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(also known as recent acquisitions)

i'm loving

I went on a bit of a shopping spree recently, which I felt a little guilty about when I saw the volume of shipping boxes piled up at our front door — but then I realized most everything I bought was something I either a) already owned and loved so much I wanted more of, b) used every single day, or c) both. Totally justifies things, no? I’ve linked to all these things I’ve been loving below, and also wanted to point you to a new playlist for September. We’ll keep things real casual for these, and if/when I come across new songs, I’ll throw them on there (I’ve already added a few for you to check out…fair warning that the beats and vibes are all over the place). It’s kind of fun sharing new music with you guys — feel free to share any tunes with me on Spotify if you discover good ones!

Let’s see, other life updates: well, the relative quiet around here has been due to a crazed work schedule (summer’s definitely over) and lots of three day weekends in a row. In fact, for five weekends this month and into next, I’ll be out of the office either Friday or Monday due to weddings, traveling birthdays, family visits, and friend reunions! It’s been a lot of fun so far, though I will I admit I totally had to take a nap at one point last week. I have a feeling another one might be on the docket for late this week, too…

What’s going on with you as we head into mid-September? (eep!)


Sézane Hardy Scoopback Tee, $37.78   •   M. Gemi Felize Loafers, $198  •  Liholiho Yacht Club  •  Splits59 Nova Leggings, $92  •  Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion, $28 (I purchased it in person at Credo Beauty; you can also find it via Birchbox, here)  •  VMS September Playlist

Liholiho Yacht Club image via their Instagram; flowers styled by The Petaler


  1. 9.15.15

    This graphic is beauuuuutiful! <3 <3

  2. 9.15.15
    shannon said:

    If you like new workout clothes..dry outdoor voices. I made the switch from Lululemon and won’t be going back!

    • 9.15.15

      Just checked their site out — amazing! Will definitely try a few pieces. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. 9.15.15

    I just placed an order from Sezane after remembering your old post about them. I saw the fall collection had come out and couldn’t resist…hasn’t arrived yet and not too sure on sizing, but fingers crossed. Their clothes look amazing, I wouldn’t mind having my whole wardrobe from there.

    • 9.15.15

      It’ll come quickly! The one bonus of paying for the international shipping is that I usually get the order within about two days. FYI, I find the sizing runs small, it’s like UK sizing…I’m usually a size up in all clothes! If you need to, you can cancel the order within one hour of placing it and re-order with new sizes. The only bummer about Sezane is that returns suck from overseas…it’s usually more expensive to return the item than it is to just try and keep it/make it work or sell it stateside.

      • 9.15.15
        Evelyn said:

        This point captures all of my recent favorites. I placed an order with Sezane, (which I learned about from you) right after the fall collection came out (their stuff sells out so quickly!). But I’m about to go to post office to return a few things… will have to see the damage for overseas shipping.

        Also – I love evolvh. I bought travel sizes that have lasted me for months and I’m about to repurchase full sizes.

  4. 9.18.15
    WHITNEY said:

    Okay I’m definitely buying that styling lotion. I’ve been searching for the type of product you’re describing for what feels like FOREVER. I’ve been using this shea cream from Frederic Fekkai which is okay, but I’m ordering the Evolvh stuff asap. Thanks for the recommendation!

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