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Prepare yourself for a list of links worthy of a three day weekend

(and the unofficial start of summer)


OMG, BECKY: Yeah, so, the number of celeb buzz articles and social shares speculating about Becky’s identity when Lemonade came out? It was insane. I read a comment early on in the fray that Becky was not necessarily any one person, but a throwback to that old karaoke favorite that won’t die. Here, a post that really dives deep into the origins of Becky in pop culture.

#SPONSORED: This news seriously made me laugh out loud. Instagram followers definitely want transparency, but maybe this was too transparent. Or not, because it’s hilarious.

HOW DO YOU MAKE FRIENDS?: I’ve talked about how tough it can be to make friends as an adult before; recently The Cut gathered stories from 17 different women about the challenges, tactics, and best advice for finding a new squad.

BASICALLY MY WORST NIGHTMARE: This guy has been living on a cruise ship for TWENTY YEARS. I wonder how many times he’s gotten norovirus?

WHO TO FOLLOW ON SNAPCHAT: Wait, are you on Snapchat yet? I’ve been using it for about a year and have yet to make my account open to the public, but I think it’s one of my fave platforms. I also love seeing how creative people can get with it, beyond just random life journaling. Everlane is a great example of a brand that’s super creative with their snaps (the art direction and storyboarding they must do for some of their stories!), and I recently came across this list of other cool folks to follow. It’s amazing what people can do with ten seconds and MS Paint-level graphics.

DO YOU ALWAYS WIN AT CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY?: Maybe you’re really good at reading people. If you’ve ever played, you’ve probably quickly noticed that a lot of “winning” the game is about understanding people’s senses of humor. This post breaks it down.

Lots and lots and lots more, below…

ON THE MID-TIER BLOGGER: Hitha told me about this article on Racked, detailing how even “mid-tier” bloggers can build a career around their content and platforms. Said it before, will probably say it again: how this industry has evolved over the last 6 years never ceases to amaze me.

THE THERANOS MESS: Have you been following the fallout from former valley darling Elizabeth Holmes’ company Theranos? Vanity Fair ran an interesting piece about how the tech media is also partially to blame in this clusterfuck.

ALL THINGS MR: Man Repeller is one of those sites that I don’t follow on the daily, but whenever I check in, there are like 50 posts I bookmark. A few I was enjoying in the last week: 1) apparently, Zappos customer service completely wins the Internet. 2) I LOVED this piece that interviewed 11 women on how they get their shit together (or at least, feel like they have it together). And 3) have you checked out Leandra’s podcast Monocycle? I’ve had it bookmarked for a while but only began listening to episodes this week. Her monologue on burnout, this one on self-sabotage, and this one on vulnerability, were all especially great — give ’em a listen this weekend.

WHAT DO YOU WITH YOUR STUFF ON THE BEACH?: You’re at the beach this weekend, and everyone’s heading into the water to cool off. So, what do you do with your stuff? A Times writer posed this question on Facebook, and some of the tactics people use are pretty ingenious. Read this if you’re headed to the beach this weekend.

A CASE FOR THE ALGORITHMS: So you’ll probably remember Doomsday earlier this spring when everyone flipped out over the supposed Instagram algorithm feed change (a.k.a.: day I avoided Instagram completely because of all those ‘grams asking people to subscribe to push notifications, as if getting a push notification every time someone posted an Instagram wouldn’t be the most annoying thing ever). Can I be honest? I actually think feed algorithms work really well, especially if you spend time training them. On Facebook, a few likes, shares, follows, and hides means that my feed has actually become a fabulous source for news and posts that I actually want to see. But beyond that, there’s a functional reason for it too. Here, a case for feed algorithms that I really agree with.

THE PET IN THE REFRIGERATOR: I don’t think I really alluded to it much on the blog, but earlier this spring, I thought I was going to get on a bread making kick. Years ago, I created a sourdough starter that I eventually forgot to feed (it died). Recently, after watching an episode of Cooked, I decided I’d try it again. It was convenient timing that this article on sourdough starters — the food lover’s pet, if ever there was one — was published right around the same time. For the record, it took a week to get the starter going (typical), and after spending way too much money on organic heirloom flours and experimenting with a bread baking process that took two days from start to finished loaf, I decided buying a $3 Acme baguette or boule was probably the way to go. But it was a fun experiment. Here’s the recipe I used if you want to see the madness I subjected myself to.

BLACKFISH REDUX: You’ve seen Blackfish by this point, yes? Or at least know the gist? Here, a really in-depth look at what SeaWorld’s been up to since the film and the public outcry.

AND, ASK ME ANYTHING: In case you missed it yesterday, I want your questions. Lay it on me, friends.


Some Sales, Steals, Deals, and Things You Should Have On Your Radar

Memorial Day sales, commence. Here’s what I’m browsing:

Anthropologie: Take an extra 30% off all sale items, both in store and online.

Banana Republic: 40% off your purchase with the code BRTAKE40. I took advantage of this earlier in the week and picked up this dress, this top, and my second attempt at an off the shoulder blouse (fingers crossed).

Nordstrom: Their half yearly sale is on! And it’s not just a sale on fall and winter holdovers — there are really good deals to be had on sandals, swimwear, and dresses!

Journelle: Take 20% off your order through 5/31 with code FNF2016. I’ve been on a mission to revamp my lingerie drawer this past year, so I’m taking advantage of sales like this!

Serena & Lily: Take 20% off your purchase with code HEREWEGO. Pretty throw pillows, right this way.

Everlane: No sales to be had (I wish!) but let this serve as a PSA about their linen tees and blouses. Last year, I bought a long sleeve linen tee and have basically worn it out, I’m so obsessed with it. Something about their linen weave for tees — the weight feels heavier, but also kind of silky, so they lie perfectly on your body and look great. I bought a couple of the short sleeve linen scoopneck tees, and can’t stop wearing them. They look awesome tucked into jeans or left loose; throw a blazer on top with a long pendant necklace, and you have this casual-yet-pulled together summer look. I cannot recommend them enough! I’m buying more in white once my size is restocked… But yeah, for $35, it’s kind of the best tee I’ve ever found (and there’s a striped version too). I also snagged one of their linen button ups (they’re currently on back order, boo) and have been wearing it a lot at work — it’s supremely comfortable. If you’ve been looking for a linen button up for summer, sign up to get one of these once they’re back in stock — the fabric is gorgeous.


Any fun plans for the long weekend? Beyond a haircut and a glass or two of rosé, I’m laying low and plan on enjoying the sunshine. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and enjoy these last few days of May (eep!)!


Gabriel Garcia Marengo, via Unsplash


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    Maria Fernanda said:


    Already listened to Leandra’s podcast and have loved every single one of them.Their short, funny, and insightful. They really make you think.

    The friendship topic has been recurring on the internet and is definitely something I always think and wonder about other’s point of view.

    Have a lovely long weekend.
    P.S. Any SF recommendations, will be visiting next week.

    • 5.27.16
      Maria Fernanda said:

      Meant to say They are*

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    Alden said:

    Loved this post!

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