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Oh hai. It’s been a minute I know. I’ve been working on a post chatting a little bit about what’s been going on here in the studio and why I’ve been blogging less (good reasons and good outcomes, I can assure you!), so we can chat about that soon. There are life lessons! Unique insights! Reflections on how life and business can evolve! But when you write less, it’s harder to make your thoughts cogent and concise, so I’m taking my time with essaying. More real life updates soon, promise.

In the meantime, I’ve had a running list of some fun things to tell you about. The above are all things that have been on my radar (i.e. shopping list) in the last few weeks. Of note: I read Big Little Lies in like two nights because I simply had to know how the HBO series was going to end. Yes, I’m that monster who will read The Bachelor spoilers and the last chapter of a book before finishing it. Have you read the book? I thought it was a fun, easy read and I’m actually even more interested to see how the show interprets the stories! What are your thoughts on the casting? Reese Witherspoon is giving me some serious Tracy Flick vibes, but in such a modern, more nuanced way.

Other big thing: OMG, did you know that Wayfair offers discounts to businesses? If you’re a fellow small biz owner, get this on your radar! You can sign up for the business program and get access to special pricing on products across all Wayfair sites. You even get a special contact who can help you with customer service issues or additional discounts. It’s not just for people in the interior design trade (at least for now). I was up front about the work I do and that was cool with them. Check it out. (And a huge thanks to Lisa for telling me about this in the first place!)

Last big thing: Have you heard of this natural skincare company Root Science? I’m so intrigued, if not only because I LOVE the paint effects on their packaging. I was reading up on different serums, Vintner’s Daughter included, and happened to see Root Science mentioned in a review (here). That of course got me Googling and I was so excited to discover the brand! I have a sample pack on order from them and will definitely report back if the results are as good as the reviews indicate they should be. Stay tuned.

What’s been going on with you?

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  1. 3.9.17
    Monica said:

    Ooooh cannot wait to hear about Root Science! I was tempted by Vintner’s but even the trial size was $25 and lasted two days, which isn’t enough to see whether my fickle skin hates it (like it does most things). Also yaassss to Wayfair! That’s great! Love your chair and am in the market for a new one…the one I found and love has arms, though, so I’m curious to hear if not having them bothers you. Though if you’re going from a dining room chair to this, you’re probably used to it!

    • 3.9.17
      Victoria said:

      I HATE desk chairs with arms. I feel trapped. Plus it’s harder to find something that will fit under a desk seamlessly. My arms are always resting on the desk due to typing or mousing or designing or whatever, so it’s never an issue for me!

  2. 3.9.17
    Donna said:

    Love this post, Victoria! I can definitely relate as I’ve been blogging less as well. I’ve also been reading less which I’m not too happy about as I’ve got a longggg list to get through this year. (I read two books in February!) I am trying to catch up on my winter reading list this month as it’s pretty much time to share my spring reading list. Where is this year going?!!

    I just finished The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall. I read it from cover to cover in three days. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good read!

    I LOVED Big Little Lies. One of my favourite reads last year. I also devoured it in two nights. It’s my favourite book by her! Have you read What Alice Forgot? I recommend picking it up if you haven’t read it yet.

    I ‘m finally heading back to ballet this week after a 6-month hiatus and I can’t wait. I’ve missed it SO much! Nothing else going on really!

    Happy almost spring,


  3. 3.9.17
    Briana said:

    Three episodes into Big Little Lies, I had a theory about who was murdered and who did it. I couldn’t wait so I looked up the synopsis on Wikipedia (I’m the worst) and was totally surprised to read the actual ending!


  4. 3.9.17
    Kelsey M said:

    Oh no! Now I am so tempted to purchase the M.Gemi Stellatos! I have been eyeing shoes from M.Gemi for a long time now but I haven’t pulled the trigger due to the price tag. But those shoes are too perfect, especially since I can wear them both in the office and at home. I did just get my yearly bonus so I think it’s time to treat myself (:

    • 3.9.17
      Victoria said:

      I have to say, you can’t go wrong no matter what you purchase! All their flats have been so amazing. Even the ones I bought a few years ago have held up so well!

      • 3.30.17
        Kelsey M said:

        Just thought I would let you know I ended up pulling the trigger on the Sachetto Stellatos and they just arrived in the mail last night. I already LOVE them. The packaging was way too cute and the shoes are so comfortable. I chose the mocha color and I think they’re going to be so versatile. Only problem is now I want so many more pairs of M.Gemi shoes, eek! Thanks for turning me on to these.

        • 3.31.17
          Victoria said:

          Yay! Mine arrive today — I can’t wait to wear this weekend. I’m so glad you love them. I think their shoes are the best!

  5. 3.9.17
    jillian said:

    i LOVE big little lies! and I’m so happy i read the book first! xo

  6. 3.9.17
    Meghan said:

    LOVING Big Littles Lies! And got the Everlane stripe top and love it!

  7. 3.10.17
    Julia said:

    YES to Little Big Lies! Didn’t they do such a great job adapting it for TV? Also buying that striped shirt. Also trying Root Science :)

  8. 3.10.17
    Sonya said:

    I am currently 65% finished with “Big Little Lies” (started it on my winter getaway and really only read on airplanes) and I am dying to know what happens. I have missed your updates!

    • 3.10.17
      Sonya said:

      Eek, I meant that I really only read it on airplanes during that trip. I love to read and do all the time.

  9. 3.10.17
    Kellie said:

    I read Big Little Lies awhile ago & it’s a pretty good guilty pleasure read! So far I love the TV adaptation- pretty true to the book, even with the move to California.

  10. 3.11.17

    So, glad you’re back, Victoria. Been looking forward to reading your posts, as always. Diving into Big Little Lies this weekend, so that I can catch up on the series later in the week.

  11. 3.12.17
    Julia said:

    Isn’t Big Little Lies so gooooood?! I keep asking around to see if anyone else has been watching just so I can chat about it. I think I just might have to read the book myself now too, good idea – I don’t think I can make it to the end of the season to find out if I am right about my hunch. ps. Isn’t the soundtrack amazing?

  12. 3.15.17
    Grace said:

    ack – really want those flats!!

    and love root science! my friend does their pr and the serums are fab. xo