Simple Day to Night Style

It's all about the blazer, yo.

j crew schoolboy blazer for easy day to night style | via @victoriamstudio

simple day to night style | via @victoriamstudio

If this was my go-to weekend look, then this is my go-to office look. I realize the variables are pretty similar, but funnily enough, I find that if you throw a blazer on anything, people automatically assume you are a professional, upstanding citizen who has their life figured out.

Pop in on me during the work day, and you can usually find me in jeans and a tee — maybe a sweater in the winter months. Then, on an as needed basis, I’ll top the whole she-bang with a blazer. The genius of the great-fitting blazer is that it’s a piece requiring zero thought or consideration, while giving the appearance of the exact opposite. I’ve thrown a blazer over jeans and a tee to go out for happy hour, to girls dinners, or to a lunch meeting. Swap out the shoes based on the occasion, and you look insta-polished. I wore this exact outfit — except with loafers, a tote, and a long pendant necklace — out to a lunch meeting last week, and received compliments on my duds. Don’t you love that? Like 30 seconds of dressing = clients telling you how pulled together you look. This, my friends, is the genius of the capsule collection wardrobe (more on this here and here, if you need a place to start).

A question about YOUR favorite blazer, below…

simple day to night style - add a blazer and heels | via @victoriamstudio

stuart weitzman nudist sandals | via @victoriamstudio

Let’s discuss this blazer for a minute though. I’ve had it for probably 4 or 5 years. It’s the J. Crew (old school) Schoolboy blazer. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. No, really, they actually stopped making this cut. From what I’ve read and tried on in store, the Rhodes is their replacement for it, but I find it boxier, less tailored, and with lower quality materials. Anyone else notice this? Peep their reviews, and so many customers are crying for the “old” Schoolboy.

So I’m wondering: Do you have a favorite blazer? Who makes it? I’d really love to know! I’ve been on the hunt for a slim cut, tailored black blazer that doesn’t look like it’s part of a suit and is as easy a piece as this baby is. I’ve been eyeing one from Rag & Bone, but have a tough time justifying spending that kind of cash on a blazer (same story with this Theory version, though she’s pretty). What keeps both in contention is that if the last several years with my navy Schoolboy is any indication, I’d wear the new blazer a lotThis one from AYR also caught my eye (those cool cut outs!), but I worry it’ll be a little long on my frame. So send me your recs for a high quality, have-it-forever blazer! I’ve had a black blazer on my NEED list for a while.

easy day to night style with a blazer | via @victoriamstudio

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  1. 9.15.16

    These pictures are gorgeous! I actually got my favorite blazer from Zara a few years back – it’s really soft, almost like a sweater, but looks structured. I find a lot of blazers to be awkwardly stiff, so this one worked for me. They have some cute options but it sounds like you’re looking for more of a quality investment piece, so not sure if you’d be into them! Such a shame about J. Crew and how they’ve changed everything.

  2. 9.15.16
    Kelsey M said:

    This post comes at the perfect time because I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect blazer for months now! I recently went into J Crew to try on all their blazers and I agree, the Rhodes definitely has a boxy fit which I don’t care for. I loved the fit of the J Crew Regent blazer but I hate the fact that it has a perpetually popped collar.
    I’m very curvy and have a big chest so finding the perfect blazer with a great fit has been a struggle to say the least. I’m interested to see what other commenters suggest!

    • 9.15.16

      Agreed on that popped collar! I can’t get past that either. I’m all for fun details, but having them be functional would be nice too…

  3. 9.15.16
    Amanda said:

    I have the EXACT same Schoolboy blazer and was searching for the right black blazer for years!! It’s really hard to find. I recently picked up a Kensie black blazer from Lord & Taylor (also sold at Amazon, Macy’s, etc. – and while it’s not quite as thick/sturdy feeling as the schoolboy, it’s the perfect look with jeans, dresses, or skirts and is lightweight. Good luck!

  4. 9.15.16

    I have this one: from LOFT and it’s great. I love the unique collar and the material is FAB. Very durable and polished looking. It looks much better in person than on the website.

  5. 9.15.16
    Jackie said:

    I also have the old Jcrew schoolboy and have been on the hunt for a black blazer that suits a petite frame. I ended up getting a Maje blazer during one of Bloomingdale’s super sales, but I also see Maje pop up on the Outnet pretty often. Good luck with the hunt!

  6. 9.15.16
    Joanna said:

    I have had success with Elizabeth & James blazers. Good fit, a bit of stretch, great length. They aren’t cheap though – probably a bit cheaper than Rag & Bone and Theory, but definitely more expensive than J Crew.

    • 9.16.16

      I have a pair of E&J boots I love, but I never even thought about checking out their blazers! Good call — MKO and AO can certainly rock a blazer with the best of ’em.

  7. 9.15.16
    Jillian said:

    Now we just need to get you to #brooch it :)

  8. 9.15.16

    I splurged on a Veronica Beard blazer last year, and now it’s the only one I grab time after time. I even purchased a few extra dickeys (a hoodie one, a cableknit one) to mix up the look as well. Check them out!

    • 9.16.16

      I looooove Veronica Beard blouses (but $$$). The hoodie thing I’ve never really loved about their blazers — are they completely removable?

  9. 9.15.16
    Kristina said:

    The Schoolboy is actually my favorite blazer too! I bought mine right when they were phasing them out so it was on steeeeeeep discount and I wear it all of the time. I’m definitely begging them to bring it back too, I’d love another color!

    Kristina does the Internets

  10. 9.16.16

    My navy Schoolboy blazer! I love it so much & so bummed about the new ones. I also have one from Loft with faux leather sleeves that was an impulse buy from the sale rack. But it’s been the perfect evening topper to so many outfits! I feel like the leather makes it a little edgier for date night.

  11. 9.17.16

    I just adore this outfit. I need to check out that blazer ASAP. Love your style!!!!!! The heels just compliment it all.

    <3 Chiara

  12. 9.20.16
    Erica said:

    A black or navy blazer has been on my want list for over a year. There’s a J. Crew version that’s really popular, but I haven’t LOVED it when I’ve tried it on. If I lived in Chicago, I’d try 2 Penny Blue. They have a great mission and their blazers look to be a classic staple. Good luck in your search and report back if you make a purchase!

  13. 12.31.16
    Keionna said:

    Simple & Chic, love it!

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