Christmas Week/End

christmas weekend

Hello, hello! Popping in to share lots of good reads in advance of Christmas Eve tomorrow. Are you already off from work? Heading home to see family? Or off on a fabulous vacation (maybe somewhere tropical)? Here’s hoping you enjoy these links during a quiet moment over the next few days! Click on in to browse ’em all (there’s a lot this week!)… 


READ IF YOU’RE TRAVELING: Yep, air travel during the holidays can be mega stressful. A couple articles to help you keep some perspective if TSA only has one line at security open and your bags get lost: Conde Nast Traveler rounded up a list of the best in-flight acts of kindness from the past year. The Times put together a comprehensive story (with animation!) on what it takes to turn around a big airplane and ready it for another flight. And hey, are you earning miles with all your travel? Here’s hoping you’ve figured out a way to game the system — perhaps more so than this guy (I can also attest based on friends’ stories that being addicted to earning miles is totally a thing). Finally, I shared this article years ago, but it’s worth linking to again — these are the 6 places germs breed on an airplane. It’s gross. But, best not to start your holiday off sick!

WHAT THE $*^#: Is there a reason swearing can feel so good? Maybe — and it seems like it might even be biological.

THAT’S HOT: A really great read on the rise of Paris Hilton, business woman. It’s funny to think of her as a reality “dinosaur” in the age of the Kardashians…and even more so to have one Spencer Pratt quoted throughout this article.

SPEAKING OF REALITY: …or rather when reality television meets, well, actual real life — I enjoyed reading this piece on Caitlyn Jenner’s crisis comm publicist, Alan Nierob. PR, marketing, and communications folks, you’ll eat this one up.

AND REALITY OF ANOTHER KIND…: A fascinating, in-depth piece on the future of virtual reality, and why many — Mark Zuckerberg included — believe it’ll be the next big communications platform. In fact, Facebook is set to begin selling Oculus Rift headsets in 2016. Don’t know what the hell that is? Read, and you’ll be amazed at how far virtual reality has come.

A SWEET FACEBOOK STORY: Funny how a lot of my links are kinda interconnected this week. I enjoyed reading this sweet little article about two unlikely friends, and how Facebook is keeping them in contact even when they’re separated by an ocean and cultures.

MAST DRAMA: Did you hear about the drama around Mast Brothers Chocolate? Along with this week’s news that they fudged (ba dum bum) the whole “bean-to-bar” thing, I had no idea so many chocolate experts hated this company. Though I have to admit, aside from the pretty packaging, they’ve never been my favorite taste-wise either. Are you a Mast chocolate fan?

FAME WILL NOT BRING YOU HAPPINESS: This video popped up in my feed this week (thanks, Kimberly!), and not only did I enjoy watching it, but it also pointed me to the documentary Human. It’s been added to my watchlist! Here’s more about the film, and you can see it on YouTube here.

LAST MINUTE SALAD RECIPE: Tasked with making something delicious for the Christmas table? I love how festive and colorful Erika’s pomegranate, persimmon and hazelnut salad looks.

ALL GOOD THINGS: This list (and super fun interactive voting graphic thingy) of lots of good things that happened in 2015 is worth a look, especially because there are many more great links to be had in it! And in case you’re wondering, yes, I totally voted the August 27 item to be a “great” thing, because I still watch that music video on the reg and it makes me laugh always.What were were your favorite good things from the year?

To all those celebrating, here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday with all the trimmings :)   xx, Victoria


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  1. 12.23.15

    You are very welcome! – and the article on Mr. Nierob – epic. It’s amazing how almost everything can be crafted with media.

  2. 12.24.15
    Evelyn said:

    No I didn’t hear that about Mast Chocolate!! I’m pretty picky about the quality of my chocolate and it can get pricey. I highly recommend Alter Eco chocolate. I recently tried Mast Brothers for the first time and I didn’t like it at all…funny to hear this now!

  3. 12.28.15
    Nan said:

    I hope that you had a wonderful holiday Victoria! What a great collection of links: I have been following the Mast Chocolate scandal as well, I am sort of surprised by how big of a story it has become. I totally agree, I never found this chocolate to be all that great, but their packaging we spot on. So intrigued by the Human documentary, I’m adding it to my list!
    xo Nan // Simply Elegant Blog

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