Instagrammers I Know and Like, Vol. IV

And I'm cheating...because this volume only features one, amazing Instagrammer

quotes from instagrammer @jedidiahjenkins

I mentioned @jedidiahjenkins briefly at the end of my 2016 goals post, but I love his work and words so much, I felt it was worth dedicating a whole post to him, to point you in his direction. It’s that good. I am not as devoted to spending time on Instagram as I used to be, but I always make a point to head to his feed to read his thoughts and learn about his experiences. I think he’s such an interesting dude.

Jedidiah is one of those Instagrammers that tends to post longer captions, the kind that force you to read and think and engage. I personally love this! I find his observations to be spot on — often funny, poignant, focused, really thought-provoking. He didn’t get this insightful on accident; as it happens, he’s quite the adventurer, and his travels lend him a unique viewpoint. In 2014, he biked all the way from Florence, Oregon down to Torres del Paine, in Patagonia, Chile. He’s working on a book about his experience now. Yes, we can back that up for a second: he biked from Oregon to the end of the South American continent. Incredible, right? You can read a Q&A about the experience here, and I also love this essay he wrote about a harrowing evening in Argentina during the trip. He’s a great writer, and I think you’ll enjoy following along! (If you are on Tumblr, he posts the same Instagram content there too).


All images and quotes via @JedidiahJenkins, with some captions edited for length:

The Road    ·    The Coat    ·    The Canyon    ·    Anonymity    ·    Wing-Makers


  1. 1.13.16

    Thanks for sharing, will check out his account.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

  2. 1.29.16

    Thank you so much for pointing me towards Jedidiah, from what I’ve read here, he really has some great opinions and isn’t afraid to share. I find his words on people who create especially inspiring. I’ll definitely check his feed and writings out.

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