Shoe Crush: Everlane Day Mules

Crush, obsession; potato, po-tah-toh

Last month, the kind folks at Everlane reached out and asked if I’d want to swing by and check out the launch of their new Day shoe collection. I’d basically had “Everlane Day mules launch” listed on my calendar since I saw them on the site’s Coming Soon page earlier this year, so the promise of getting my paws on them in person guaranteed my attendance. The fact that they also offered to give me a pair of said shoes just for stopping by? RSVP no-brainer! Everlane is one of my favorite brands, and I get the feeling a lot of you guys are loyal fans too, so I thought I’d tell you about how the shoes are faring a few weeks in (and especially since these were my first shoes from Everlane, ever. Shocker, I know!). In a nutshell: hi, I’m obsessed. 

Shoe Fit?

I’ve been slow to hop on the mule trend, and these couldn’t have been a more perfect pair for me to wear while jumping on the bandwagon. I got these in my normal size (7) and they fit great! Even with the slim profile, I was surprised by how comfortable they felt. They don’t squeeze on your toes at all. I don’t have high arches in my feet, so having significant arch support isn’t that important to me. Still, I don’t find that the upper on the shoes pinch or constrict the top of the foot at all, and the foot bed is very comfortable and padded just enough (I even detected the slightest bit of arch support in the middle of the foot bed, but again, it’s not noticeable if you were looking at the shoe…or more importantly, if you need that type of thing).

The Look?

But what I really love about these is the silhouette along the top of the foot. I like that it doesn’t cover TOO much of the foot, because on petite gals like me, sometimes that can make me feel like I’m wearing elf shoes. With a rounded toe like this, one needs a little toe or foot cleavage to keep the lines in an outfit looking good, if that makes any sense at all (yes friends, I just wrote the words “toe or foot cleavage.”) These just have a slim, clean profile, and they pair well with skinny jeans, relaxed boyfriend fit jeans, even a pair of shorts.


Now, like a lot of structured/dressy sandals, for me they clack and make a TON of noise when you’re going down a flight a stairs. You know how when you’re setting your foot down with this type of shoe, and the back part smacks the next step as you lower your foot? Yeah, that. But that’s literally the only complaint I have with them, if you can even call it that (I’ve taken to gliding down stairs as gracefully as possible whilst wearing these. Maybe the secret mission of the Day mule was to make us all look more ladylike as we descend flights of stairs).


One other thing that could be an issue for some: A couple gals on Instagram asked me about keeping them clean. I don’t know if it’s a function of working from home, the way I walk, or what, but it’s just not that big of an issue for me. I’ve been wearing them every weekend and during weeknight outings, so from grocery store to drinks with friends, they’ve served me well. I will say that after some extensive walking this past weekend, one shoe did have a little scuff mark on it, but I used a basic suede sponge and was able to buff it out, no problem. I mean, I’m sure eventually these will get kind of dirty. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I dunno, my driving mocs from M. Gemi in a similar color have done fine, so maybe I’m a (lucky) weirdo who can keep suede shoes relatively clean? In any case, if you got these in black, navy, or red, it wouldn’t be an issue anyway.

The mules aren’t the only part of the Day collection, so good news if that look just isn’t your thing. Everlane also launched The Day Heel ($145) and The Day Flat (their take on a ballet flat, at $125). And launching just last week are these pointed-toe mule slides, which are perfect if you want something even dressier (this pink shade is on point).

Ok, about availability: I won’t lie, at $120, the Day mules sold like hot cakes, and the Day heels did too. I sent Everlane a note to find out when more of the natural suede and red colors will be back in stock, so stay tuned! If you like the Day heels, those are still available via waitlist sign up (which I usually take to mean that they’re gathering names and will place another order based on volume requested — so get your name on the list if you want ’em!).

Update: Reporting live from San Francisco… I’m hearing a couple different things on restock, so take notes! If you want a pair of Day heels, definitely get on the waitlist stat. You do that by going here, selecting your color and size, and providing an email. Those should be restocked by late July. Customer service was less sure about the natural suede and red Day mules getting restocked, but a separate Everlane contact estimated those would also be restocked in July. So keep an eye out! I feel badly featuring something you guys can’t immediately get your hands on (sorry ’bout that…I never expected these babies would sell so fast, since I just got them in mid-April!). But there are still a few other colors available in darker neutrals!

Have you ever purchased shoes from Everlane? What did you think? This has been such a good experience, I’m thinking I might buy a pair of Day mules in red once they’re back in stock, and I can’t wait to see if more summer slides come out this year (they had some camel ones last year that I didn’t move on fast enough!).

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Hey, just so you know…
While Everlane did give me my pair of Day mules gratis, this post is not sponsored nor requested by the brand. I wrote this on my own to share my first Everlane shoe experience with you guys, and (duh!) all opinions are completely my own. I may receive a small commission should you purchase through any of the above links.


  1. 5.9.17
    Connie said:

    How do the Everlanes compare to the M. Gemi’s?

    • 5.9.17
      Victoria said:

      Hi Connie! I don’t have a similar pair of shoes (i.e., slide mule) from M. Gemi to compare — I think the most similar would be these!/color/260. Those cost $228, for reference.

      It’s sort of hard to compare because the structure of the Everlane slide is so different from any M. Gemi shoes I own. However, I can compare the suedes a bit, I suppose! I own a couple pair of suede Felize moccasins from M. Gemi, and a pair of suede Stellatos (a pointed toe, dressy, structured flat). The leather on the M. Gemi’s certainly feels thicker and more substantial, however I’d expect at their higher price points (and just given the shape/style of those shoes) that that would be the case. Everlane’s leather feels very soft and like it’s good quality; the sole of the shoe also seems very sturdy and well made.

      Having never tried on the M. Gemi Isola slide nor seen it in person…I would say that at $120, I think the Everlane slide is probably a better deal, and more my style since the toe vamp is shallower (i.e., it reveals more of the top of the foot!).

      I hope that’s somewhat helpful…let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. 5.14.17

    I am ALL about the mule!

  3. 5.31.19
    Joy said:

    I love these shoes! I would buy a couple pair! Please let me know when they are back in stock

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