doesn’t work. :)

  17. 8.16.16
    Jill Cooper said:

    I love them too and I haven’t even gotten a pair yet. They have great color choices. The pair you chose is the ultimate shade for this driving moc! I’m in love with the grey and the fuchsia.

    • 8.18.16

      Thanks, Jill! :) They are always coming out with new leathers and colors too. I think I have a loafer addiction!

  18. 8.31.16
    JUDY Ann McClure said:

    Would like to order a pair of shoes. Are they available in ride??

    • 8.31.16
      JUDY Ann McClure said:

      Are shoes available in wide??

      • 8.31.16
        Karen said:

        Judy, No, they don’t come in wide. All shoe descriptions have fit information to let you know if they’d work. The customer service is amazing, chat and phone, and they’d help. This is now my favorite shoe brand. I’m on vacation in Italy and have 4 pairs of their shoes with me. 2 are low heeled sandals.

  19. 2.15.17
    Sharon said:

    J just received my first pie of shoes from M. Gemi in the mail. So impressed! Everything was packaged so beautifully … it may seem like a small thing but I am someone who so appreciates the detail. I purchased the Porto in luggage suede — an upscale casual tennis shoe that I can run around in. I’m in love ❤️ and I will buy more from this company!

    • 2.15.17
      Sharon said:

      Should have said “pair” and not “pie”…oops!

      • 2.15.17
        Karen said:

        I just go my third pair of Felize. This is my favorite company. Product and customer service are outstanding. I am so excited they plan to open a store in Boston soon.

        • 2.15.17
          Sharon said:

          I want a pair of Felize, too! Also, I should have mentioned above that I went up one size with the Porto and I’m glad I did…it fits perfectly and has room to wear with socks.

          • 2.15.17
            Karen said:

            Just last week they came out with a new bunch of spring Felize, in suede, in lots of different colors. I got the robin’s egg. Dying to wear them. It’s a good time if you want a pair. Also, if you want a $25 discount, here’s a link: http://share.mgemi.com/x/RXNm1F

  20. 2.19.17
    eileen said:

    I am an older woman, with some decent size bunions, so I need to have a shoe that has a pretty good toe box, not narrow! Although I have small narrow feet…I usually am a 7.5…I know you prolly dont have bunions, but what your thought on the fit…I also love the look of the shoes and want a pair of driving mocs, but hate the rubbing from bunions etc..thoughts?

    • 2.19.17
      Karen said:

      If you do it, go the half size up they recommend. The suede is soft and will give. These are minimally supportive, meaning the Felize. I have mild bunions and go up half a size. My feet are average width. Give them a try. You can return. Note they have a store in NY. Are opening one in Boston. So excited.

  21. 7.19.17

    I have a high arch and get plantar if I wear the wrong shoes. Can people with foot problems wear these? Thanks

  22. 8.13.17
    Susan said:

    I tried three pairs of M.Gemi shoes. All have been beautifully made but they did not fit. I sized up, too big, sized down to other Italian shoes I own, too tight, a pair of slides my feet would not go into at all. Finally I tried a suede flat in my normal size that has a broader fit. And success!

    All the returns were refunded quickly with no problems. They were delivered by USP and had to be returned via UPS.

    Beautiful presentation, box, shoe bag. I would say if your feet are on the narrow size these shoes are perfect.

  23. 1.11.18
    babloo said:

    I am in love with these shoes

  24. 1.18.18
    Alex said:

    I’m glad you wrote this review of the shoes and the company. It’s now 2018 how are the shoes holding up?

    • 1.19.18
      Victoria said:

      Hi Alex! Honestly, I can’t say enough good things. To be fair, I have enough pairs of Felize loafers that I rotate between them pretty regularly, but all have held up beautifully. I have one pair of leather ones in a beige color that I wear several times per week (and doing lots of city walking) and the leather has held up great — no issues with them stretching or tearing or anything like that. Every single pair of shoes I own from them is still in great condition, even the ones I bought a few years ago! Even though they are expensive, the fact that I so rarely buy “everyday” type shoes now has made it worth it. LMK if you have any other questions!

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