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Here’s a look at what’s been happening in life, lately…

A Fab New App

I had dinner with my buddy Kirby last week, and she showed me this awesome new app that’s perfect if you like trying new restaurants in your city. It’s called Salt, and it helps you track places you want to try, write notes about places you’ve been, and even share lists of restaurants with friends. So if you have a fellow food loving crew and you currently track where to go next in a Google Doc (guilty) or a super messy text string (also guilty), Salt is your answer! You can download it here.

Free Vintage Jewelry

My client (and friend!) Jillian over at Sweet & Spark is running an amazing promotion for the month of February: you can gift a piece of vintage jewelry to a friend (or yourself) for FREE. For real. There’s no obligation other than paying for the cost of shipping. The free jewels are all in this Spark On Collection, and you can get the details of how to get your free jewelry here (it’s basically as simple as entering a code!). The promotion should run through the month, or while supplies last, so hop to it and get shopping. S&S will be adding more jewelry in the next few days, so keep an eye out.

My Holy Grail Serum

I was in Credo last week and got introduced to the skincare line from Susanne Kaufmann. Based in Austria, her products were totally new to me, and I went home with a little sample of her Hyaluron Serum. OMG, you guys. I think this is the best serum I’ve ever used. It only has three ingredients: water, hyaluronic acid, and citric acid. If you’re not familiar with it, hyaluronic acid is one of the most hydrating ingredients that can be used in skincare. It’s naturally occurring in our skin and joints, and can hold 1000 times its weight in water. This particular serum soaks in quickly, and because of the high concentration of hyaluronic acid, immediately plumps up your skin. I couldn’t believe how soft, dewy, moisturized, and smooth my skin felt! I thought it was already doing well with the current products I use, but it just made everything that much better. True story: I stopped by the grocery on Sunday for some snacks and beer for a Super Bowl get together, and the checkout lady said, “Are you planning to show me some ID?” I get out my ID and as I’m handing it over, she goes, “Don’t you think you’re a little young to be buying this?” She was being dead serious. When she saw my ID, she looked at me all confused. “You would’ve never guessed that was the year?” I asked her. “I honestly thought you were about 17 years old,” she replied. It was day three of using the Hyaluron Serum. I ordered it full price on Monday, no regrets. It’s rare that I splurge that much on a skincare product, but #WorthIt. You can find it here, and Susanne Kaufmann also sells at Anthropologie, so keep an eye out to see if you can get a little sample before committing.

Charleston Bound

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I’m headed to Charleston next month! I’ve been planning this trip since last fall, and can’t wait. I’m going to fly to New York first, to stay with my friend Julia, then head down to South Carolina with her and Grace (so glad she’s coming, since she’s our Charleston expert!). So far we have a dinner at Husk and FIG on the docket, and will for sure be going to Leon’s and The Ordinary as everyone has instructed. I’m also going to drag Julia around on a historic tour of Charleston, and she’s going to drag me to the spa (ha!). Any other secret gems we have to see? We’re only going to be in town for a few days, but I’m really looking forward to it. Growing up in Texas, I’ve traveled all throughout the gulf states, and even visited North Carolina (for a college visit, back in the day!), but haven’t spent any time in South Carolina!

In Search of Cigarette Pants

I have this pair of black stretchy cigarette pants from Old Navy that (impressively) I’ve had for about 3 years. Not so surprisingly, the stretch has begun to give and they’re turning a bit shapeless. So I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair that will hopefully last! I’ve been gravitating towards black pants for dinner dates recently as they feel a bit more put together than my usual pair of destroyed denim, and they’re just so easy! No thinking involved; add a silk top and I’m out the door. I’m eyeing these black pants from Everlane because the price is great, I like the zipper detail, and hello cropped. But curious — do you have a brand of black stretch pants (NOT leggings) that you swear by? I’m okay with investing more if they’re pants that’ll last for years and years to come! Give me your cigarette pant secrets, please.

An Interesting Newsletter

So many of you shared great resources in the comments of my post last week — thank you! Shannon shared a really cool new newsletter called Polar News. I signed up over the weekend and have been enjoying seeing the content each days. Basically, they pick one or two issues being talked about in the media, and share a “left side” article covering the story, as well as a “right side.” It’s fascinating to see how each view point is being presented. It’s free to sign up and easy to digest; you can check it out here. Thank you for sharing, Shannon!

Girl About Town

I’ve been on a new restaurant kick recently! SF locals (or anyone planning a trip here), take note of these fun new spots: Flores is a new Mexican joint that opened in the old Betelnut space on Union (RIP). I have to say — I was impressed. It’s loud in there, but the food was incredible. You can’t miss the Short Rib Chile Colorado, and I think their carnitas were the best I’ve ever had. Betelnut who? I also recently checked out the jazz lounge at Black Cat (the drinks and atmosphere there are fantastic — perfect for a date night or double date); ate a fab dinner at The Saratoga (skip the wait upstairs and try and snag a seat at the downstairs bar and lounge; while you do, order the warm Parker House rolls, then turn around to ogle that insanely chic gallery wall along the back side of the room); and also discovered the coolest Champagne speakeasy ever, thanks to my friend Heidi (I’m going back again ASAP. If you can, try and make a res for their Champagne Happy Hour, which is the first Monday of every month. Two (big) glasses of champs for $25. And it looks like a new date was just added for Feb. 20! See you there.

Ugh, Taxes

I swore I wouldn’t procrastinate this year. I’m really trying not too. But why is it that no matter how organized you are and how easy you know it’ll probably be, getting your info together for taxes is like the worst thing ever? Like worse than nails on a chalkboard. Have you gotten started yet?


That’s the news from here! Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. 2.8.17
    Sophie said:

    Charleston is amazing. You have to go to Taco Boy.

  2. 2.8.17
    heather said:

    Re: cigarette pants, I’m a huge fan of J.Crew Factory’s Gigi pants–they’re not cropped, but they fit like a glove and are super flattering (and you can get them with pockets or without…I love both!)

    • 2.13.17

      I always forget about J.Crew Factory! Thanks for the rec, I’ll check it out :)

  3. 2.8.17
    katie said:

    thanks for the Salt app recommendation! My friends and I love finding new places. This will definitely make it easier to keep track of all the places compared to our unorganized notes!

    • 2.13.17

      It’s so amazing for that. I spent a couple hours getting the app all set up last week and it’s pretty amazing — you can see where your friends have tried, share lists between each other, even use location services to see what’s near you when you’re out so you can try a new spot on the fly. Two thumbs up!

  4. 2.8.17
    Christal said:

    I love the black Ponte pants from Ann Taylor. Side zipper and so comfortable!! I have multiple pairs. Also comes in petite

    • 2.13.17

      Ooh another good rec! I’ll check these out too :)

  5. 2.9.17
    India H. said:

    South Carolina native here, born and raised! I’m living in NYC now, but I love South Carolina, the people, the food and the weather. In Charleston, grab some seafood, take your obligatory pictures by Rainbow Row, and visit the Charleston Slave Market. It really is educational and an eye opener. Charleston held the biggest slave port in the COUNTRY, so a lot that history is sadly there.

    • 2.13.17

      Thanks for the recs! Yes, I’m aware of Charleston’s major role in both slavery and even the Revolutionary War (I remember reading a historical fiction novel about the revolution in the south back when I was in high school) — it’s really interesting. I think my friends and I might spring for a custom private tour together, so I’ll be very interested to add lots of history tidbits into it!

  6. 2.9.17
    Mimi Bell said:

    Hey Victoria – Mimi from the PolarNews team here. Thanks for the shout out, and glad to hear you’re enjoying our daily newsletter! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts or ideas for us as we continue to grow!

  7. 2.9.17

    I could list one million things for you guys to do in Charleston. You’re in good hands with Grace! I have to second the recommendation for The Ordinary – it’s hands-down my favorite place in town. I also love the avocado toast and coffee at The Daily, cupcakes from Sugar bakeshop, lobster roll/tuna burger from 167 Raw, and pickled shrimp at Edmund’s Oast. I wrote a blog post with all of my favorites in town right before I moved if you’re looking for anything else specific: Oh man do I miss that place! Have fun!! xx

    • 2.13.17

      Everyone says that about The Ordinary! Gah, I’m so excited!

  8. 2.9.17
    toyosi said:

    just downloaded that app. i can tall it’s going to be quite useful while i travel through different cities. one place to keep track of places i want to eat at and can later recommend to others? score.

    also loving those everlane pants, but i’m not totally sure if they’re my style or not. super cute, regardless.

  9. 2.11.17
    Erica said:

    A great update as always! Have you tried the Vintner’s Daughter serum? I’ve been saving up for it and am curious as to how your new purchase would compare.

    For black pants, I have 2 pairs from Gap that I got at least 3 years ago. Gap isn’t a go to for me, but for whatever reason their pants fit me well.

    • 2.13.17

      I haven’t! I need to find a place where I can get a little sample. I am someone who will TOTALLY splurge on skincare when it’s warranted, but I don’t like to do so on such an expensive product without being able to sample a little first. I *can* tell you that I think the products are pretty different. The Hyaluron serum is focused as a hyaluronic acid delivery system, whereas the Vintner’s Daughter serum is more about active botanicals (which I like too!). In the past, with similar high end face oils, I find they can do a lot for brightness and overall complexion. Hyaluronic acid, for me at least, does more for moisture and skin texture. I tend to have a clear complexion as it is, so the hyaluronic acid gives me the added boost of “smoothness,” dewiness, glow, and the skin looking really plumped up and firm. My cheeks especially tend to be quite dry, and no face oil — no matter how amazing, and how much it helped with brightness and skin health — has been a long term solution for dryness on that part of my face.

      • 2.21.17
        Adrienne said:

        Bay Area transplant here, 2 years in post-Canadian winter recovery. Back home in the winter months I had perpetually dry cheeks and other random patchy spots that I tried to combat with rich moisturizers and straight coconut oil to no avail. Ellovi (natural and made in CA!) is the only thing that helped me! Slather it on before bed (sorry pillow) for a few nights and my skin would come back to me. I’ve been using it about 3 years now. It’s not so practical under makeup however, so next time I’m in SF I’m off to Credo to try this magical serum!

  10. 2.13.17
    Lo said:

    I tried those ponte pants from Everlane and they didn’t work out for me, because I was ultimately looking for something more fitted and legging-like. They’re super stretchy and seem to run large, so maybe order a size down?

    • 2.13.17
      Victoria said:

      Very good to know — thanks, Lo!

  11. 2.17.17

    Yay for Salt! Can’t wait to see photos from Charleston!


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