Get the Look: Fall Chic

shop the look for less - navy sweater dress with suede otk boots

From $940 to $290 — I mean, this is pretty obvious outfit math, right? I was actually inspired to put this post together because the Club Monaco look — which I love — was a repeating outfit for me last year. You see, last fall, I found these suede OTK boots from Michael Kors, and pulled the trigger on them when they went on sale. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure how often I’d wear them, as they felt like a departure from the other types of tall boots in my closet. I just knew I loved the way they looked! But actually, they ended up being my go-to boot last winter. I really can’t emphasize how lovely they looked with sweater dresses, leggings/tunics, and even jeans.
This outfit reminded me of that — and made me excited for the moment I can pull those puppies back out — so I figured I’d spread the gospel. Suede OTK boots with a sweater dress: good. And the even better news is, you don’t need to spend half a grand or more on the boots to recreate the look for yourself! Sadly, the MK Regina boots look different this year (bring back the 2014 version, please!), but I found these Steve Madden’s for $150. Not bad!

Have you indulged in the thigh high or over-the-knee boot look yet? I have suede ones and regular leather, and to be honest, suede is my preference!


18 OTK Boots, all under $300:


Club Monaco Outfit:

Welted Wide Hat, $98.50   •   Raychel Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $249  •  Lisa OTK Boot, $595

The Look for Less:

525 America Sweater Dress, $97  •  TopShop Wide Brim Hat, $40  •  Steve Madden ‘Gorgeous’ OTK Boots, $149.95


  1. 9.10.15
    jillian said:

    great post! i realllly want some tall boots this fall/winter :) xoxo

  2. 9.10.15
    Evelyn Bunimovich said:

    Yay! I love this look, thanks Victoria. Have you ever gotten shoes from Club Monaco? If so, any comments on the quality?

    • 9.10.15

      I recently tried on a pair of their pumps in store…obviously can’t comment on long term quality and wear, but just trying them on, they seemed really lovely and the fabric was good quality (they were a pair of suede pumps). They also sell shoes from third party brands like Loeffler Randall. I have a few pairs of LR shoes and love them!

      • 9.10.15
        Evelyn Bunimovich said:

        Thank you! I really need flats for work (and beyond). I have one pair of Jimmy’s and one Ferragamo, then one pair of J.Crew. That’s it, I’m the worst female ever. I’ve worn both of the splurge pairs for years and they still look great. So, I’ve decided to keep splurging. Just classic, comfortable flats. Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions. Repetto?

        I’ll also need to jump on the next M. Gemi ones I like, I keep waiting and they sell out quickly!

        • 9.10.15

          Well, the ones you do have are great places to start for sure! Ferragamos are always a great investment.

          I have to give a shout out to M. Gemi here. I just bought my second pair of Felize loafers, I’m so obsessed with those shoes. They’re just so amazingly comfortable! I ordered another pair of more dressy flats from them and they were beautiful, but were a little big on me…other than that, I can’t sing M. Gemi’s praises enough. A girlfriend of mine bought the Bollas as her latest pair of flats and says they’re awesome. My advice is to get on their email newsletter list. They send the new editions out each Monday morning and that’s always my reminder to hop on and see what’s new.

  3. 9.10.15
    Erica said:

    I never thought I would, but I’m seriously considering the Stuart Weitzmann OTK boots. The price is more than I’ve spent on anything other than jewelry and handbags. I saw them in store and they looked pretty gorgeous. The reviews are great too. With a couple of gift cards and birthday money, I might splurge.

    • 9.10.15

      I got a pair of the flat ones (the 5050s) last year after saving up and using a few gift cards all combined together…definitely one of the pricier shoes I’ve ever bought (actually, I think the priciest). I like them, and wore them a fair amount, but I think I just ended up liking the slouchiness of the suede boots I got even better! Something about already being in a ton of layers and leggings…I liked the looser feel of ’em around my legs.

      • 9.11.15
        Erica said:

        I was looking at the 5050s. I’ll have to re-think them and look at some slouchy suede boots before making a final decision!

  4. 9.11.15

    I’ve always liked OTK boots on other people, but never considered them for myself. I’m definitely rethinking that after seeing them here with a sweater-dress! I love it!


  5. 9.13.15
    Kathleen said:

    Perfect fall look! Love the boots!

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