Crushing On: Frances Palmer Pottery

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Hello, my name is Victoria, and I think I have an obsession with beautiful pottery. Confession time: sometimes when I’m looking at interiors or browsing furniture online or even daydreaming about a future house we’d decorate, I think about furnishings in terms of “Would these items look good with all pottery I want to collect, on display?” Joe has only seen a small manifestation of this problem with the, ahem, somewhat sizeable antique/vintage tea cup and saucer collection I’ve amassed, and I think he has recently gotten a better idea of my “condition” based on how I won’t shut up about large serving platters I’ve spotted when we’re out and about…

I haven’t told him about my latest obsession though: I got an email from the home store Terrain the other day, and a few featured pieces of pottery at the top of the newsletter caught my eye. They were from Connecticut-based potter Frances Palmer, and were completely up my alley: simple, creamy whites, with lots of organic textures; a perfect blend of traditional and modern. Curious, I typed ‘Frances Palmer’ into Google to discover more… And I’ve totally been living under a rock, because Frances is a celebrated potter who has had a plethora of press in the design world over the last decade. Nevertheless, I was so happy to discover her for myself! Her works — all individually crafted — are absolutely stunning. These are true pieces of art you invest in and then treasure for a lifetime (and pass on to the next generation in your family!). Wishing I had seen this vase or this platter when I was crafting my Christmas wishlist…

If you love ceramics and pottery, be sure to check out Frances’ collection (warning: it may induce some serious pottery lust). You can also follow her on Instagram here, for regular doses of beautiful pieces mixed with gorgeous florals — a sure daily pick-me-up. A few of her pieces are also available via collaboration with Terrain, and at a small number of independent retailers.

So now you know about my obsession. Send help (wait, actually, don’t).


PS – Some quick blog administrative notes, mostly to keep me accountable! Next week I’m hoping to share my December playlist, just in time for any holiday travel you might have on your calendar. I’ll also try to put together some good reading via a Week/End post, so if/when you want to escape the family for some downtime, you’ll have some articles to read. :) Following that, I’ve been working on FINALLY putting together the results from the couples finance survey (sorry for the delay, friends), and I’m planning on publishing it before the end of the year — so stay tuned! If you’re traveling this weekend in advance of the holiday, safe journeys and enjoy!


Phoebe Narrow Beaded Vase   ·   Small Oval Platter Flowers A   ·   Paper Bag Vase B   ·   No. Two Picasso Vase   ·   Beaded Pedestal Vase Ruffle in Pewter   ·   Oxide Vase Trees   ·   Hand Pitchers   ·   Vase with Neck Beads and Ruffle


  1. 12.18.15

    I had completely forgotten about the survey results! I’m really looking forward to reading that post :) Have a great weekend!

  2. 12.18.15
    Amy S said:

    Super excited to read the survey results!

  3. 12.18.15
    Lindsay said:

    Raising my hand as a fellow pottery nerd! I Recently used one of Frances Palmer’s gorgeous urns (the Wide Mouth) in a client project and being able to place it in someone else’s home mildly quelled my obsession… but not much. Are you familiar with Farmhouse Pottery? I have a feeling you’d like their work as well.

    • 12.18.15

      Ooh, lucky client! And I haven’t heard of Farmhouse!! Will check it out for sure (hide my wallet…). Thanks for the rec!

  4. 12.19.15
    Kyah said:

    LOVE these! They’re so cute and unique, especially the pitchers and paper bag vases!

    Kyah /

  5. 12.19.15

    Thanks Victoria for the introduction to Frances Palmer Pottery. I love the Log vase, as well as the Three Spout Tulipiere.

    Happy Holidays :)

  6. 5.3.16

    The Paper Bag vase definitely makes a statement! No wonder it caught my eye as I prefer nontraditional pottery pieces :)

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