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i'm loving

A few pretty things I bookmarked over the holidays to share with you! I’m loving the warm, clean palette here — must be something about the new year.


M. Gemi’s Twice Yearly Sale

Yes, you read that right. This is the second sale I’ve seen from M. Gemi and the sale prices have been pretty good, considering the quality of the shoes. It only runs until early Thursday morning though, and sizes are going fast. Even though these sandals are from last summer, I’d be happy to rock them this year (and at that price — $95!).

Shore Thing

Have you ever heard of Shore Projects? They’re a UK-based watch brand with simple, timeless pieces and a vintage-inspired look. All their watches have a mix-and-match thing going — so, choose your favorite face and bezel combo, then your desired strap. I liked the look of the Portland, with its gold bezel and white/black dial.

The Floating Forest

Originally, I meant to include this in my Gift Guide, but sort of ran out of room for it. This “Floating Forest” is one of the coolest, most random items ever though. This disk hovers above a glass of water, and when you place a seed near the small opening, it supposedly germinates. As the designer said, “I became obsessed with the simple idea of suspending a seed on the surface of water; submerged, just to the right level for it to germinate. All with the possibility of being able to support itself in the absence of soil, that would allow it to stand upright; exposed, all in clear view.” Neat, huh?

Checking that List Twice

I put a Cuyana zip-around wallet on every single Christmas list I gave to everyone who asked. Risky? Maybe. But that’s how bad I wanted one. My desired color sold out though, so I’m debating the merits of this blush colored one, monogrammed, of course. Or waiting it out for the light grey. Either way, it’s been a slow burn obsession with this brand, and right now, I’ve got it bad.


I discovered ILA via Instagram they other day, and fell down the rabbit hole. They’re the shop component to the Sunday Suppers group! They’ve released a beautiful collection of products for the kitchen, including this black salt. Also bookmarked: this well-designed planner, which looks to be super efficient if you still need one this year.

Frenchie Friends

I bought these ridiculously cute Frenchie mugs from Anthro as a “stocking stuffer” type gift for Joe way back in early November. They shipped quickly, and I put them away at the back of the closet…and then forgot about them. Like, up until yesterday, when I was browsing the Anthro site and saw them. The thought process went something like this: Those look like those mugs I ordered for Joe. Hey, whatever happened to those? Oh my god, I forgot to give them to him! This particular design got two big thumbs up from Joe, who can be picky about his coffee mugs — he said he liked that the base was wider than the top (for the stability?), and the big, wide handle. As it happens, he HATES the handle on the ubiquitous monogram mugs we have.

La ‘Impromptu’ Vita

My girl Paloma from La Dolce Vita recently launched a beautiful fabric collection with Guildery, entitled IMPROMPTU (you can read more about it here). I love all the different patterns and colorways she’s featuring, and especially love that you can select the type of fabric you want the design printed on, giving you lots of options — design wise, and budget wise. Check out the full collection here (isn’t this pillow cool?).


M. Gemi Giardino Sandals    ·    Shore Projects ‘Portland’ Watch   ·    Floating Forest   ·    Cuyana Zip Around Wallet   ·    Ila Black Lava Salt   ·    French Bulldog Mug   ·    Paloma Contreras IMPROMPTU Looping Abstract Pillow


  1. 1.6.16

    Oh, I didn’t even know I needed black lava salt in my life, but now I definitely want it! And that Floating forest? It must be the most unique and original thing I’ve seen in a while! Great selection, as usual :)

  2. 1.6.16
    Rose said:

    Oh my gosh—I ordered those sandals, in the deeper tan color, yesterday! My first purchase from them, so I’m excited to get them. It’s totally a classic silhouette.

    Also, I purchased the smaller size zip wallet from Cuyana at their NYC pop up last month and could not be happier with it. Definitely do it!

    And…I got black sea salt from a local spice store when I was home (and vanilla salt, and lime fresco salt, too). Such a great purchase.

  3. 1.6.16
    Roxanne said:

    The fabric is amazing. I love all the different patterns and fabric choices.

    I melt for puppy/kitty mugs. So cute.


  4. 1.7.16
    Lou said:

    I love the planter. What a great idea and looks really good too.


  5. 1.7.16

    Victoria! Thank you so much for the kind words and for including my fabrics. I really appreciate your support and am so happy that you like my collection. I hope all is well and wish you all the best this year! XOXO

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