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I’ve often thought about running an Ask Me Anything post, because 1) these are so fun to read or listen to on other people’s blogs and Snapchats, and because 2) after almost 8 years of blogging, sometimes I think you guys actually have the best ideas. No, really! I’ll start emailing with a reader, or meet up with a fellow blogger/biz owner for a coffee, and I get asked questions that I would never think to write about. Or, we end up having some thought provoking conversation about life and family and business, and I’ll come away with all these new ideas. I’ve also been told that I have interesting insights about running a business and working for yourself (with a very non-traditional career path to boot), but I sometimes think that when you’re in the trenches and caught up with your own shiz, it’s hard to see what lessons would be most valuable to share. Every now and again I come up with pearls of wisdom (this was a recent one), but like all the best creative brainstorming sessions, I find I have even more ideas when I’m conversing with someone. Which is where you guys come in.

I wanna know: well, what do you wanna know? Ask me anything. A question about my work, the design process, how I do something in Photoshop, something personal about where I’ve lived, my life, my past lives, whatever. Not only do I hope to continue the conversation in a new way, but I also secretly think the questions that come up might make for some interesting longer posts. Let’s talk!

You can email me, tweet me, comment on Facebook, or simply comment below. I’ll gather up all the questions, then put together a post with my answers next week!

Deep breath. Ok, excited to see what you guys got for me!


Taken by Victoria McGinley, via Instagram. I kind of couldn’t have had a more perfect image at the ready, huh?


  1. 5.26.16
    Shannon said:

    When are you guys having kids?

    • 5.26.16

      Had to jump in because this is SUCH a personal question – you never know what a person is going through or the emotions behind this decision. Plus it sometimes isn’t a choice- I have so many friends with infertility & this question can really put them into an emotional tailspin.

      • 5.26.16
        Kelly said:

        Agree wholeheartedly. I know it’s an “ask me anything” but…just such a hard and complicated question for so many people.

        • 5.27.16
          Emily said:

          Agree 100000% with the comments above. Please don’t ask people that question.

          • 5.27.16

            Hey everyone! While I completely understand and appreciate all the reply sentiments, I don’t think Shannon’s question intended to harm. I wasn’t offended, though I agree with you gals — with such a complicated question that can also be rife with pain, it…well, surprised me a bit as the first AMA query! But I’m taking it in stride, and it’s all good. Happy weekend, friends!

  2. 5.26.16

    What was your experience like in culinary school?

  3. 5.26.16

    What’s in your fridge? Seriously though. I’m a little obsessed with seeing what people eat/what they pick up at the grocery store. Is there anything you avoid? (gluten, dairy, etc.) Favorite travel destination? What time do you wake up in the morning/go to bed at night? It sounds like I’m hounding you, so I’ll stop for now lol. I’m sure I’ll think of others and I’ll be sure to come back and pop them in here!

  4. 5.26.16

    Creativity strikes in such random instances, have you figured out a system/ process of filing ideas away that works for keeping you sane?

  5. 5.26.16
    Lindsay said:

    I would love to learn more about wine and I know you’ve written some great posts on the subject in the past. Any interesting reads you would recommend? Not hoping to become a sommelier, but would like to feel more confident with a wine list and be able to better articulate my preferences. Thanks so much!

  6. 5.27.16

    What do you miss most (if anything??) about NYC?

  7. 5.27.16
    Grace said:

    Hi! Thanks for this!
    I’d love to know all about Lucy. I haven’t been reading long enough to know if she joined your family as a puppy, but I’d love to hear about training, life in the city with a dog, what you did to prepare for a dog, etc.
    I’m brining home a new puppy in 2 weeks, so it’s all I can think about lately.

  8. 5.27.16
    Kelly said:

    Do you see yourself in SF for the long haul? How did you find your current place in such a cut throat real estate market? I am always interested in hearing more about people’s real estate decisions/learning more about their homes/learning more about their neighborhoods.

  9. 6.2.16
    Christina said:

    Did you ever go through a terrible breakup? If yes, any word of advice that you may have?

  10. 6.8.16
    Jelecia said:

    Can you describe your design + development process? I’m trying to get into coding and would love how to get a glimpse into what it’s like.

  11. 6.9.16

    How do you keep things organised? Like planners, notebooks? Different notebooks for different items? Online to-do lists? I’m weirdly curious about people’s work / productivity processes, so I’d just like to know more! :)

  12. 6.16.16
    Lisa said:

    I know you’re a rockstar at client communications from all our projects together. I’d love to hear any tips you have on managing expectations, keeping clients happy, and what to do when there are delays or unexpected issues. I’m such a people pleaser, and I really hate disappointing clients, but it’s inevitable as a growing, one-woman business that things are going to come up!

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