YOUR MOMENT OF ZEN: Tell me you aren’t mesmerized watching this video. Physics is neat!

STANDING ROOM ONLY: Would you request (or do you already have) a standing desk at work? Here’s how to have one without being annoying about it, and — because I guess it makes sense that this would come up — what to wear if you work at one.

COMING UP ROSES: An interesting essay about the resurgence of rose gold, its history, and why it’s no small coincidence that you can get the new iPhone in this shade…

DISLIKE: A great perspective on the coming Facebook “dislike” button (whatever that will entail).

PILATESPOCALYPSE: How the boutique fitness boom that Pilates helped spawn is now the thing that’s killing it. As someone who has participated in innumerable group fitness classes over the years — Pilates included — I found this really interesting and accurate.

COLOR ME INSPIRED: I loved this story about a dad here in Northern California who started a charity that collects crayons from restaurants (often only used one time), melts them down, and creates new boxes of crayons to donate to children’s hospitals. Isn’t this great?

A NYFW DIGEST, BUT ACTUALLY FUN: No, seriously. I really enjoyed checking out this feature from The Cut, where they asked a whole bunch of people for their single favorite moment on particular days of Fashion Week. The result was really interactive, diverse, and fun to scroll through!

And, a few really heartfelt essays I wanted to share…

ON DATING: I really enjoyed this honest piece from Molly about what it’s been like to date in a new city in your late 20s.

ON STORIES: I like this essay on asking others about their stories, versus merely inquiring about their “status.”

ON GRIEF: Probably the truest analogy about grief and loss I’ve ever read. If you or someone you know is dealing with grief now or see it on the horizon — whatever its root cause — this is worth a read.

ON LIFE: It’s calling! A great short essay from Sarah reminding you to take life and “live it hard.”

Happy Friday! Is it just me or did this week fly by (again)? A friend of mine said it very accurately in a group email this week — September hit, and everyone has just been jamming. You ever have those periods where you can see how crazed and busy you are, and you’re kinda tired, but you also know that a) you’re having a great time, and b) there’s not a lot you can do about the chaos anyway? That’s been me the last few weeks. I’m smack dab in the middle of a month where I’m traveling pretty much every weekend, and with two new projects recently beginning in the studio, jamming is pretty accurate. It’s been a lot of fun, and these last few weeks have definitely had that “first few weeks of school” vibe where everything feels new and interesting again. So despite bleary eyes and an uncharacteristic coffee the last few mornings, things are good.

Cheers to another September weekend! I hope yours is wonderful.


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  1. 9.18.15
    Lauren said:

    I really enjoyed the links this week. I look forward to them every Friday. Have a great weekend!

  2. 9.18.15

    I really appreciate that piece on grief and I’m sending it to a few others who will appreciate it also. I hope your weekend is wonderful, too :)

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