Beauty Review: May Lindstrom’s The Jasmine Garden

review may lindstrom the jasmine garden

May Lindstrom’s The Jasmine Garden might be one of my favorite beauty discoveries of the last year, simply because of the joy it brings each time I mist it on my face. But let’s back up here a second. Do you like the smell of jasmine? I do — it’s easily one of my favorite scents (and teas!) in the world. Do you like facial mists? I typically don’t. With the exception of Avène’s thermal spring water (a cult fave for a reason), most facial mists have always made my skin break out, or irritated it in some way. With naturals especially, the mix of oils sprayed on my skin never seemed to do anything. But I was willing to give May Lindstrom’s facial mist a try, not only because of the rave reviews, but because that’s how much I adore the scent of jasmine.

may lindstrom the jasmine garden review

To say I’ve been pleasantly surprised is an understatement! This particular spray hasn’t made my skin break out at all; in fact, combined with virtually any other product I’ve combined it with, I credit it for keeping my skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. The spray is comprised of a mix of water, witch hazel, jasmine (of course!), and oil extracts from rose, ylang-ylang, and even cocoa. Uniquely, the spray also includes colloidal silver. While the oils form a protective layer to seal in moisture, colloidal silver has anti-bacterial properties, which can help prevent any blemishes from dirt or bacteria you might encounter during the day.

How do I use it? A few different ways: once I’m done applying makeup, I’ll use it to set everything and give that final dewy glow. I’ll use it at night, after moisturizing, to seal everything in. Sometimes I’ll apply a spritz during the day too, if my skin feels a little dry or I need a quick aromatherapy pick me up. That’s the other thing — the scent! I normally HATE anything that has vanilla notes, but it doesn’t bother me in this. The fragrance of this spray is like walking through some tropical forest. It’s very lush and exotic and sensual. The jasmine is definitely there, but it’s less perfume-y than you might expect — you really get the aroma of cocoa and vanilla too. Even better is that all the fragrance comes from the oils; there are no artificial ‘parfums’ in sight.

At $60, it’s an expensive facial mist, to be sure. But I would definitely repurchase it again, because besides giving my skin a little moisture and anti-blemish boost, this is one of those products that brings so much pleasure each time you use it. Each morning, I realized I was looking forward to finishing my makeup so I could spray this on! My day wasn’t feeling complete without that Jasmine Garden scent. That’s how you know you’ve found a product you really love. I’ve been enjoying it even more as we approach summer — something about it feels like such a vacation. I imagine it’d feel divine if left in the fridge for a few hours, then spritzed on the face, neck, and chest!

the jasmine garden by may lindstrom review

Now, you might recall from a previous mention of recent beauty products that when I ordered The Jasmine Garden, I had also ordered May’s Blue Cocoon, kind of a hallmark product for the brand and one that’s received a lot of hype.

When I received it, everything about the product seemed on point. Like all May Lindstrom products, the packaging was divine, and the color of the product (from the blue tansy!) was incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, Blue Cocoon made me break out! I’ve since begun to suspect that I have an aversion to shea butter, specifically when it’s on my face. It’s too bad because the product really was lovely, but my skin was just not having it. A few of you had asked me about it, so I figured I’d follow up with a verdict: sadly, Blue Cocoon wasn’t for me. Beyond the breakout though, I will also say I didn’t love the scent of that particular product as much. Here, the mix of cocoa butter, baobab oil, and scents of myrrh and Frankincense were, shall we say, a bit strong for me. And they reminded me of that awful incense I hated when I went to mass growing up. So yeah, for the price, a total bust. Luckily, I could return it through Beautylish, a major plus!

in other news…

One other little beauty update: my buddy Jackie alerted me to the fact that a Credo Beauty just opened up in NYC! So if you’re a New Yorker and interested in truly natural beauty products, be sure to check them out — I shop at the SF location regularly, as they stock SO many great brands, all across the price spectrum. The addy is 9 Prince St., in Nolita (my old sub-let ‘hood!).

Second, oh hello, welcome to the new site! I hope you like it. A couple quick things to point out: you can search the site for anything you’d like by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the left near the top of the blog home page, or by clicking on ‘search’ in the scrolling navigation bar up above. And comments are still here too — simply click on the little thought bubbles above the social sharing icons near the bottom of each post, or click into the post itself. I’ve kept the design as simple and minimal as possible, forgoing a sidebar, so we could just get right to chatting. Be sure to hop over to the Studio side as well, to see what I’ve been up to!

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Available at Beautylish and Barneys, as well as the May Lindstrom website.


  1. 5.18.16

    Can’t wait to try some of the samples I got at Credo! Hoping there’s a facial mist in there. I’ve never tried one but my skin could definitely use the moisture…and this scent sounds lovely. Congrats again on the new site…I love it!

  2. 5.19.16
    Holly said:

    Love your blog, and it looks great! Just to let you know, though, that it was crashing my browser, and now is too heavy for me to scroll down seamlessly — it also keeps bringing up the spinning wheel. Really enjoy your content – hope this is a glitch as it’s so slowed down that it’s hard to get past the photos to see the text without the page jumping too far.

    • 5.19.16

      Hi Holly! Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell me what browser you’re using (maybe even the version)? Also, do you use a cable company for Internet, or some other means of connecting? The new site relies on slightly larger photos than before so the image file sizes are a bit larger, but there are no scripts that should be crashing anything…

      • 5.21.16
        Holly said:

        Using Firefox (46.0.1) and just using normal wifi (in fact on 4 different networks in 3 different countries including the US and I’m having the same problem each time). It fully crashed once but now most frustrating issue is constant Mac circle going around each time I try to scroll down. Just leaving this comment has been challenging to get down to the bottom of the page without having it jump too far and having it be too slow to get back up.

        • 5.21.16

          Just emailed you. I think it’s probably browser related!

  3. 5.19.16
    katie said:

    appreciate the honesty! i’ve been thinking about trying that mask for a while. i think i have the same problem with shea butter (and coconut oil!) on my face, as you though, so i may take a pass on this one….but really, i appreciate your honesty on these super internet-hyped up products. like tata harper? that exfoliating cleanser that everyone raves about totally breaks me out! and i’ve tried to make it work 3 different times. broke out each time. same with RMS beauty. it seems so perfect, but the coconut oil clogs my pores. just does. so anyway. one more time—thanks for the refreshing honesty!

    • 5.26.16

      I wonder what’s in the Tata Harper that’s breaking you out? I must confess, I do love that exfoliating cleanser, both because it smells like Fruity Pebbles (remember that cereal??) and because I find it to be super gentle and effective. But, agreed — it’s all kind of a crapshoot. I’ve tried plenty of other products that the Internet loves that I was like, ehh, for real?

  4. 7.18.16
    Torey said:

    This sounds like such a luxurious mist! I need to try! xo

  5. 12.16.16
    Jean said:

    Thanks for sharing this! I have been contemplating a lot whether I should get myself one too! I have the Blue Cocoon already and been advised that I need to seal it off with the Jasmine Garden. But wondering though whether it is really worth it? Can it be subtitle with common mist like Avène’s thermal spring water (since you use it too) perhaps? Would you feel that Avène’s will do the job enough?

    • 12.20.16

      I personally love Jasmine Garden for the fragrance and because I think it is more moisturizing than Avene. However, I LOVE Avene as well, and it’s a great spray especially if you have sensitive skin. Since it is such a lower cost, I’d try it with that first, and see what you think. It’s possible May Lindstrom recommends sealing Blue Cocoon with Jasmine Garden due to the oils in it (maybe they mingle to make things even more moisturizing?). I’m not sure. But always worth trying it with the more affordable option first!

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