Weekend Casual

casual farmers market style | jacket from @madewell, tote from @oliveve | via @victoriamstudio

weekend casual | via @victoriamstudio

Here’s my weekend style checklist: Comfy skinny jeans? Check. Striped tee? Check. Lightweight field jacket and a roomy tote, for inevitable fog and errand running? Check and check. I wore this out a couple Saturdays ago, when Joe and I ventured to Union Square to pick up some homewares (i.e., replacing an embarrassing number of broken water and wine glasses), and indulge in a bit of window shopping. But catch me on virtually any Saturday where we’re grocery shopping, or browsing a farmers market, or being lazy and brunching, and I’m in some version of this.

Do you have a favorite field/military style jacket? About 4 years ago, I bought J. Crew’s Field jacket in mossy brown. I’ve loved and worn that jacket so much that a) it’s faded to the most delightful olive fatigue color, and b) I bought a second one in navy. It’s that good. Last summer, I bought Madewell’s Fleet jacket (which I’m wearing here), both for the cinched waist detail, and because the light sea green color felt different than the typical field jackets you see. After owning it for a while, I like that the softer fabric makes it easy to roll up the sleeves — it’s lighter weight than J. Crew’s version, so for warmer days, I prefer it. A sizing note that might be personal to me, though: I find that this jacket fits great through the body, but is a touch tight in the shoulders and upper sleeves. So that also lends itself better to warmer temps, since I tend to wear this one with thinner tops, while J. Crew’s can be worn over a larger variety (including lightweight sweaters). I’ve shared some other options to check out below. Luckily, this look is so popular now, you can find a great field-style jacket at any price point:

Shop More Military/Field Jackets:

@victoriamstudio weekend uniform | @madewell jacket, @mgemi loafers, @bananarepublic denim, @oliveve tote, @morganesezalory striped tee

weekend casual style | via @victoriamstudio | striped tee from @morganesezalory, tote from @oliveve

Last weekend essential: You might remember when I talked about Oliveve back over here. I’ve since snagged two bags from this company during seasonal sales, and love both of them! The Maggie tote, pictured here, is extremely roomy, and holds a surprising amount of stuff. This baby has become my typical everyday tote when I’m running in and out of the house and don’t want to think about changing bags. It’s such an easy piece that feels both relaxed and put together!

weekend uniform | @bananarepublic denim, @oliveve tote, @madewell jacket, @mgemi loafers | via @victoriamstudio

easy, casual weekend style @victoriamstudio

In more recent weekend news, I wore a similar look this past weekend down in Half Moon Bay (with the striped tee swapped out for Joie’s silk Rancher top). Joe’s family was in town, and we drove down both days to hang out, eat plenty of good food, walk on the beach with Lucy, and catch up. It was a good weekend all around, and left us both feeling ready for the week ahead. How’s the start of your week going?

My weekend style:

Photos by Andrea Posadas


  1. 8.16.16

    The tote you told me about! It looks really polished. I’m also a huge fan of field jackets – I have three army green ones of varying weights (the J. Crew is the heaviest), and a navy blue one that is sort of waxed, I think, but still flexible…so useful. I need to find a good striped shirt though! Used to buy from J. Crew but I think we all know their sizing and cuts have gone off the rails.

    • 8.16.16
      Monica said:

      Two words: Saint James (for stripes)–well worth the price…I think Victoria will second me on this! :)

      • 8.18.16

        I’ll admit: I actually don’t own a Saint James too! All the ones I’d tried on were too boxy on me, but I think it’s just a matter of finding the right fit. The fabric (and company history) is legend though!

    • 8.18.16

      Did you ever check out the MZ Wallace store? If you’re thinking about the Maggie tote, I’d recommend hanging tight until Shopbop does their fall sale…I think I got mine for 20 or 25% off!

  2. 8.16.16
    Monica said:

    I love these sporadic outfit posts! Nothing like a good striped tee (can one have too many?)…happy Tuesday!

  3. 8.16.16
    Erica said:

    I have the J. Crew Field jacket, but there are times I don’t reach for it because it’s too bulky. I’ll have to check out the Madewell one you’re wearing here. Love your entire casual outfit, especially your Felize loafers in grey suede. I know what I’m buying next!

    • 8.18.16

      Yeah, it’s definitely a more structured fit with that heavy cotton! Thanks for the compliment :)

  4. 8.24.16

    Such a San Francisco outfit. If we were to run into each other on a Saturday we would be twins :)

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