Ocean Inspired

(This one is my fave!)

Later this week we’re headed up north on a mini road trip, for a few days of peace and quiet along the Pacific coast. We even rented a little house right smack in the middle of nowhere (I say this with total excitement. I really can’t wait to unwind for a few days and see the stars!).

In addition to some hiking, wine tasting, and good eating, one project I’m hoping to work on during the downtime is to take some photographs to display in our bedroom. The space is devoid of any art right now. We’d been waiting to come across the right series of works (we need art above both our nightstands, and a large piece on an empty wall along the far side of the room), but nothing we’ve come across in person had really spoken to us. A couple months ago, I got the idea to do a series of tight shots of beaches and coastlines. I much prefer when artwork is personal anyway, and I loved the idea of having these modern, abstract photographs of bodies of water we regularly visit. Joe liked the idea too, so this trip — already in the works at the time — seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to capture something. Fingers crossed I can get some good shots!

We’re staying very close to a beach, but plan on doing some drives along the coastline too. I can’t wait to see what we find! I was thinking about what types of photographs I’d want earlier this week, and pulled some inspiration shots. Looking at them, it’s interesting to think about how these types of waves and lacey seafoam textures are created. I suspect some of these shots were taken from a boat or ship, as the “waves” look more like “wake,” but it’s still really beautiful all the same. I liked my inspiration pictures so much, I thought I’d share some here as a little moment of zen as we head into this long weekend! What is it about water that’s so mesmerizing?


She is made up of depths even the ocean couldn’t fathom. — jessica katoff


Image Sources:

Unsplash: Jordan Hubbard · Michael Benz · Josefa Holland-Merten · Elena Saharova | Etsy: Scandinavian Walls · Cosmic Print · AndyxAnny


  1. 6.9.17
    naveen said:

    I just discovered Unsplash while working on a powerpoint deck and i’m obsessed! I had the exact same thoughts as you – use to create my own artwork. Such amazing photography and I can’t believe it’s unlicensed and free for personal use.

    • 6.9.17
      Victoria said:

      Not even personal use — one could literally take an image from there, blow it up on a billboard, and use it for any commercial purpose and it’s free. They’re the best.

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