On My Radar

I always have a running list of things to tell you about, and some weeks they are certainly more random than others. (Welcome to my brain space!) Above is a bit about what’s been on my radar as of late…and quick links are all below!

BrowFood Tinted Brow Enhancing Gelfix (I use it in Dark Brunette)   ·   White Lace Off the Shoulder Top, $78   ·   Yellow Silk Kimono Sleeve Top, $98   ·   CocoFloss (read their story here and order a floss pack here)   ·   More info about the CHEFS program, the Gala (including what restaurants are participating!), and where to buy tickets   ·   Club Monaco shoes   ·   Sweet & Spark new summer collection (and a preview of the season to come!)   ·   The best horoscopes ever (if you can even call them that)   ·   Anne with an E, à la Netflix (mixed press here, here, and here. Ouch.)



  1. 5.17.17
    Briana said:

    What a beautiful looking post! I’ve been wanting to try Cocofloss for some time now. It really shows you how much packaging matters.

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  2. 5.18.17
    Jess said:

    Adding that horoscope to my weekly reading list after reading this week’s. I’m a Cancer :)

  3. 5.18.17

    ‘I shan’t ever have another bosom friend like you, Anne!’ – Diana (paraphrasing) Loving that show. Also, my horoscope was SO on point, thank you for sharing that link, I loved seeing it from a friendlier point of view than I’ve been treating myself. <3

  4. 5.30.17
    Reema said:

    You always have the most well-put together, thoughtful blog posts, Victoria! I don’t know of a single blog that puts this kind of care and effort into the design and content of their posts and I just wanted to let you know how much I love and look forward to the things you share! Thanks so much!

    • 5.31.17
      Victoria said:

      Thank YOU so much, Reema! Your comment made my day! :)

  5. 5.30.17
    Lo said:

    Gotta thank you for the Cocofloss tip! My teeth have never felt so clean, and I love a subscription service to make it easy.

    • 5.31.17
      Victoria said:

      Yay! Glad you’re enjoying. I agree, my teeth feel so clean every time I use that stuff!

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