Little Luxuries

Pretties for the fall season, all $50 or under


I thought it was high time for another Little Luxuries post — today, all with beautiful goodies that are $50 and under. Of note:

one. OMG THIS BRACELET. It’s not just any cuff. It also doubles as a bottle opener! Okay, so perhaps you won’t be rocking it in your daily life (or who am I to judge, maybe you will). But on game day, I’m pretty sure you’d win the tailgate/viewing party/life. This accessory is an ice breaker if ever I saw one.   •   two. I spotted this book last week when putting together a list of nominations for my book club. Memoir about woman marrying a French guy and learning the language, with linguistics and French history mixed in? Where do I sign up?? The club didn’t pick this one, but I already ordered a hard copy that’ll arrive next week. I also read a couple fun fiction books this past weekend; I’m waiting until I make my way through a few more (mentioned here) and then I’m going to do a book review roundup post.  •   three. Lastly, this cream. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and plan on doing so throughout the fall. One of my most favorite natural face creams EVER. Coupled with the supplements, it’s been a god send. And yes, thanks to all your enthusiastic feedback (no really, thank you!), I’m totally doing a post on my health journey this past summer, how I got turned on to all these supplements, and my exact regimen. Check back in on Thursday, y’all.

The full roundup of Little Luxuries, right this way…

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Brass hand sculpture can be purchased from High Street Market.


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  1. 9.20.16
    Monica said:

    Whaaaat that bottle opener! That’s so cool–great find! And intrigued by that book…adding it to my “to read” list, and kind of in love with that cheese board (definitely *heart eye emoji)

  2. 9.20.16

    Yes, I’ve been excited for When in French for a while now – also that Christiane Lemiuex book looks beautiful. Really excited for the supplements post. Have you heard of a brand called Naturopathic? I got a facial this past weekend and they stocked a lot of natural beauty brands, Naturopathic was one of them and I got their facial oil. So far so good! The girl who did my facial was raving about them.

  3. 9.20.16
    brittany said:

    i simply must have that sweet bandana. interested to read more about the cream and your supplements as well!

    i’ve got nyfw street looks made attainable IRL on my blog if you’re interested!

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