December Playlist

December Playlist (Victoria McGinley Studio)

I can’t believe it’s already time for the December playlist. Scratch that, I can’t believe that Christmas is happening this week! It’s absolutely insane how fast the month — and year — has flown. Are you traveling this week? Got all your holiday shopping done? Like with last month’s playlist, here’s hoping this mix of tunes will be a good one to have on in the background as you navigate the week ahead. I’ve included several low key songs this month (perfect for curling up with some cocoa by the fire), as well as plenty of upbeat tracks that’ll energize you to finish that last bit of gift wrapping and cookie making. And, no Christmas carols! (I hate to admit it, but I maxed out on them about a week after Thanksgiving. Total bah humbug, I know.)

Don’t forget to add songs from the November playlist to your own Spotify — the playlist will disappear next month (Update: I’ve decided to keep old playlists live foreverrrr! Yay!)! You can check out the December playlist here.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Image: via Death to Stock, with graphics added by Victoria McGinley


  1. 12.21.15
    gabriella said:

    I am so darn excited to listen to your playlist today at work! It’s just what I need when I must be extremely productive the few days before the Christmas holiday break. Thank you for sharing! :)


  2. 12.21.15
    Naomi said:

    Nice! Can’t wait to check it out later today!

    Btw, what is that font you’ve used for Playlist? or is it your awesome handwriting?

  3. 12.28.15

    Loved the selection! Have been playing most of these songs on repeat. Looking forward to the January playlist now!! Happy Holidays. :)

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