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A NEGRONI, PLEASE: I must admit that I’m not much of a gin drinker, but the Negroni is one beautiful cocktail. Here, a history of the it-drink of the moment, and a few places to get the best ones around the world.

IF YOU CAN READ THIS…: Remember when bumper stickers — especially of the political variety — were all the rage in the 90s? An interesting piece about the rise and fall of bumper stickers.

“I’M BURNED OUT.”: So say many women in their 20s and 30s. Why are millennium women burning out so quickly in their careers? (I thought this was interesting to read in light of how many women I know who leave traditional jobs to create their own more flexible career paths, whether through entrepreneurship, blogging, etc).

THE MYSTERY OF THE ORGASMIC MUSHROOM: Ok, I promise this article is not as scandalous as it may seem. I was fascinated by this story about the hunt for a mythical mushroom in Hawai’i, that supposedly was the stuff of legends (no, really). When the author finds one, is it everything she, erm, imagined it would be? Set aside some time to read this one to find out.

HEY, NEIGHBOR: Anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment building — whether in a big city or not — will be able to relate to New York magazine’s fun feature on people meeting their neighbors for the first time. Isn’t it strange how we can live in such close proximity to other people and families and know absolutely nothing about them except the stories we make up?

GIMME: These Everlane boots. This scalloped take on the classic Tibi cami (from J.Crew!). This Club Monaco bell-sleeved top. These go-with-everything Joie sandals. Don’t worry, I already hid my wallet.

ROSE & IVY: I’ve posted about my friend Alison’s beautiful quarterly magazine before, but as I told her in an email this week, “Perhaps your best issue yet!” Spend a quiet moment this weekend perusing her latest issue — the photography and design is absolutely stunning.

BEAUTY UPDATE: Has anyone else’s skin been going nuts with the change in seasons? I’ve been using my lackluster complexion as an excuse to try a whole host of new skincare goodies. Recently ordered or tried: Tata Harper’s new purifying mask; May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon (I can’t WAIT to receive this in the mail); her Jasmine Garden facial mist; Indie Lee’s Squalane Facial Oil; and Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Cellular Repair Mask. I’m going to put a post together soon with reviews of each!

IN OTHER WORDS: Imagine learning a new language as an adult. Now imagine writing an entire book in it. Jhumpa Lahiri is one of my favorite authors, and I’ve been meaning to download her new book, In Other Words, which she wrote in Italian after falling in love with (and learning) the language. It has an English translation, remarkably not done by her. Talk about making me feel like I’ve let French lessons go…

AND YOU’RE NOT GONNA REACH MY TELEPHONE: No surprise here, but Millenials really don’t like to answer the phone. (I’m an email person, myself).

Wishing you the happiest weekend!



  1. 3.11.16
    Stephanie said:

    I’m on the older end of the Millennial age range but I rarely answer my phone. And I 100% agree with the reasons given in that article. As a business owner with no admin assistance, I simply don’t have time for phone calls. They’re incredibly inefficient on my end. I much prefer email or text (email for business in particular). I also have the added introvert issue of being able to communicate much more clearly and concisely in writing and feel so self-conscious and air-headed when I have a phone convo! Email/text all the way for me. :)

    • 3.11.16

      I am the same way! Unfortunately I’ve learned with prospective clients that sometimes there are SO many questions and details to get through, I have to jump on a call. That’s usually the only time it’s more efficient than a chain of emails though. Ugh, but then there are days like today, when I had a call and am getting over a cold and sounded like death. Great first impression, I’m sure. Another point for email, there!

  2. 3.11.16
    Lauren said:

    Let us know how the Blue Cocoon is. I’ve been tempted to order it! Have a great weekend!

    • 3.11.16

      I’ll definitely review it! I haven’t been so excited to try a skincare product in a while as I am with this one! :)

  3. 3.11.16
    Alicia said:

    I was able to meet May Lindstrom here in New York today, she’s so lovely, and left with the honey mud, blue cocoon, jasmine garden facial mist, and the youth dew so I can’t wait to use either, let’s just say my wallet was a little surprised that I wanted to buy all at the same time. Hard not to do when you’re talking to May about how wonderful her products are! Can’t wait to hear what you think about them all!

    • 3.11.16

      I have heard she is just the best! How lucky you got to meet her. Let me know how The Honey Mud is — honestly, it was in my cart but I had to control myself! It sounds like heaven though.

  4. 3.12.16

    Thank you so so much Victoria :) xx Enjoy the weekend!

  5. 3.14.16
    Als E said:

    I have been slowly buying Tata Harper products and they are actually the best face products that I have used on my skin. I love the May Lindstrom blue cocoon as well and use it when I feel like my skin needs an extra boost. I haven’t tried this new mask by Tata Harper as yet, since it is not available in London at the moment. May Lindstrom’s problem solver mask is amazing.

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