LET’S FALL IN LOVE: Hallie sent me this excellent essay in the New York Times this week, about how to fall in love with anyone — yes, anyone — using a clear, tested, scientific and psychological process. It sounds creepier than it is — in fact, the way the method gets you to connect with people is really quite lovely. Hallie took some of her readers through many of the questions over on her blog, and with some prompting from her, I’m thinking about doing the same here. Are you in??

INSPIRED BY: I meant to share this little interview I did with Sara forever ago, but got sidelined by Lucy and then the holidays. Sara and her husband, Rich, came over to my apartment in November and we chatted about what keeps us inspired!

SUGAR CRASH: Did you see this new video from Maroon 5? For their latest single “Sugar,” they crashed all these weddings in LA on December 6, 2014. Super cute, and sure to put a smile on your face.

SUGAR HIGH: I pinned this meringue recipe from Pinterest recently. Meringues, swirled with caramel. The only thing that would make this better is swirling chocolate in ’em too. Um, yum.

PACK IT UP, PACK IT IN: Do you ever struggle with packing jewelry when you travel? Hitha had some SERIOUSLY ingenious tips. Who would ever think you could use straws this way?

DORMERS DONE RIGHT: I watch a LOT of home renovation shows, and people’s ability to appropriately renovate Cape Code style (or similar) homes, with their dormer windows and oddly shaped ceilings, is definitely a mixed bag. Note to renovators everywhere: this is how to take advantage of all those nooks and cranies. A truly stunning renovation!

STAY WARM: With this most comforting kale, sausage, and Israeli cous cous stew. Erin’s done it again!

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (AND ON SOCIAL): A really interesting essay on how teenagers use social media — at least, according to one UT student.

THE DUCHESS HAS AN INSTAGRAM: I repeat, the Duchess has an Instagram. Well, sort of. Kensington Palace launched their own Instagram this week, mostly to promote the work the Duke, Duchess and Prince Harry are doing. So, no Kate selfies probably.

YOU TASTE LIKE A BURGER: Any Wet Hot American Summer fans out there? The re-boot of the movie (as a Netflix series) has a ridiculously good cast. Excited to see how this plays out.

This week flew for me! Maybe it was because it was the second full week of the year, but it felt like things really picked up. I was so excited to launch Grace’s new site, The Stripe, after many months of working on it together (hope you like it too!). There are so many projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on that will soon launch, with many more in the works. So far, so good, 2015. Anyway, between a couple dinners with friends, errands, and the daily grind, Friday completely snuck up on me. Anyone have fun plans this weekend? We’re laying low; the craziest thing on our agenda is cleaning the apartment and probably ordering some take out. Watch out, we’re wild!


  1. 1.16.15

    I love your interview on Design Comb! Your work day sounds pretty awesome, I must admit. And your apartment looks really lovely, which I already kind of suspected, but it’s so fun to see little peeks! I love your inspiration board and also the candles on your mantle – love that you put gray candles with the gold, I wouldn’t have thought of that and it looks much more rich and complex than just plain white. Congratulations on Grace’s launch, it looks really wonderful! Hope you have a great weekend and stay warm :)

  2. 1.16.15

    I think it would be really neat to see you answer the NY Times love questions. Blogging pushes authenticity – but its really interesting to think you can harbour authenticity & emotions in a scientific way.

    The Stripe is stunning btw!

  3. 1.16.15

    I echo Rhiannon. :-) Can’t wait to see your responses! And thanks for the link love, sweet friend.

    Can’t wait to celebrate #TheStripeLaunch with you next week!!

  4. 1.16.15

    Those are the absolute best weekends! – and I actually got a coupon for Handy.com… and hired someone to clean my place this weekend. I’ve been so stressed and I want my all white bathroom to shine like it did when I moved in. Do I feel bad? a bit. But will I appreciate the down time? Hell yes.

  5. 1.16.15

    Very nice interview! Love all the behind the scenes photos.

  6. 1.16.15
    Kimberly said:

    The “Let’s Fall In Love Questions” would be such a great feature here! I find the questions to be so interesting and a little more exciting than the same old “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, etc. ones.

  7. 1.16.15

    heading over to look at your interview now… but just had to say it again… THANKS FOR MAKING MY SITE SO AWESOME! xo

  8. 1.16.15

    The photo of you kissing Lucy in that interview is the most precious thing I’ve seen all week. It’s as if she’s say, “Mom, come on!”

    I would love to hear your answers to the questions in Time! And once again, well done on Grace’s site. I can’t stop looking at it :)

  9. 1.16.15
    Ella said:

    That interview was so interesting to read! I’m visiting a college I mighttt be interested in going to tomorrow – so excited! :) Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. 1.19.15
    Sarah said:

    I’m crazy excited about the Duchess & Harry on Instagram. It’s like the best thing to happen to me all week. I lead a sad life…

    – Sarah :)

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